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82s so
126s hello
127s guys hello hello
132s i'm just making sure everything
134s is smooth
135s hello
138s dude this is so exciting
141s good morning everybody
143s well it's morning for me it's currently
146s 601
147s in the morning
149s we're on that
150s early grind
152s let's go
153s eric taking over khadem's stream yeah
157s this is basically my channel now i'm
159s sorry guys
160s you know this it is what it is
163s alright so
165s a quick rundown
167s of what we're going to be doing today
169s because we have a pretty
172s pretty solid schedule
175s and i am super super stoked
177s hi guys hi hi hi hi hello
181s so yeah basically
183s today we are going to be playing
186s with the legend pub g legend herself
189s danu and if you guys don't know who she
191s is you guys are living under a rock
194s because i used to watch her
196s when it was back in like 2020
200s when i didn't even
202s make that much content
204s i loved watching her play pub g and i
206s wasn't even a big pudgy fan so
209s this is crazy
210s nice new overlay thank you thank you
213s so yeah
214s the schedule for today
217s we're going to be
220s playing some call of duty mobile ranked
223s because as you guys can see here
226s not to flex
228s but
229s currently number 97 on the leaderboard
231s going strong
233s last season i ended at around 16 17.
238s so you already know we are on the grind
242s we're gonna start with some ranked
244s because
245s you know
246s i am more confident in my skills in
249s multiplayer
251s not so much in vr but we will be playing
253s vr later
254s with danu
256s and we're going to be playing some
259s maybe some isolate we're going to try
260s out um
262s i played alcatraz before
264s i don't know if she has but
267s you know
269s that's the plan
271s i hope she i i think she's gonna carry
273s me because
274s you know she is a battle royale veteran
281s we can start with you guys picking out
283s my gun because you know
285s you guys can choose what gun i i use for
287s first game i don't really mind
291s and
292s yesterday i actually just purchased the
294s odin
296s look at this beautiful beautiful skin
299s like
300s gorgeous absolutely gorgeous
312s also i could use sniper cbr odin
315s pharaoh sparrow oh my god
319s qxr chicken
321s i can most definitely use the chicken
326s uh cbr cbr i would be down
329s cbr is kind of like
333s to be expected
335s it is the meta of the season
337s gks that is
340s a good option we could snipe as well
343s because
344s if you guys haven't seen the new dlq
346s skin
347s look at it it's beautiful
350s it's
351s gorgeous okay i see a lot of chickens
354s you guys are trolls i could put on
355s chicken though that's for sure
358s we could use different guns you know we
360s could play a few games
362s because we're gonna play mp for a while
363s and then daniel's gonna join us all
365s right
366s let's take a look
368s here output i'll put chicken on
373s okay my loadouts are kind of like
376s mixed up
377s here i will switch this one first
382s let's run quick fix and a hard line
388s persistence chat persistence no i'm
390s kidding i'm kidding i'm kidding
392s i was just
393s joking
394s dude that is crazy
396s somebody's saying drh
398s i'm not gonna lie i haven't used the drh
400s in like
402s like like six seasons i i don't even
405s know how long it's been
408s about
409s we use
411s chick gum
414s am i blind
415s oh that's right here
419s okay unfortunately i do not have many
422s skins for this gun
424s but we can run damascus
428s we could always run damascus
431s wait i'll put it on another build
435s what operator you guys can decide
438s whichever
439s you guys would like
440s whichever you guys spam the most of
444s i know y'all would not like the canine
446s ulit unit wait do i even have the k9
448s yeah i do
450s use mano war if you're a chad
455s what
458s bro
459s i am horrendous with the manor
464s kinetic
465s sparrow kinetic armor
468s does everyone just really like kinetic
471s is it because it's just really op
474s canine you guys are mean that's what you
476s guys are that is toxic the dog
479s okay i think we should just troll and
481s use the dog
482s i swear the canine is overrated but it's
484s okay
485s it's it's frustrating dying to the
487s canine but i swear it's not that good
491s i say that but watch next game i'm gonna
493s die to the dog and i'm gonna be very sad
495s all right let's run let's run some
498s good streaks
501s all right so this will be my first
502s loadout and i will copy this over to
504s number five do not question the names do
507s not question the loadout names okay
511s and then we can put on the chicken
515s absolute beauty
517s i have damascus
519s let me peep that real quick
521s okay that looks horrendous but we're
523s gonna put it on
526s tempest oh my god i don't think i've
528s seen anyone say tempest until now that
530s is amazing i haven't used a tempest in a
533s in a while all right now character skin
536s this is the most important part
539s of the loadout process without a good
540s character skin
542s you're not gonna hit your shots as
543s simple as that
545s um
549s okay
551s in all honesty
553s i don't think i know how to use the
554s hives
555s i don't know how it works i don't think
557s i've ever like
558s used it is eric your real name it is not
561s my real name is annie
565s but yeah should i change my legal name
567s to my government name to eric
569s that'd be kind of crazy
573s but what's wrong with the chicken that
574s she comes amazing
575s alias urban tracker
579s sila
580s cilla sila
583s grinch
584s gunzo okay i don't know if i have like a
586s lot of gunzo skins
589s but we shall see
591s gun
592s so
596s okay which one we have the clown
598s coated
600s or clown pin
603s man that's why i'm missing my shots
604s because you don't have a good character
606s skin you're welcome i got you
608s which one
615s y'all can choose
617s i'll use i'll use a male skin for this
619s gun and then i'll use a female skin for
620s the other one
622s two which one is two this one
625s okay i think this one's better
627s he's looking very
629s very clean
632s thank you thank you
634s final fantasy and game name you know
638s all right
639s let's do let's choose a female character
641s skin for this one bobby play skin
644s see
645s a lot of people said when the bobby skin
647s came out that when they equipped the
648s bobby skin
650s hey like this might be just a myth but
652s people were like oh my god
654s i'm a bot now because i'm using the
656s bobby skin however for me when i put on
659s the bobby skin i started hitting
660s everything it was crazy
662s all right female skin uh i see urban
664s tracker
667s i have a lot of urban skins so you you
669s guys will need to specify which one you
671s want to see
673s it looks very scary actually have you
675s seen
676s gunzo in game when they jump scare you
680s my god
681s got my heart like nervous
684s urban tracker but which one
686s i have many to pick from
689s we have
690s the
691s what is this called peace time
695s i need to bring my phone closer i'm kind
696s of blind
698s pale prowler
702s exile by knights and just urban tracker
707s og
709s all right okay
710s let's try og
713s and
714s let's see how it goes it would be very
716s awkward if we get smd though
719s guys this is the leaderboard experience
722s i can bring you guys along with me
725s the leaderboard experience
729s we could switch skins afterwards
732s i'll make sure i use a nice skin for
734s battle royale
736s dude i'm gonna get carried in vr
738s oh my god
740s have you guys seen me play vr it is not
742s pretty
744s like in mp i can hold my own but in vr
749s it's rough it's rough to say the least
752s hopefully we found a game quick because
756s i'm from canada and canadian servers are
758s kind of like
759s a 50 50. sometimes you find games really
761s quick sometimes
764s it's kind of iffy
765s because
767s nobody lives here
770s to put it as simple
773s simply put you know
775s bring some usa friends
778s bold of you to assume i have friends
781s parrot on caught up channel
783s hello hello i i don't know how to
786s pronounce your name but i see your
787s message hi
788s and anna
790s i listen
793s and if you guys are wondering
795s what device i'm using it's the red magic
797s success
800s i'm using thumb sleeves
801s how to find good random teammates
804s i heard world chat is a great place to
806s go
807s i'm kidding don't do that i do not do
809s that
811s um what province do you live in i live
813s in uh ontario
818s garina is harder than global honestly
821s garina is pretty cracked have you seen
823s the shotgun plays
825s that garina players
828s be pulling out like
830s not even the pros
832s the cream the crema bro
834s it's crazy
836s what time is it in canada it is just a
839s little past 6 a.m
841s my birthday is march 23rd cree
845s what
846s use fr
848s is the fr the famous
851s the thames is
855s i feel like the feminist is kind of like
859s mediocre maybe a little below average i
861s think
862s not the underrated gun for this season
865s chat
867s peacekeeper have y'all been have y'all
869s tried the pk this season
871s because
873s it is insane the pk is insane
876s and i'm not even a big fan of the pk
879s your birthday is on march 23rd as well
883s wow that is crazy
884s why do we have the same birthday
887s i think
888s it was planned how's your day pretty
890s good how about you
891s do i need eu lobbies
894s you know once
896s miss danu gets on we will get some eu
899s lobbies you know
905s uh
908s i'm from garina and i hate shotguns
910s listen it's okay you don't need to be
912s good with shotguns to succeed okay
914s because personally i
915s hate using shotguns because i'm just bad
917s with it
921s back when you sing
923s back when you like staying homie
924s honestly i still do so
927s it's alright
929s peacekeeper kind of got buffed in this
932s season if i'm not mistaken it did that's
934s why it's really good and the gks the gks
937s buff
938s very nice
940s it's a bit slow
941s but it's pretty good and how are you
943s guys feeling about the new
945s assault rifle the odin
947s i am still currently trying to find a
949s good loadout for it
951s however
952s the gun kills fast so if you guys
954s haven't tried it out
956s 10 out of 10 would recommend
959s listen canadian servers are scuffed
962s do you see this
964s this is
965s unfortunate
969s i need to be stream sniped so if anyone
971s is from canada and would like to stream
973s snipe me
975s hop on
980s my only legendary msmc is it the one is
983s it like i don't know the name it's like
984s space
986s themed
987s right
988s it's like space something right
991s it's mint odin
993s i think
994s if you get used to it building would be
997s really cracked
998s how much delay
1000s uh i didn't really put a delay but you
1002s know there's just a few seconds
1009s old zombies i actually really like the
1011s old zombies mode
1012s answer me what's up hello
1016s did eric buy call of duty mobile
1021s what
1024s that is funny
1026s this is something you hear every day on
1028s livestream
1029s evans emcee space station exactly
1032s exactly thank you where do you live in
1034s canada ontario
1040s all right look if we 360 i will just
1043s warm up and then maybe we could do some
1045s custom lobbies so you guys can play as
1046s well
1048s and i can play with viewers
1050s and it'll be fun
1058s yeah i don't
1059s i want to use the mythic peacekeeper oh
1061s i was using oh yeah i don't have the
1063s mythic peacekeeper
1065s it's very pretty though
1066s it is foul as well
1070s my voice is similar to urban tracker yes
1072s because i am the urban tracker voice
1074s actress
1075s i'm capping by the way i'm not
1080s i grow up in canada
1082s kinda i moved here when i was like six
1084s or seven i was born in china
1089s all right
1090s y'all wanna run some customs
1092s viewer lobbies
1096s all right
1097s oh why is it on 10v10 oh my god
1101s all right let's do
1102s hardpoint i think hardpoint standoff is
1105s a pretty good
1106s starting map
1111s if you guys want to play
1114s feel free to join up
1116s the room code is top left
1119s yeah
1120s hello urban tracker voice actor okay i'm
1122s not actually i'm not actually
1125s it was a joke i don't even sound like
1126s her
1132s much love from nepal much love homie
1137s i wish i could join from garina it's
1138s okay
1140s it's all right
1143s yeah that's kind of unfortunate
1146s um
1147s could you do a mythic odin review i
1149s purchased the mythic odin yesterday and
1154s i think it's much better than the
1156s default because one you have the red dot
1159s and you know the gun is
1161s too tap it's kind of
1163s you know it's very op
1167s hello how are you i'm good how are you
1168s doing
1175s who is popeye
1181s his name is my phone trash
1183s that is unfortunate
1185s a great name though
1188s all right
1194s um
1196s great odin let out oh there you go
1199s you could try that loadout
1204s every mythic skin is pay to win
1207s i think majority
1209s is pretty good mostly okay mostly the
1211s ones with red dot for example i think
1212s the fennec is really good
1214s i love the mythic fennec i always say if
1216s you're gonna get a mythic skin
1219s i would say go for the mythic fennec
1221s just because
1222s it's always been good you know what i
1224s mean it's never been not good
1226s even when it's not meta
1228s it is like
1230s close
1231s so
1232s all right
1233s let's run hardware
1243s let us in yeah the room code's just on
1244s the top left
1246s you guys can join up after this game
1248s we could do a few more lobbies
1251s how much ping is played in canada well
1254s if i'm on my own server
1256s i get like
1257s 25 ms
1260s um
1261s if i'm on like u.s servers i get around
1264s 45.
1267s when i'm on eu i get around 70.
1270s and if i'm in
1272s uh
1273s india
1274s china
1275s or anywhere that's like really far away
1278s i get like 90 to 100 points identified
1283s it's too close oh one sec let me just
1286s brighten up my uh
1288s hardpoint lost
1303s i think we're on maybe europe
1307s just looking at the ping
1308s but i could be wrong anime
1311s content for the league
1314s contested
1316s we've taken the lead
1323s oh hello that is very very awkward
1327s please use urban tracker voice lines in
1329s games
1339s i think we should just drop on them
1373s oh my goodness
1378s contact grenades are scary
1380s targets inside
1383s tango down
1384s sniper
1390s enemy contact
1393s oh i had a canine that is very awkward
1395s i'm not gonna lie i thought i had uh
1398s panetti
1400s cause i'm so used to using connecticut
1417s i feel like i'm kind of violating
1420s by using the chick not the chick i'm
1421s sorry
1423s the cbr it's a little unfair
1441s is
1455s nice
1467s termites are
1468s scary online
1485s i
1489s when can we expect you entering in
1491s competitive i'm actually thinking of
1493s playing stage three so grenade we might
1496s do that soon
1497s target down
1500s that is very awkward okay let me let me
1503s snipe
1504s because me using the cbr is a little
1506s unfair
1510s oh
1527s all right
1541s what's my cbr class
1543s i'll show you i'll show you my layouts
1545s after every game i'll show you guys my
1547s classes if you guys are wondering
1550s i am so dead
1552s that is really hard to see for me for
1554s some reason
1561s that is unlucky
1563s i could have waited for the shock rc as
1565s it was on its way
1568s enemy contact
1579s where
1597s contested
1606s i'm so confused i haven't seen a player
1608s in like
1611s 20
1623s friendly advanced uavs
1628s that is
1629s that's so mean
1631s you see that storm
1633s nah okay okay me respawn sniping is
1636s definitely more fair
1638s than me running a cbr because like
1641s if i'm running a dvr it's like i'm
1642s tryharding which i don't mean to because
1644s it's just viewer lobbies you know
1647s which is better uh manta ray or urban
1649s tracker
1652s it depends on the variance i think
1655s if it's default manta ray against
1657s default urban tracker
1660s i'd have to go with urban tracker i'm
1662s sorry
1663s i i think i have to i think her design
1666s is just gonna work
1668s it's implicit but not like to the point
1670s that it's boring because i think she's
1672s just very iconic
1678s all right
1681s oh i think we're playing with uh danu
1683s now okay perfect
1685s great great great gregory
1687s i will start a call
1692s all right hello
1696s all right are you ready to play some vr
1705s oh yeah yeah i was just playing some
1707s viewer
1709s lobbies yeah i finished so i'm just
1711s gonna invite you
1715s so what are we what are we feeling do
1717s you want to play we could play
1719s there's a bunch of different game modes
1728s uh
1730s i'm not sure if it's available wait
1736s oh yeah it's all oh it's available
1737s starting tomorrow that is unlucky
1744s you could try yeah yeah we could try
1745s isolated we could do you want to play
1748s first person or third
1751s i don't mind all right we could do that
1755s all right
1758s very nice
1762s i was excited i was super excited you
1765s don't understand
1767s i watched you back in like 2020 and i
1769s was super excited
1780s oh wait you guys can't hear hold on i
1782s will fix it one sec
1787s now you guys should be able to hear and
1789s i'm just going to fix it to so
1792s oh
1793s where's my red magic
1796s all right there you go you guys should
1797s be able to hear her now
1800s that's that's that's that's dust you
1802s also play with the open mic right
1805s uh wait what do you mean open mic
1819s no because i don't want to be like oh yo
1820s what's up and then
1823s no it's not good it's all good i don't
1825s mind
1826s thank you
1828s you guys can hear her now right i think
1829s we're good
1831s i just forgot to set it
1833s okay we can hear now perfect it's
1834s perfect
1836s all right so
1838s okay i'm jump leader but honestly you
1841s wherever you want to go if you look at
1842s the map
1844s i'm
1845s i'm really i'm so down for anything i'm
1847s this i'm a complete noob in vr
1850s but i know i know like the orange name
1853s places have the better loot that's all i
1856s know oh oh yeah yeah yeah now you just
1859s educate me a little bit okay yeah we
1860s could go there about it yeah yeah
1863s here we go
1865s okay
1866s uh i've seen some
1868s vr gameplay i played some like vr events
1872s before
1875s so
1876s i'm basically a pro player but
1880s okay all good
1882s wait you're streaming on youtube right
1883s now correct yes i'm sharing on youtube
1886s okay i might uh want to ask your link
1888s later so i can share and show it to
1890s people got you don't you
1893s yeah it's it's on like the official uh
1896s call of duty mobile channel
1898s oh okay because for some reason i do see
1900s it still as you playing the mp is that a
1904s little bit with the delay
1905s oh really
1907s yeah i think i just like see you
1908s currently playing
1910s you might just have to refresh it
1913s maybe i know
1915s all right
1917s uh i do not know what guns are good in
1919s battle royale for this season
1920s so chat you guys are going to have to
1922s help me a little bit
1924s uh ak ak-47 ak-117 and also odden as for
1929s the ar oh yeah
1931s the new odin i heard it's pretty nasty
1935s oh i should have put on the mythic one
1938s sks
1940s let's run that
1943s oh my god you're
1945s i was trying to snipe the other week and
1947s i missed all my shots it's so
1949s complicated oh yeah sniping in battle
1951s royale is actually pretty difficult like
1954s oh wait i hear someone the revive flight
1956s will arrive
1963s you also have like the the footsteps on
1965s your screen whatever yeah yeah yeah
1966s roaching
1969s i think it's pretty pretty cracked
1971s it helps a lot
1973s i'm just curious it doesn't sort of
1975s uh last time i played with the friend
1977s and he was not having to sit like oh
1979s really
1980s yeah i was like what's that she's like i
1982s don't see anything i'm like what
1984s weird
1984s um
1985s it might be a setting but i think i've
1987s had it like
1989s since i s i played vr
1992s yeah the first time
1995s terminal
1996s odin
1998s okay
1999s you do play on phone right yes i play on
2001s phone i used to play on ipad but i
2002s switched the phone recently and tell me
2005s what is better um um
2007s honestly
2009s honestly speaking ipad is
2011s better in terms of like
2013s because the screen is bigger you have an
2015s advantage
2016s okay this guy is not dying
2019s it's super low nice
2022s yeah ipad is bigger um
2024s ipad pro you can run ultra fps which
2027s means you can run 90 frames instead of
2030s 60.
2031s yeah but if you have a red magic or like
2034s a good gaming phone gaming phones can
2036s run uh
2038s higher frames as well
2040s yeah i was just like curious about the
2042s specific um
2043s like
2044s like because i'm playing an ipod right i
2047s was just like thinking
2048s uh is phone better because i if i would
2050s like watch role players playing mobile
2052s games oh yeah
2054s you use phones and i'm yeah
2056s what is better you know well for content
2059s i would say ipad because it's easier um
2063s bigger screen more comfortable
2065s but you see pro players using phone
2068s like 99 of the time is because
2072s uh ipads are banned in competitive
2074s gameplay yeah the airdrop is coming
2079s engaging the enemies
2087s poor little bots it's okay we're gonna
2088s get to legendary nbr the revive flight
2090s will arrive
2095s let's see yeah because um
2098s um i don't know that i thought for a
2100s band i would just like yeah i was
2102s curious because like i'm learning to
2103s play with four fingers currently i am
2105s kind of oh yeah
2107s yeah you also use four pretty fingers
2108s yeah yeah i use four
2110s four is definitely
2112s really good
2113s because at the beginning when i started
2114s to play mobile games i was using two
2116s fingers barely yeah me too when i
2118s started i used two as well i think
2120s that's just what's more comfortable when
2121s you're a beginner
2123s but once you get used to it forefinger
2125s is so good
2127s yeah yeah
2128s i hear some gunshots over here
2131s i'm using my
2133s big ears
2135s okay what class are you playing
2137s uh oh i don't know what this is called
2140s it's the one where you could like turn
2141s into a bunch of
2142s all right
2144s we have people behind i just use my
2146s ability
2147s and they are
2149s already here
2153s why am i trying to jump shot him
2157s yes there's one guy on this hill
2161s he is dead
2163s oh nice
2164s i saw also that's enemies ability i'm
2167s scout
2168s oh yeah yeah yeah scavengers i was like
2185s we should put on squad i think we could
2187s just play against squads because we're
2189s super low ring so it shouldn't matter
2191s too much
2192s okay
2193s makes sense and you know we're just
2195s better people here
2198s okay wait i will kill this player and i
2200s will come over
2203s this guy has vanished
2206s what the heck
2208s i hear you so
2210s you if you run tough
2213s with all the
2227s odin is actually really good
2231s yeah
2231s also we can get the drops in what was it
2235s was it
2236s was it this pink ones i think the pink
2238s ones are um
2240s you can you have your like custom
2242s loadouts at the home screen yeah so the
2244s pink ones you get the custom the green
2247s yeah are crates yeah
2248s yeah
2251s we could go we could go to this crate
2252s over here
2254s to be honest i don't know if i have any
2256s good loadouts i i think i have like an
2258s ak or something
2259s yeah i do have ak in my loadout as well
2262s yeah the akz i think ak has been pretty
2264s solid all throughout
2267s the battle royale seasons
2269s i literally have equipped it like a
2271s couple of months ago when i played
2273s called the bell tournament and i still
2275s have not changed anything so
2278s yeah i remember you um
2280s you played the battle royale event right
2282s with mine yeah with
2290s because you're europe right
2292s yeah you yeah
2294s oh
2297s you have power suits correct
2301s so awesome i love it
2304s the graphics is actually really nice for
2305s vr
2308s airdrop has been delivered
2315s oh
2317s oh wait the crate's on my left
2320s is that new live on twitch she is she is
2322s live on twitch
2323s i will
2325s send the airdrop
2329s 47 is above the season really okay so i
2331s guess 47 is
2335s should be our go-to
2337s i was also curious about your nickname
2339s by the way
2340s um
2341s your in-game name
2343s oh
2344s see this is a funny story
2349s okay so
2350s my account
2352s um
2353s a couple of seasons ago
2356s actually got deleted
2358s or why yeah so like there was like a
2360s little bug
2362s where some people's accounts could get
2363s deleted and so
2366s it got removed right but when it when
2367s they gave it back to me after like a few
2369s days
2371s the in-game name was like this and i was
2373s like you know what i'm just gonna keep
2375s it like this because it kind of looks
2376s like a hacker it's an amazing enemy yeah
2378s i did you know so i could scare people
2383s i see because i was like curious like
2385s imagine how they were almost right your
2387s friend is like how can i add you oh my
2388s gosh
2389s you know you'd be like it is so
2391s embarrassing when i tell people i'm like
2393s oh yeah yeah let me let me add to you
2395s and they're like no it's fine i could
2396s add to you just give me your in-game
2397s name i'm like okay
2398s four seven one eight zero
2402s yeah right
2403s it is pretty bad
2405s the safe zone is collapsing i hear some
2407s gunshots over here
2413s enemy down
2415s there should be more people back here
2417s yeah over here
2421s let me go punch them
2425s what is them punch them yep
2427s oh yeah they're fighting right here oh
2430s my god there's like three of them come
2431s on
2436s oh my god look at you that's sofi
2442s i'm sorry
2444s i was just
2445s wanted to help
2446s you're good your rock is coming
2448s oh that is so mean
2450s oh my god they're punching ass drunks
2454s punching uh i actually don't know
2456s it's funny though that's for sure oh
2458s there's one voice oh my god oh my god oh
2461s my god oh my god oh my god
2468s oh this is mean
2471s take a car yeah we could take a car
2473s delivered
2475s i still have not found the plate the one
2479s which uh gives you the
2481s here i have one i'll give you
2484s uh
2490s yeah but they drop in the green ones i
2493s believe can we take this car
2495s oh my wait do you want to drive you
2497s could drive
2498s i cannot drive i cannot drive in this
2500s game
2501s that's horrible
2503s you put me in a marker right right
2507s oh yeah there's there's people right
2508s here
2511s let's kill them
2514s right in front of me
2516s holographic looting
2520s oh i hear him in here
2523s oh he just ran
2526s again
2530s this is cyber bullying
2534s oh i hear some more gunshots
2538s the airdrop is coming i'm so confused
2540s with my little keybinds here i don't
2542s know why sometimes when i'm trying to
2544s shoot
2545s um
2546s it gives me the wheel of running you
2548s know what i'm talking
2560s do you use um do you use tap dadius or
2563s wholtadius
2566s uh tapping yeah is it better to hold oh
2568s it's better to tap tap is good
2570s you could scope in fast
2572s yeah we should play we'll play some duo
2574s versus squads after this because you
2576s know
2582s punching bots is so fun i agree
2585s the revive flight will arrive in one
2586s minute
2590s all right let's see well thank you so
2592s much you're latent thank you
2597s oh also i saw you you've been shooting
2598s khadam for like the last few days yeah
2601s uh last week yeah i threw it twice yeah
2603s nice nice nice
2605s on the grind
2608s i need you to carry me in pubg sometimes
2611s or any pc games oh my god i'm so bad on
2614s pc
2617s no i don't believe
2619s oh my god oh my god
2621s can you help i'm coming i'm like
2622s punching i'm not sure if i'm gonna be
2624s okay chip terminal is almost ready
2630s that is cruel
2632s i'm so sorry little one
2635s girlfriend
2639s i'm not i'm not ready personally
2640s punching yet wow this is such a nice
2642s place
2643s um it's okay
2645s you'll
2646s get better the airdrop is coming like i
2648s have to lock it like my wheelie wheel
2650s which i run with just repositions
2653s sometimes oh it happens okay so like
2656s when you touch your screen wherever you
2658s touch it the joystick will go there
2663s so go to your go to your settings and
2664s click basic
2666s wait maybe how do you have it maybe it's
2668s even better to have like this i just did
2669s not know about you might want it fixed
2671s because if it's dynamic it means every
2673s time you touch it it will go somewhere
2674s new
2675s if it's fixed it will stay still
2678s okay yeah because every single time like
2679s sometimes when i stand still and then i
2681s want to shoot this thing appears next to
2683s my shooting and i'm not shooting i'm
2684s just like running i'm like what is that
2685s yeah i would say i would say go to
2686s settings click basic
2689s uh which is the second one and then you
2691s see quick run and then on the right it
2692s says joystick
2694s auto sprint
2695s and then under that it says fixed
2696s joystick fixed joystick should be on
2700s okay
2702s because
2703s that way i don't think parker vs eric
2706s would be very fair sylvia do not
2708s underestimate me
2710s i am the next up-and-coming battle
2712s royale professional player as you can
2715s see um we are training right now
2718s me and danny we're going to take over
2721s for sure
2726s oh sorry
2730s is that on the street
2733s i cannot aim with this gun this is
2734s horrendous very nice
2740s damn now it's so much better because
2741s like before i had no idea was it why is
2744s it
2744s always with me i'll get it all good
2746s thank you
2749s oh i think this is one of those spots
2753s one of the spots where we won the wheat
2755s uh oh below me one guy
2757s oh
2759s nice very nice poor guy
2766s all right i guess are we playing on
2769s surveys are we playing interesting uh i
2771s think we're on your server because i'm
2773s actually
2774s wait no
2775s no i think this might be my server
2779s uh my ping just like spiked randomly so
2781s i thought it was yours no this is my
2783s server i'm getting like 18 mms
2789s let's see let's see
2792s we could go up here
2794s because we have
2796s high ground and we have the zone the air
2798s drop is coming yup yup
2800s let's see i know battle royale terms
2803s not bad not bad
2805s anyways some rounds of practice ready
2807s air drop has been delivered
2809s only two teams left getting close to
2811s victory
2813s please do stuff so one person oh yeah
2816s 2v1
2818s oh my god it might be a bot and he might
2819s just die to the zone i'm not going to
2820s lie
2824s that would be very awkward no one is
2826s collapsing
2836s let's see let's see oh wait there's a
2838s smoke in front of me oh that was my
2840s smoke i'm just throwing them around
2844s where could he be
2846s i wish i had a sniper we could try to
2848s trick shot
2849s okay nothing in the in the zone i just
2851s used my belly okay he's probably outside
2853s the zone somewhere outside yeah
2859s let's punch him
2861s let me find him and punch him
2872s uh
2873s yes i switched the phone recently it's a
2875s bot lobby yeah because we're both kind
2877s of low rank
2879s but it's okay once we get higher in rank
2880s we'll play more real players
2886s i really think this guy might die from
2889s the zone
2894s let's hope he's not
2897s okay i'm gonna use
2899s we my ability
2900s winner
2901s oh
2903s poor guy
2904s you called it
2906s oh my god
2909s great
2911s poor guy indeed
2913s that is crazy
2922s very nice
2924s oh my god i'm getting carried in vr very
2925s nice
2929s all right let's put on
2933s let's put on some
2937s some what do you call it squad
2941s elite five
2950s yeah so unfortunately alcatraz is only
2954s um available tomorrow which is such
2957s unlucky timing
2959s because alcatraz is super fun
2962s anyway let's do squad
2964s no phil
2966s and let's use some
2967s some of these seasonal
2969s skins not gonna lie i don't know which
2972s ones are the seasonal ones
2974s i need to check it out
2978s i know the melee is
2980s i could do that
2985s so
2986s this sniper challenge isolated uh in
2989s seven days 13 hours is it like is it
2992s gonna last for seven days and 13 hours
2994s and then also be our top hunt isolated
2996s is it also 13 hours 10 minutes is it um
3001s okay so we are prop hunt and sniper
3004s challenge those are like the special
3005s game modes and they only stay around for
3008s a little bit
3009s so those two are going to just stay well
3011s pop hunt is staying for another 13 hours
3014s uh sniper challenge is staying for seven
3016s days but isolated br and blackout just
3019s stays like forever
3021s okay
3022s yeah yeah
3026s so sad that the uh alcatraz is locked
3029s yeah no it's okay we could try it out
3031s next time it's it's super fun i think
3033s you're gonna enjoy it because it's like
3035s it's like vr
3036s where you drop you know you loot you
3039s kill people
3040s but instead if you die
3042s you could respawn in like maybe like 15
3044s seconds
3047s yeah as long as your teammates are alive
3048s however if your entire squad gets wiped
3051s then you're out so you could get like a
3053s lot of kills plus it's a smaller map
3056s so people just like drop right on you
3057s you know so you could get a lot of kills
3059s and super intense
3063s uh let me see
3069s let me check the newest
3073s the newest skins
3076s this has to be new right
3080s how about this one
3082s oh this one is new i know this one is
3083s new
3084s wait this one's kind of pretty
3086s whoa i like her this one's cool
3092s all right let's do that
3100s oh yeah warzone mobile
3102s are you going to be trying out warzone
3104s you are the jump leader good luck uh yes
3107s wait does that question to you
3111s yes
3112s uh for sure
3114s yeah i saw the leaks it is looking
3118s very nice i'm super excited
3120s location exposed
3124s oh wait i'll change classes
3129s i use this one this one's really good
3132s i think
3133s i have no idea
3139s uh
3140s tired again i apologize oh are you away
3143s oh you've never been sorry you're
3144s machine beauty
3146s apologies
3148s sorry is that what was that i'm just oh
3149s i was wondering like are you are you
3151s holding your ipad like
3153s in the air yeah i am yeah i am oh my god
3156s you need to get an ipad holder or a
3157s stand
3159s i do have like one uh but i literally
3162s take it off because i feel like it's
3164s easier for me when i am i'm putting my
3166s elbow elbows on the table oh really and
3170s yeah and putting like
3172s into the sky like just in front of my
3174s head i feel like it's more that's crazy
3176s does your hand not get like tired for
3178s holding it up so long uh it actually
3181s does not the only oh wow sometimes you
3182s might get tired it's like elbows you
3184s know because i can't hear oh yeah all
3186s the time
3187s sometimes but it's not that bad okay
3189s that okay that makes sense that's fine
3190s then
3191s wait and then you play like it's like
3194s holding it here we go oh i have a phone
3196s so i just hold it up but my ipad because
3198s i had the uh the 12.9
3201s 13-inch ipad it's really big
3203s so um it was really heavy and i have
3206s like really small hands so it was kind
3207s of painful
3208s so i had to have a stand
3210s i can't imagine
3212s all right
3214s some people landed over there
3217s okay we will destroy them
3221s oh my god is that you yes
3223s were you like spiderman
3226s i'm spiderman
3229s yeah yeah
3231s okay i do not have a gun but it's okay i
3233s could just knife them
3249s oh i'm hurt
3250s oh whoa i got violated
3253s i'm behind the car
3254s you got this i believe in you
3262s we kind of got
3263s i'm not gonna lie that was unlucky i
3265s picked up a i picked up the m16
3268s it's okay see
3270s maybe maybe
3272s maybe what's it called what do you call
3273s it squats is what we needed squat is
3276s okay i guess oh yeah that was squawk
3279s okay yeah yeah i was like why are there
3280s so many people running around me great
3282s okay road shot i got so proud actually i
3284s got violated
3288s all right i think i think that's the
3289s plan we hot drop and we play squads i
3292s think that's the move
3294s all right
3295s i got i got violated dude
3298s my friend we played duo apologize
3301s it does
3302s you were the jump leader good luck
3306s never used
3307s rewind
3308s or pump oh i know i'm just pumped
3311s um desperado see these are the ones i've
3314s used in uh
3316s alcatraz
3318s maybe poltergeist
3322s yeah
3323s never pick up an m16 that was so unlucky
3328s i picked up an m16 and i was like this
3330s is very awkward
3334s i guess for the hot drops it's like
3336s better to have walker actually the class
3338s 2 scout i am scouts
3343s yeah probably the best one is like smg i
3344s guess time for the mission get ready
3353s that you're an empty player i am but you
3356s know
3357s it's always fun to try out new game
3358s modes
3366s well okay with mp it's kind of weird
3368s because it's like
3370s because with vr we're both low rank
3371s right so it's kind of
3373s we're about there but mp uh we could do
3375s like custom lobbies which is like
3378s like private lobbies so viewers can join
3380s because we won't be able to rank
3381s together unfortunately
3384s yeah
3386s that's the only downside about mp
3389s because you have to be like within a
3390s certain rank with each other to play
3392s together
3393s yeah
3395s okay i got odin
3397s i didn't put on my mythic one oh no
3400s did you see the new mythic odin
3404s nope it's in the it's in the lucky draw
3405s i think you'll like it it's very pretty
3409s it's like very sparkly
3415s and majestic i think that that's the
3416s word i was looking for
3418s all right
3419s do you use the gyroscope
3422s uh no
3424s you don't yeah i'm on phone so like a
3426s lot of phone players use gyro but i
3428s don't
3429s i'm just not used to it
3432s and my hands are shaky so i feel like
3434s it'll be pretty bad
3439s oh a snowboard
3441s have you tried out the snowboard
3443s i have it's so quiet oh my god it's
3445s hilarious
3447s this is the best thing like even if
3449s you're going to be in trouble like
3450s outside the zone
3451s just get a snowboard
3453s yeah you have so many visibility just
3454s like
3456s rotate into the zone i have footsteps on
3458s me here
3459s all right i'll come over
3461s oh yeah i see him
3464s oh my god i think i'm engaging me in an
3467s enemy
3469s hip firing that's kind of crazy
3473s i'll take the fennec
3474s senec
3475s what is this icr one basically
3478s icr is a ar
3480s it's an ar and it's uh it's okay
3484s you have better options though
3500s uh well i mean do you feel plain
3503s i i always play like fpv games so
3507s but
3508s since caught em i've been playing i've
3510s been learning to play more third person
3514s like i like uh like f like 5v5 like
3516s counter straight kind of games you know
3518s so
3522s oh
3526s i don't pick up so yeah in mp like s and
3528s d i like smd almost ready
3531s it's very fun and i like sniping
3537s higher risk
3539s are you worried that is true yeah
3543s ipod so big yeah i don't have the
3545s biggest ipad though i think we're fine
3548s do you have do you have a pro
3549s is collapsing
3551s i don't remember what's the model but
3553s i'm pretty sure it's not pro it's like
3555s like less than pro
3557s it's
3557s year 2018 i think i bought it i got you
3562s wait actually yeah just if you go to
3563s settings go to settings and you see
3566s audio and graphic you go to graphic if
3568s your frame rate the highest is max
3571s you're not on pro if you have ultra
3574s click ultra
3576s and you're on pro um wait frame rate is
3579s on high for me it's on high
3582s yes turn it to as high as you can very
3585s high remax is it high it's on high yeah
3588s it's high quality wait is high the
3590s highest one you have
3592s yeah the highest the highest one i have
3594s oh wait are you sure it's frame rates
3596s yes oh wow okay
3600s it's a little fun it's nice though i
3602s mean in terms of quality it's really
3604s good i mean i'm seeing really nice and
3606s smooth game you know okay that's good
3608s then
3609s yeah we need air drops we need to get
3610s her a
3613s pro how you're doing this push talking
3615s discord i'm gonna voice activation
3617s that's why it's still awkward
3619s to talk with you
3621s i'm sorry
3623s actually you're there
3624s we'll arrive in one minute
3626s omar look it's resuming
3632s yeah we're in zong we're fine
3634s and we're chilling air drop has been
3636s delivered let's see
3640s david thank you so much thank you
3646s i have medium yeah i recommend anyone
3649s that has their
3650s if you go check your fps like put it as
3653s high as you can and lower your like
3654s graphic quality if your phone or ipad or
3656s whatever overheats
3658s just a little tip
3661s because frame rate over graphics any day
3665s thank you uh actually i wanted to ask
3667s you uh so basically when you play your
3669s phone is
3671s like when you plug it into your obs or
3673s pc it's also charging for you correct
3675s correct yeah i have a i have like an
3677s adapter and the adapter can plug into my
3680s computer
3681s with the charger engaging the enemy
3683s enemy
3686s already last time i think with uh miney
3688s i guess uh he also told that he also
3690s uses the same exact uh
3692s adapter and so on and basically i also
3694s have this exact adapter i got as an
3696s official apple store it was quite
3698s expensive adapter oh yeah the apple
3700s adapters are expensive they are yeah and
3703s the thing is like i'm not able to charge
3705s my device like i was testing it out for
3708s so many times right i have this yeah it
3710s just like doesn't charge i'm like
3711s plugging in into that pc i'm plugging
3714s into the airdrop is coming
3716s but it it shows your screen
3719s your screen will um mirror onto your pc
3721s but it won't charge when you plug it in
3724s yeah nothing is charging exactly i can't
3727s send the picture to the obs but like if
3729s i want to charge it yeah i don't think
3730s so if i want to do like long you know
3733s session accounts yeah that's so annoying
3735s on ipad because phone i feel like
3738s charges off a little faster than ipad
3740s this is the reason why i play an ipod as
3742s well it's like battery just like here
3743s lasts for way longer and i'm sure that
3746s i'm gonna ask you know i'm not gonna
3748s charge out well i could i could
3749s definitely send you the adapter i use
3751s because when i charge and play
3753s my phone is always at a hundred percent
3756s it won't die
3757s so like i could send it to you and you
3758s could try that
3760s yeah the apple one uh
3762s i never had any problems with that on my
3763s ipad though that's the thing
3765s okay and yeah the funniest thing is also
3767s spoke with other mobile gamers they also
3769s told that they bought once and it was
3771s not working the charger thing and then
3773s they would buy one more and then another
3775s one would work
3776s i don't know really oh no no it's like
3778s so weird i don't know maybe this one is
3783s the thing is with mobile like adapters
3786s for me at least they break so easily
3789s like i can't keep them for long
3791s like they will stop working the reason
3793s is there oh just like no reason yeah and
3795s sometimes it's like glitch out and i'm
3796s like oh my god i have to buy a new one
3800s yeah it's really weird because i was
3801s like oh my god this thing is so
3802s expensive it must be working good and
3804s then
3804s it must be it must be good
3807s yeah and it's just like doesn't work i
3808s mean
3809s it doesn't main thing you know it does
3811s send the picture which is the best part
3813s but it just doesn't charge i mean we're
3815s fine i was just like curious about it
3817s like i guess i just have the
3819s 50 50 working adapter
3821s yeah the air drops maybe maybe return it
3823s get a new one see if that one's better
3825s if it's still the same thing
3827s oh the recipe but it's still it's fine
3831s let's see wait
3833s oh we just came from there but the zone
3835s is there oh my god
3837s that's so awkward
3839s i cannot find anyone we just wanted we
3841s just wanted to try out the zip line yes
3844s exactly
3844s dude the zip ones are so fun
3848s i actually got killed one time in an
3849s event
3851s somebody wrote the zip line
3852s i wasn't even on the zip line the enemy
3855s was on the zip line and he killed me
3858s whilst using it
3859s he was like shooting mid zip line and he
3862s killed me and i was like i was so
3864s embarrassed i was like no wait that just
3866s happened
3868s what a legend yeah that was it's crazy
3872s the jack
3874s oh yeah
3877s am i far away from there
3878s no we're together
3881s we're going to be for everybody
3886s i do have a little really weird loadout
3888s though i have machine gun and that icr
3891s um okay we could try to find you some
3893s better guns we could go to the
3896s do you have any custom loadouts
3897s yeah i do okay perfect yeah yeah we'd go
3900s there
3904s uh we are playing duo versus
3910s we're playing duo versus squads i think
3912s we're just getting unlucky and can't
3913s find anyone
3919s chip terminal is almost ready
3930s this is the strategy oh he's right
3931s behind us what the heck oh my god we're
3934s engaging the enemies
3936s oh my god i crouched to look at you and
3938s i see this little guy moving behind you
3940s i was like what
3942s oh no
3944s oh the whole time
3946s oh my god don't
3948s have you tried the holger the hogger is
3949s pretty good too
3954s hola
3963s is there a way for you to
3966s instantly understand according to the
3968s movement that this player is a little
3970s inexperienced
3972s oh yeah so like most of the time when
3974s you see bots
3976s um
3976s they basically run
3979s in very straight lines and
3982s coming
3983s they don't hit their shots you know they
3985s don't hit you very well and they kind of
3986s just like stand there
3989s yeah if you see better players better
3991s players like it's scary because they
3995s they have really good movements really
3996s good aim
3999s the revive flight will arrive if you
4000s have better positioning it's all good
4003s okay we got one of these
4009s all right
4026s it's so hard to find people i am blind
4028s so i was quite right
4031s white choirs round
4033s oh there's someone here
4036s i'm using my abilities
4043s are you chugging yeah
4048s i i'm not even good with the shotgun i
4049s just want to use it for fun
4057s i'll stick to the odin i need to make a
4058s odin custom loadout
4062s what i need
4065s you also have to set the custom loadouts
4066s in the mp correct oh yeah
4069s okay i don't have that though mp
4071s loadouts are like a little different
4072s than vr vr is more
4075s like accuracy bullet spread it doesn't
4078s matter your ads time
4080s like with mp ads matters
4083s okay there's some enemies here
4090s the enemies
4091s he's one hp i don't know how i didn't
4093s just tap tap tap
4096s really it's better at the top because i
4098s was literally
4099s well if they're really far away tap but
4101s if they're closer you could spray if you
4103s could control the recoil
4105s because some guns the recoil like
4107s your crosshair will go all the way to
4108s the sky and it's hard to aim
4119s i've actually not been in this area
4121s so this is new to me there's like snowy
4124s then there is like um
4126s um dessert areas and also like green you
4129s know yeah
4132s can i go skating on the ice
4135s i'm pretty sure i can i'm gonna try
4139s what this is cool
4142s oh
4143s i'm gliding
4145s oh my god
4149s does it make you go faster i am not sure
4152s i can't tell oh there's an enemy here
4155s what if i
4158s oh
4172s sniper is like what do you call it i
4175s think you have to like shoot a little
4176s bit in front of the enemy
4178s if they're really far yeah i guess so
4180s the airdrop is coming
4182s i don't know i i cannot snipe on vr it's
4184s so hard
4190s if you skate through the ice how do i
4192s skate through the ice
4195s oh my god why am i just sliding for so
4197s long has been delivered i'm chilling
4205s i see this guy over here
4209s the last revived flight will arrive in
4210s one minute
4224s where are they fighting
4231s oh my gosh i'm so blind
4246s nine
4247s look
4248s i have to practice my sniper shot oh you
4251s got this i have no idea where he is but
4254s you got this whenever you know the same
4255s scream yes yes i'll let you know
4260s wait you have an ipad you can see him
4262s better than i can i'm like i'm like
4264s staring at my screen i cannot see
4266s anything
4268s um oh my god i'm so blind
4272s vr makes my eyes go fuzzy
4276s going in the
4277s little circle
4279s you feed how to sell but oh my god what
4281s if he dies in that zone again
4283s i hope he does not
4285s practice my sniper shots yeah
4290s do you use the aim assist just asked yes
4292s yes yes you you should always use them i
4294s think i think everyone has you because
4296s it's quite cool it just helps you like
4298s those yeah yeah
4300s yeah it's nothing like crazy
4303s but yeah it's good
4305s if you're not using it you're just
4306s putting yourself at a disadvantage
4308s because like everyone uses it
4310s i'm sure
4312s also i was at the beginning i was using
4314s the
4315s outdoor shooting you know when you're
4317s whenever you oh yeah
4319s but that's those i feel like the
4321s response is a little slow so i know i'm
4323s shooting by myself yeah it's better
4326s the more control you have the better
4330s yeah we could do some empty later air
4332s drop is coming um
4334s yeah because empty is just a little
4335s weird it's more like
4339s it's hard to play with friends
4342s they're not like in the same room
4344s because you but we could do
4346s uh what do you call it
4348s we could do
4351s we could do
4352s custom lobbies huh
4354s you are wait you are sliding on the ice
4356s like crazy oh yeah yeah
4360s you slide super long
4362s come on let's go
4366s i genuinely have no idea where this guy
4369s is thing is he like hiding from us maybe
4372s he's uh maybe he's looting down
4375s earlier he killed a player i saw in the
4377s kill feed
4378s i see him in the dot in front of me oh
4380s nice
4381s of me he looks like okay i'm not sure if
4384s i could snipe him because he's quite
4385s close to me it's fine just just go for
4387s it i think he's a boss so
4389s he's probably not gonna kill you
4391s you got this
4393s see him
4394s come on this is so awkward
4398s nice
4400s nice headshot too very nice
4407s yay
4409s let's go we're
4410s the road to legendary on battle royale
4413s how do we see our ranks though uh okay
4416s when you exit the game when the game is
4418s like leaving you should be able to see
4420s it um click next
4424s uh
4425s after the loading screen
4428s um
4430s okay yeah
4431s after the lobby where it's like the two
4433s of us are standing there click next and
4435s then that's your ring
4438s now let's
4439s four
4446s okay i'm curious what goes after the
4447s ellet uh after it's pro
4451s and in pro you get already
4454s no after pro after pro is
4457s master i think master and then
4458s grandmaster after grand master is
4460s legendary which is the highest
4464s right close
4465s okay okay i think wait i need to double
4467s check
4469s oh yeah you get like battle royale
4471s awards like data details
4473s that's not good
4476s yeah after prose master and then grand
4477s master and then legendary
4479s i've never had legendary in vr that's so
4483s embarrassing
4485s how long you have been playing on well
4487s um
4489s since beta for like over two years
4492s yeah i just play mp that's why i think
4496s vr i get so like lazy grinds
4501s man
4506s it's okay
4507s chad we are low ring that's why we're
4509s playing plot lobbies but once we get
4511s hiring
4512s it's over here you could take jump
4514s leader you should try
4515s you got this
4524s yeah i'm on top 100 global leader board
4527s for mp
4529s but
4530s wide
4532s oh yeah
4533s i was higher last season last season i
4535s grinded to like
4538s 16 17
4539s oh my gosh i'm playing with the legend
4545s you just have to commit about the start
4548s and
4549s you know it's time for the mission
4559s try to go to the platform
4562s i don't know where it comes down
4564s yes nothing that no doubt
4567s any questions you have
4569s or you're welcome to ask we have uh
4573s where is platform
4575s i don't even know i can't tell
4577s um
4579s isn't the other map
4584s we can live here
4588s you'll do that
4589s yeah i'm from canada
4592s my throat's like fine
4596s yeah alcatraz is super fun but alcatraz
4598s is coming back tomorrow so i'm gonna i'm
4601s gonna play tomorrow
4602s that's for sure
4617s all right
4628s hmm
4630s yes this is live no this is free
4632s recorded so i'm just kidding
4637s that's always to answer is this live or
4638s over recorded yeah yeah pre-recorded
4641s i just knew you were gonna ask that yeah
4643s yeah a specific second
4647s let's see
4651s pkm
4654s i have not used them for in so long we
4655s shall try it out
4663s you're still here i see you
4666s how you been
4671s [ __ ] the enemies
4684s i like that
4687s oh there's a green box here what do we
4689s get there
4706s the fanuc is too good
4716s at the moment oh you never told me what
4717s are you doing by the way you have never
4719s told me what is that by the way
4722s and that is
4725s wait huh
4727s sorry
4728s oh no yours
4733s don't die to a bot bro
4735s i think i i i
4738s i've died on multiple thoughts before
4749s oh i am so sorry i kind of drink that
4752s it's fine this time the safe zone is
4754s collapsing
4756s i hear gunshots over here enemies
4758s there's another dot on my
4761s scouts
4764s we'll find them
4767s we will this is the lobby where we drop
4770s the most kills
4772s i don't know what's a lot
4775s like i had two last time you had 11 and
4778s then okay we're going for we're going
4780s for 20 this game
4782s why not
4784s aim higher
4788s it's
4789s what okay i heard people here but
4794s i am starting to doubt myself because i
4796s don't see anyone
4804s oh have you favorite ability so far is
4807s it like you're fine you're like um um
4809s favorite ability
4811s uh
4812s well the one i'm using is like the one
4814s where i go invisible and i think that
4816s one's really good
4818s yeah it's very strong especially if
4819s you're in a
4820s hard situation yeah you could just
4822s become invisible and just run away
4825s yep
4826s that's
4827s crazy
4828s the revive flight will arrive in one
4830s minute
4831s yeah we could do some custom lobbies uh
4836s i am i haven't hosted custom vr lobbies
4838s in a very long time
4839s but i would say we would probably do mp
4841s just because br you could get like
4843s stream snipe way too easily
4853s see i i ask politely some people do not
4856s care it's all good though
4860s oh wait let's run to 8k
4863s because if we do the mp because isn't
4866s that it's like uh
4868s that eighth school gonna be able to join
4870s uh
4871s yeah or is it 18. it's eight but you
4874s could always because the games don't
4875s last very long
4877s so like afterwards you could just get a
4878s new lobby and more people can join you
4880s know
4882s look at that scenery thank you so much
4885s yeah be our
4887s scenery your scenery is very nice
4890s they made it look so pretty
4896s bye thank you very much for coming by
4898s thank you so much for the thousand pity
4900s oh i hear you
4903s i missed the 18
4905s okay
4906s 47 is it is it
4908s okay 47 is pretty good yeah
4911s yeah i also like it
4914s are you fine behind
4917s hey thank you so much don't sell for the
4919s airdrop is coming
4920s dear thank you
4930s oh kilo is bad no no no
4932s no
4938s air drop has been delivered
4940s all right do you guys think shotguns is
4942s opmbr
4943s ah the hs is really good
4946s the hs shotgun
4954s oh where's my emote
4961s oh oh my god i almost fell oh my god the
4963s revive flight will arrive in one minute
4965s quick response oh definitely fell
4969s do you have dancing evils as well yeah
4972s what do you have emails
4979s wait wait oh this one's hilarious this
4981s one's so funny like what the what
4984s dude this one this one's amazing
4987s uh we got are you dancing yeah yeah
4990s wait i don't see that on my screen you
4992s don't see it oh you you might you might
4994s need to download it i think
4996s oh
4998s i think i have everything downloaded
5000s what
5002s wait can people not see it
5004s i'm pretty sure i just like checked
5006s consistently and it's like download all
5007s done loadout
5009s oh my
5013s god what is the new meta weapon this
5016s season um
5017s for
5018s mp's cbr kilo
5022s i guess
5025s finally a female youtuber on conan dude
5028s that's what i'm saying
5030s readings greetings right
5032s yeah
5034s female representation you know
5037s engaging the enemy enemy down
5047s damn did i just get hit by the cactus
5052s what the heck
5053s i didn't know the cactus can do damage
5059s you don't have the extra plates right
5061s yeah we do not no
5063s i have the basic ones
5068s flexing
5069s the emails wait we need a we could go to
5072s this crate
5073s oh wait it's right here behind you
5075s i am blind
5079s okay there you could take the crate well
5081s that's the shotgun
5087s let me see
5090s oh yeah it is the b y i i don't know how
5092s good the b y is i think the hs is still
5094s a little better
5096s you could try it out though who knows it
5098s could be really good
5099s oh no i guess i'm going to stick with my
5101s sniper any game fair enough fair enough
5105s the airdrop is coming
5107s and i agree i i need to what's it called
5110s um there's not a a lot of
5113s female call of duty mobile streamers
5116s on youtube at least so i hope to see
5118s more airdrop has been delivered it would
5119s be nice to make more female friends
5123s chip terminal is almost ready bounce
5126s thumps
5127s are you playing in anything
5128s professionally or
5130s i used to but not anymore but i might
5132s play stage three champs this year we
5134s will see
5137s because i'm kind of focused on content
5148s i hear you
5150s i hear people behind me
5165s why are you so
5167s fast it's just not that serious don't
5170s run away from me
5176s oh back here
5179s bunch shots
5194s oh my god i can't control the recoil
5199s okay yeah
5202s stop running
5204s what is the
5207s easiest gun
5209s yeah in terms of recoil in terms of well
5211s there's a lot of guns that are like easy
5213s but the guns that are hard you could
5214s tell like the ak is kind of weird um i
5217s would say
5219s oh i hear someone i would say the 117 is
5222s pretty decent to re uh to control recoil
5224s for vr
5225s and mp so
5229s oh my god i forgot how good the heck
5230s fire was
5232s okay
5233s yes
5234s yeah i was just about to ask you do ads
5236s with your smg or um
5239s for it's situational
5241s it's like if you're really close range
5243s just like hip fire it if you can
5246s but it's normally better to ads like at
5248s least some of your bullets so you could
5250s make sure like they're low
5252s before you try to hit fire
5254s yeah
5258s run
5260s uh
5263s yes more air than daniel on call of duty
5266s mobile live stream right
5271s yeah someone said that
5276s huh the airdrop is coming
5278s i'm swanks girl
5282s that was the
5284s i was the batwoman
5286s can you play a br scream approach yeah i
5289s would rather not
5291s i don't want to get embarrassed okay you
5293s were talking about 20 bombs how many do
5295s you have
5296s uh
5297s 10.
5300s we're working on it okay 10 more to go
5321s you want to go in it you got this
5325s last week thanks scared me so much
5330s is that also a hogan is that also
5333s uh it's lmg
5337s it has a lot of ammo
5343s i like for some reason
5345s i'm going to do like no scope i feel
5348s like
5348s or inside i don't know maybe just like
5350s out of preference but our inside feels
5352s cool
5356s i see you
5361s hey did they just usability there is
5364s almost ready
5366s engaging the enemy
5369s the 20 bomb is happening i can feel it
5372s in front of me
5375s oh you got it
5378s not sure oh sorry
5382s i don't think i could see the dots when
5384s you scan them you cannot the aircraft is
5385s coming damn
5387s that is crazy
5408s see if i could see anyone from up here
5410s how are you doing uh mobile
5413s is it hard switching from pc to mobile
5416s it's i mean the idea is the same so in
5418s terms of idea and everything it's like
5420s that is i don't want to say it's easy i
5422s just know the idea right yeah but it's
5424s it's super hard you have experience it's
5427s just the mechanics might be a little
5428s different yeah yeah for sure
5432s i would i mean i would like to be
5434s probably as good as you you know you got
5436s it
5437s you just practice and with your
5439s experience for sure
5441s yeah
5446s but i guess the amount of the hours i
5448s have in mobile games i i think i'm doing
5450s quite good maybe i'm just trying to keep
5452s myself positive but
5454s no that's good
5455s no you need you need to be positive
5457s you
5458s will improve drastically
5462s i would say like you could also like for
5463s example would be our i would just like
5466s watch some
5467s uh some
5468s some videos on
5473s like what to use and stuff like that
5474s because honestly i don't even know that
5476s much
5477s i know like them basically those things
5478s now i mean
5485s pretty bombs you know
5489s what
5502s sometimes like i feel like the screen is
5504s not responding is what you want to do do
5506s you use uh do you use thumpsies
5508s what is that so so for me like on my
5512s fingers or on my thumbs i have like this
5514s little like
5515s kind of like a sock
5517s for your thumbs and it makes my screen
5519s feel a lot smoother
5521s oh my do you like something special yeah
5523s i'll link you i'll link you but it's
5525s like you put it on your thumbs and
5527s i would say it's kind of uncomfortable
5529s to use for the first like few days
5530s because you're not used to it but if you
5532s get used to it it's it's really good and
5534s it makes your screen feel super smooth
5536s the air drop is coming and when you just
5538s swipe left and right it's satisfying
5541s yeah yeah
5542s interesting
5544s i think we dropped the 20 together
5545s though i think the air drop has been
5547s delivered i have four
5548s okay yeah we got it okay this guy's
5550s right here he's trying to drown me
5555s activated
5558s you got him you could kill him it's
5560s right here
5561s oh my god oh my god
5563s the safe zone is collapsing
5565s this is so mean
5569s i have a winner oh god
5583s up this is the place where she's
5584s streaming
5585s the linka rosa gt's
5589s very nice
5592s yeah precision got nerfed
5597s here said hello to you hello
5600s your teammates need
5612s can i ask you something yeah of course
5614s go ahead
5615s squad wipe the whole lobby got wiped
5617s what
5628s let me put on the odin because
5634s i just got it so
5640s look at this beautiful skin like
5642s actually beautiful
5649s what's this a new account no no this is
5650s my old account
5653s let's switch skins let's use a different
5654s character skin
5656s let's use one of the new ones let's use
5658s this one
5659s she's pretty she's pretty sick
5664s let's try a different parachute maybe
5669s well i actually have a lot i've never
5670s seen some of these
5673s these look like like tapestries you know
5677s tapestries on your back
5679s okay this one's pretty obvious which one
5681s is like the superior one but
5684s yeah i'm gonna stick with that
5693s nobody uses fr but it is decent
5698s fair enough
5700s is fr good or like trash um in mp
5703s i don't really use that fr it's kind of
5705s you don't really see people using it
5706s just because you have better options
5707s like why would you use fr if you could
5709s just use like
5712s literally anything else i mean kilo is
5714s better cbr is better
5716s mac 10
5717s um as file 117 all those are like good
5720s choices
5722s this is the banana account this is the
5723s banana account
5725s nobody uses the fr because it's like
5729s meh compared to like
5732s kilo you know
5734s do you grind your diamond camo i do i
5736s have like 34 35 or something like that
5740s are you chinese i am
5752s going to have a rope when she hits that
5753s one type of sweaty legendary lobby bro i
5756s don't even hit legendary in br that's
5757s how bad i am
5759s wait so it's not good it's not bad i
5762s would say it's not bad but
5764s it's kind of like a mediocre like middle
5766s ground gun where it's like right in the
5768s middle not not too good not too bad you
5772s know
5772s just
5774s meh
5776s currently using odin in mp rank it's
5778s sick it is pretty good if you have a
5779s good loadout especially
5781s you could shred it it's like two tapping
5783s it's crazy
5787s what do you think about msmc on vr i
5788s haven't really tried the msmc
5791s you know the msmc's kind of like uh
5793s would you like to try maybe this time
5795s the prop hunt prop hunt yeah we could do
5798s that
5801s as a friend
5802s um
5803s okay how do you
5805s okay
5809s prop hunting
5811s huh i i have selected it am i the one
5813s who i i selected i selected it oh gotcha
5816s yeah
5818s i've never played br prop hunt before so
5821s this is new to me
5823s okay that's gonna be the new the normal
5825s call of duty yeah it's super cool so as
5828s far as your teammate is going to be
5829s alive
5832s which is good okay oh my god there's so
5834s many like buttons wait what the heck am
5836s i
5839s wait what
5845s are you
5846s what
5847s wait are you already in the because i'm
5849s in the loading oh you're in loading
5851s screen
5852s yeah 83 percent
5856s okay okay wait i'll back out back out
5860s yeah i guess i have to restart yeah
5861s maybe restart
5863s what the heck
5864s oh yeah this is your end game now what
5866s the heck
5870s is sks still used in vr i
5872s don't know i don't think so
5876s after a long time you playing vr you're
5878s gonna be
5878s yes
5885s uh
5888s how does
5889s and sorry prophet works like
5892s do you guys know
5894s i don't really play
5895s vr pop point so i'm not very sure
5900s sniper and shotgun loadout
5903s well i don't really use the shotgun but
5905s sniper i kind of just use defaults
5908s unless you're talking about vr vr this
5911s is my shotgun loadout that i copied
5913s somewhere somehow i don't uh i i guess i
5916s do not reconnect to the game i just
5918s cancel because it gave me this option
5919s okay okay
5921s i am here
5922s i will lobby you know we'll try that
5924s again
5932s um
5935s did you connect
5937s uh
5940s you have unlimited response throughout
5942s the match
5948s i have a
5949s oh my wait
5951s what is
5953s are you
5954s hello where i need to see where are you
5956s at i'm next to you
5959s wait why am i a huge pole
5962s hey don't see me don't see me
5964s we're gonna like run over here
5967s wait are we already in the game yeah
5968s yeah yeah yeah yeah it already started
5971s he doesn't see me oh my god
5972s he doesn't what are we supposed to do
5974s just hide are we are we supposed to
5976s pretend that we are objects yeah
5979s and then you just lock in
5981s when you're
5982s locked in i guess
5984s do i have to worry about oh my
5986s oh my god please oh no that is so bad it
5990s becomes a bus station
5992s okay he doesn't know he doesn't know he
5994s doesn't know no he knows
5997s that is something i'm actually getting
5998s shut up how do you
6000s you could change items um if you click
6002s the little switch button at the bottom
6004s right i like to be no
6006s i got here this is my party
6008s wait i have to
6011s oh i'm back oh my god we have we have to
6014s blend in and pretend that everything is
6016s absolutely fantastic yes
6018s okay what
6021s oh
6033s and what do we do like am i supposed to
6035s pretend survived i got 20 points
6040s okay this is a horrible place to be
6042s location exposed he's coming
6049s oh my god he didn't
6050s he thought i'm just a part of the house
6052s he never understood that i'm not part of
6054s the house
6054s oh my god what am i doing oh my god do i
6057s lock it i'm nervous
6058s i'm nervous yeah
6061s wait
6062s wait
6065s i have oh do you see me oh my god you
6067s can use the ability and you can go
6070s no
6070s oh my god run i went transparent
6074s oh you have to do this
6076s oh
6081s i'm on my way okay this is a better area
6084s because it's like inside
6086s let me go collect that
6088s okay it's it doesn't help that on my
6090s humongous pole
6092s maybe if i hide here oh my this is the
6095s big brain wait actually it's a big brain
6097s not really okay you're just this is a
6099s big brain
6100s this is a big brain
6102s dude
6104s they don't know this is hard this is
6106s this is massive iq
6108s i've never seen my brain be so
6112s humongous look at this
6114s they will not know
6116s if they guess this
6118s they're hacking
6120s they're cheating
6125s location exposed
6127s what do you mean location has been
6129s exposed no
6134s oh my god oh my god
6136s okay the feature of your game
6139s why did he know
6141s wait do you only have two lives or what
6143s is that i think no i think you can
6145s survive for as long you could like come
6146s back however many times but
6149s the game only lasts for 270 more seconds
6152s yeah yeah yeah
6153s i'm watching a chair what
6155s oh
6157s no way look at me
6159s why am i where are you at i'm huge
6164s it's not fair i'm the whole bus station
6168s oh my god that is not fair at all
6171s let me swap we have to we have to
6173s collect these things though
6175s it gives us the points
6177s oh yeah
6178s let me see if i could go
6183s oh does he see me no he does not
6186s goodbye
6189s hey did
6192s okay i can't even see it
6194s this is the sneaky strategy
6197s all that big brain vanished it did
6199s i thought it was smart i thought i had a
6201s really good smart spot but apparently
6203s not
6205s oh my god does he see me he doesn't 2f
6208s that's cool
6213s something still
6216s bobby
6218s my god is that you big bucks i'm
6219s spectating right now yeah well i'm like
6221s a like a crate i'm jumping yeah
6225s oh my gosh
6227s oh my i'm a gaming tier
6229s you're a gaming chair oh little
6232s no way
6235s like this
6238s oh my god there's so many people there
6242s let's wrap around
6246s we need to collect this thing
6251s search the area for high value bonus
6253s points
6262s this guy's scaring me
6265s hey they don't see me
6267s come on
6270s did you not see him i went invisible
6272s waiting
6273s oh my god
6275s this is so nerve-wracking oh my god
6278s it is
6279s it became invisible
6282s what the heck you can still see me even
6284s though i'm invisible
6285s yeah i think it's not like completely
6287s no
6290s that's not lucky i have to become a
6291s small
6292s teeny tiny
6294s gaming chair too
6296s let's go what
6299s do i have flash
6314s oh you can
6317s just sprint for like a little
6321s let me collect this real quick
6323s collect collect
6326s you don't see me
6330s how many how many things we have to
6332s collect uh i'm not sure just like as
6333s much as possible i think
6335s um
6338s no
6348s this is so scary
6353s oh my god
6359s oh my god
6360s oh my god
6362s get away from me
6372s oh my god i'm like panicking
6375s oh fine don't worry
6377s okay
6379s no this guy is targeting me
6384s yeah vr prop hunt takes a lot
6387s and
6389s oh this is perfect why can't i get this
6391s one earlier
6396s winning
6397s we are winning
6412s can i jump over this nice
6416s nice
6418s i'm so sorry oh my god
6421s oh my god oh my god run run run run run
6424s run
6425s this is terrifying
6427s one
6435s in the bottom right what does that do
6438s it it said like
6440s oh press the purple thing to jump very
6442s high
6443s oh okay wait we have to try it again
6445s then
6447s look at us
6449s look at us what happened wait i need to
6451s look
6453s no no
6454s sorry
6455s we just won we just won let's go
6458s oh my god
6460s we didn't even come close to bean first
6462s it's okay next game we got this
6465s you can jump oh like super high okay i
6468s got you
6470s all right i will try that one i'll try
6472s to jump yo this game mode is fun oh my
6474s god
6475s we could do like just
6477s this one's fun yeah you can also
6479s transfer into different objects
6481s have to just uh
6482s this guy was chasing me i'm a car
6487s no wait the object changes
6489s i'm a beautiful tree dude this is so
6491s pretty oh my god like hello yeah where
6495s are you
6497s i'm a huge pink tree i'm a car
6502s this is this is going down the road no
6504s it's so slow
6506s wait are we even together
6508s what's that oh i think oh no i think
6509s it's loading screen it's loading screen
6511s so everyone's just like waiting 55
6513s seconds is it 55 seconds yeah 53.
6516s okay okay
6517s do 150
6519s why
6520s what
6523s be the hunter no thank you
6527s dude oh wait i'm a hunter well that's
6530s awkward
6534s i'm sorry
6536s how do i not be 100
6542s um
6543s oh
6544s wait i kinda wanna be a hunter what the
6545s heck i could like reveal this location
6548s this one is different they are just like
6551s you have to
6552s what
6567s you could be a hunter if you pick up
6568s hunter card okay
6570s oh wait never mind
6572s are you serious i'm a huge box
6574s wait uh i'm also a box i see the car oh
6577s that's not oh my god wait okay hunter
6579s recruitment what is this oh you could be
6581s different from what it was well no no
6583s you could be like a hunter if you oh my
6585s god what's
6592s this is the brain the massive brain
6605s but i didn't realize he was behind me
6611s okay location exposed oh wait this is
6614s good
6615s is it being collected
6631s did i just almost die from fall damage
6636s he does not know that that's me can i
6638s call him you don't know that i am the
6639s human
6641s oh my god oh my god
6646s i'm so
6647s good
6651s run run run this is this is the
6652s strongest one i'm telling ya the one i'm
6654s having currently it is a stone
6657s you look for like a small one oh my god
6660s no he know this oh my
6665s god my god please
6667s you don't see me
6669s never mind you see me
6674s i am out goodbye
6679s jump
6680s has failed me
6682s i clicked it wait do i hold it
6684s wait what is that what are you
6687s i'm a teddy bear do you see me yeah i
6689s see you
6690s oh my
6691s oh my god that is actually a good one
6695s what
6697s wait wait i need you to come to me and
6699s i'm right behind you
6700s i need a i need you to look at what i am
6702s i'm right now
6703s look at this look
6706s look
6709s what you look terrifying i i'm terrified
6711s of myself
6714s oh i used to jump okay
6721s this is freaky
6725s the previous match i was this coin which
6727s we have to collect literally the same
6729s exact coin yeah same
6732s it's so strong
6744s oh my god you're blind
6748s oh no
6750s oh my god no
6752s oh my god
6754s this is terrifying
6759s we have to start collecting things
6761s uh
6763s i will die if i try to leave this area
6764s location
6773s is it just me or is this lobby like
6776s better than the last one these guys are
6777s scary
6779s they are let me collect these i'm just
6781s curious does your health regenerate
6783s whenever they help it does it does it
6785s does
6789s just collect this little teddy bear
6791s jumping
6795s okay maybe the character dude is the
6797s move
6798s they think i'm i'm a teammate
6801s oh they don't see me
6804s i was trying you don't see me
6812s yeah you have to pick up the items in
6814s order to be able to use them but i think
6816s also they kind of regenerate or maybe
6818s not really oh i'm again the teddy
6821s oh my god
6822s i think that uh the play is to play on
6824s edges i feel like they are like chilling
6826s around the
6828s um
6834s oh my god no way you're blind oh my god
6836s get outplayed
6838s outsmarted
6841s they're literally next to me
6845s are you just saying
6846s yeah
6848s what oh my god
6849s you don't see me
6852s this is the strats
6854s jump for once okay wait
6856s you have not died
6858s with that
6860s i'm horrible with this jump thing
6862s i clicked it and i just like looked like
6864s an idiot
6868s no
6869s he found me
6871s he streamed sniping okay
6873s no he he was around me the entire time
6876s oh my god you're in the middle this is
6878s scary
6879s yeah this is actually super scary but
6881s all the things are here
6883s oh that guy is
6886s that guy is tough
6898s i hope i could
6900s change into something better
6903s what if i just sit at the edge of the
6904s mouth
6906s oh my god i'm a bus station how do you
6908s change it
6910s bus station is too huge oh this is not
6912s good either
6913s this is not good
6916s template is a bus station
6921s things are currently in the middle
6923s yeah that's the worst
6925s yeah location exposed let's see if i
6927s could collect this real quick
6936s he doesn't see me
6950s he does not see me he also you also get
6952s points when he's riding
6954s yeah yeah
6955s oh my god there's so many people there
6957s i'm just gonna run away
6959s pretend they do not see me
6962s okay this was not any better
6965s how do i can spectate you though
6967s i know how can i play you specifically
6973s uh you could switch like players to
6975s spectate if you click the arrow okay
6978s what is that
6980s oh they're huge location exposed
6983s oh i know you don't see me
6986s why am i in her case
6991s i'm juking them right now
6997s you're lying
7000s no
7004s oh my god no no no no no i'm not
7006s listening
7011s this game is stressing me
7015s out my god i'm the tree
7018s can you see me oh hold it okay okay i
7020s got it i got it
7021s i will do it wait i will spectate you
7024s wait never mind i'm back exposed okay
7026s okay i'm literally a big tree and i
7028s can't believe if they
7030s and they know that's me they're jumping
7032s down
7037s are they like no they know the object
7039s yeah yeah no no uh every once in a while
7041s the location gets revealed so can we i'm
7044s gonna hold okay
7045s because he just killed the car next to
7047s me oh this is this is so smart
7050s wait for me
7052s okay
7053s there we go i held it
7055s and
7058s what if they get this oh my god that'd
7060s be crazy how does he know that
7064s that's not fair you know it doesn't look
7065s super super organic but we'll try it
7071s no things aren't listening in the middle
7073s this is so weird
7076s location
7078s oh my god he does not know
7082s no he knows he knows he definitely knows
7088s unfortunate
7095s okay standing
7097s hi
7099s oh i'm back
7104s okay that wasn't any better
7106s let's use this
7108s location exposed stage has begun
7111s search the area for high value bonus
7113s points
7116s where are the points
7120s of cakes oh sorry
7122s wait i am confused
7129s oh my god he is so fast
7133s goodbye
7134s dude why is that guy so quick he started
7137s oh my god
7140s i don't get small objects though i get
7142s the big ginormous car thingies
7145s yeah but the best thing is that you can
7147s you can uh change them
7149s yeah
7152s oh well speaking of cars i am a car
7155s oh this is perfect
7158s they don't know i am oh my god
7162s this is the best thing to be
7164s honestly
7166s literally collected
7171s no i could okay i'm not very good at the
7173s whole jumping thing
7175s how do you get this
7177s object on the top of the road though
7179s that's my question that's not seen
7182s no he sees me
7184s oh my god
7185s oh i am so sad
7187s if you want to get to the roof the
7189s little jump button on the bottom right
7191s you hold it down
7193s you hold it and then you release
7196s a beat huge tree just
7200s uh zooming around the
7202s city and i understand how okay
7206s yeah so when you're a hunter you can
7207s reveal location
7209s so they find you easily
7213s i'm just going to focus on collecting
7214s these
7217s oh yeah i've collected already 2 000.
7231s i walk so slow we have 55
7240s go seconds go go
7244s oh my god the enemies right here
7253s you do not see me you do not see me
7257s oh my god he sees me
7265s oh my that
7266s that is so clutch i just did that
7270s what oh my god he sees me
7279s oh no way
7281s no way
7283s no way
7285s what
7286s the plane
7289s okay oh my god
7292s okay yeah so the bottom right button the
7294s blue one or purple one i got something
7296s if you hold it oh nummies
7299s go how many boys do they got
7302s these no they were hunters they were
7303s hunters they were killing people oh yeah
7305s yeah
7308s i needed to collect more points
7311s there you go yup
7314s see i kind of want to be a hunter now i
7315s want to try being a country
7317s do you want to try the beer maybe i just
7318s really want to level up yeah you don't
7320s mind just just normal br
7323s um mm-hmm i guess so okay
7326s i am happy mvp oh let's go
7331s let's get it
7334s isolated uh can you also select the
7337s blackout or is it uh uh yeah i'll
7339s download it
7340s just takes a second
7342s okay
7345s wait you wanna play yeah yeah let's play
7347s blackout i haven't played black
7349s black out in a
7351s minute uh
7355s hold and adjust angle to jump don't
7356s shave at least okay i got you
7362s teddy bear for the win dude it was
7364s clutch it's such a small like object in
7367s comparison to like a truck
7370s can you imagine
7376s that guy's a lot of fun yeah we should
7377s we should try it okay i'll take off
7379s isolated and then you could just play
7380s back easy
7382s please
7385s are we in the squad i think we had two
7387s teammates with us i'm just taking
7389s uh i did
7390s squads but i think we're doing it
7401s let's change classes
7404s we can rock the
7407s halter
7418s oh yeah the map looks different okay
7420s here you could take you could take jump
7422s leader and you can go where you want to
7423s go
7425s thing didn't even have blackout
7426s downloaded okay look
7428s i don't really play vr
7431s and
7433s it's a big file
7437s it will get even worse you think
7440s uh what do you mean
7442s i'm sorry we were just talking about the
7444s fuel prices
7445s oh
7447s i got you welcome to blackout soldier
7449s the match is about to start
7453s uh will you ask to play vr for this room
7455s nope get ready
7469s all right
7479s i'm using the red magic success pro
7483s okay a shall we
7486s go here we can land here all right
7497s i'm not really still
7499s sure how specific how many uh meters
7501s before you have to jump but i guess
7504s i have no clue i think you're just like
7505s john
7507s let's jump and hope you get there first
7513s i'll go over here
7516s i didn't mean to go all the way up here
7518s wait how did i go inside this building
7522s oh
7525s what
7529s oh no a shotgun
7547s i keep picking up the wrong gun
7550s which is the best one that's actually uh
7552s i think it's mac 10 or fennec right now
7556s okay
7560s i could be around though
7567s i keep getting the karen
7569s shotgun
7572s i hear you
7574s there for substance
7576s yeah this guy's so far away though
7584s all right ak
7593s nice
7598s the revived flight will arrive in one
7599s minute
7600s is the dlq good mmvr i'll try it
7609s right
7612s oh my god
7614s my choice there right what are we
7630s actually
7631s i'll take it
7635s there we go
7636s all right
7638s chip terminal is almost ready
7646s nice
7650s the two hot drops in blackout are
7651s construction in river town i don't even
7653s know where that is hold on let me see
7656s rivertown
7662s oh it's like all the way up okay
7664s yeah that you got you okay
7666s the more you know
7672s oh this one yes please yes please
7690s i cannot find anybody
7694s we should go to the terminal upgrade
7697s i've marked it
7702s vr sniping is hard i'm not going to lie
7706s i tried sniffing it right away
7709s mp like i'm use mp so vr it's like weird
7716s you want to go to your mine cart yeah
7717s yeah go to the airdrop it's called
7719s terminal upgrade the terminal upgrade
7721s helps with the
7722s your ability
7730s sprinting thank you very much david
7732s the revive fight
7734s which character is better that is also
7735s pretty good mx9 which gun am i having
7739s this is uh
7742s agr
7746s i think urban tracker default is better
7748s than monterey
7750s but mentor is so good though don't get
7752s me wrong
7753s i'm just running i'm running
7762s give me this
7769s we have to wait
7778s here we go
7784s wait let's take this in the middle
7785s middle
7786s yeah yeah you drive this time okay okay
7789s let's go to the helicopter
7792s okay you know how to fly it it's so hard
7794s really
7796s yeah it is really hard now trying
7802s oh it's over here
7804s oh oh my god
7809s all right
7811s wait
7826s i think i find the helicopter easier
7828s than the motorcycle
7830s really yeah
7832s i feel like landing is hard
7836s let's go this way
7849s oh it's up here
7857s oh my god why is it bouncing
7862s i think it's so hard
7866s is that again yeah
7881s if i could spot anyone
7886s i have a whopping two kills
7890s insane
7891s very nice uh
7893s do we have maybe shall we fly to our
7895s drops
7896s uh yeah we can you wanna you wanna fly
7900s let's try
7902s i hope i'm not gonna crash
7909s i'm on my way
7910s oh my god
7913s all right
7922s wait does that snipe
7923s you shooting oh that's me
7926s it bounces when it hits obstacles i see
7930s the airdrop is coming
7940s okay
7948s lying
7955s all right
7964s where is everybody
7967s okay let's try to maybe go to the
7969s constructor
7976s let's see let's see
7990s yeah pumped is not that good i don't
7992s know how to control it either
7995s let's land up here
8009s there's an odin up here
8013s there are two dots that two thousand i
8015s see in the mini map yeah i hear someone
8018s okay
8019s engaging the enemy
8022s oh
8024s oh yes i'm finding people with a shoddy
8026s holy yes sir
8029s i'm trying to learn how to use it
8032s i'm not very good with shotguns so you
8033s know practice
8036s oh i hear you
8044s that was
8046s i don't know where he is
8065s is so good
8068s nice
8072s yeah mac 10 shreds
8074s your ring is so low yeah because i suck
8076s at you
8078s i'm pretty bad in this game mode but you
8081s know
8082s you gotta start somewhere
8084s and you can only rank up from there
8088s and also i wouldn't say that you're a
8090s bad you're the airdrop is coming
8092s yeah yeah it's it's cuz we're playing
8094s we're playing bots when we play real
8096s players it gets harder
8099s i can only play against real players and
8101s mp
8116s somebody pick me
8128s we're still in the zone so it's all good
8132s yep
8136s you should consider a collab with other
8138s vr streamers
8140s yeah i am super down to
8142s i just it's like i'm a noob so i don't
8145s know like
8146s compared to actual good vr
8149s streamers
8151s it's gonna be like they're babysitting
8152s me
8155s oh you know what i have on
8158s i don't know
8160s um i remember this location
8173s realistic scope on
8176s that's why it was looking so thick
8179s the airdrop is coming sniper gang stand
8182s up yes sir
8187s um
8190s let's get tornado
8202s um
8203s i'm jumping around looking for people
8206s same 25 alive as well is this squash
8209s yeah
8214s look how pretty the like lighting is
8216s like i could have a picnic here what the
8217s heck
8220s there's like flowers and
8222s the what's it called graphics really
8224s nice
8228s the revive flight will arrive in one
8229s minute
8231s is the earth take over only for today
8233s y'all can riot and say earth take over
8235s all day
8238s engaging the enemies
8242s what does that mean
8244s enemy down
8247s what's
8251s wait
8253s why can't i hit him
8255s jesus that was so embarrassing
8265s there is another guy oh you're fine yeah
8267s yeah
8268s is almost ready you guys are invincible
8271s oh my god
8275s like moving dropped 52 kills i've
8277s watched broken before
8279s he is really good with the shotgun
8286s someone has dropped 50 to kill
8288s that's insane collapsing
8303s i hear gunshots in uh this direction
8306s enemy's spotted
8308s down to the last five teams oh my god
8310s there's only seven players left
8314s i think there's also the or what
8316s okay
8318s the last revived flight will arrive in
8319s one minute
8321s well i'm getting shot i'm behind here
8323s on me too guys
8332s why can't i hit on her
8334s that was so bad
8335s i don't know how far ahead i need to
8338s this guy didn't want to die
8340s as well let me run up here
8348s was that good tracking looked like a
8350s little
8351s it was pretty complicated i was almost i
8353s ran out of voidwalker activated green
8357s only two teams left getting close to
8359s victory
8362s okay 2v2 it's a big circle oh wow yeah
8365s let's be real these guys are probably
8367s bots and he they might die to the zone
8369s again
8370s um
8375s where could they be
8392s i have to be blind i cannot see them i
8394s need to go around the map
8398s nothing in the zone i just let out
8402s because they have to be out outside the
8403s zone yeah um maybe
8407s i'm going to check over here
8409s at the buildings
8411s um
8413s karambit what's wrong with karambit yeah
8416s why is everyone saying the karambit's
8418s bugged i don't use it myself so
8422s is that some sort of gun uh it's the
8424s melee
8426s oh
8428s so yeah i don't know how it can be
8429s bugged
8431s maybe the damage
8433s maybe i mean knife already just like in
8436s mp in one shots
8438s knife even if you're fully equipped yeah
8440s air drop is coming
8442s that's pretty strong but it's really so
8444s like risky you know yeah
8449s that's where i can i might already die
8452s air drop has been delivered oh he killed
8454s somebody okay
8460s i never heard shots did you see her
8463s no
8466s i have no idea this guy's gonna die to
8468s the song
8481s oh my god
8484s okay nothing here i guess he's like
8486s guarding this spot
8488s oops i already scouted zone oh
8491s yeah not me
8498s are you legendary on empty yeah
8501s did you just snipe him enough
8503s yeah
8504s i'm just typing
8508s running around
8509s dlq
8512s you're sniping an mp versus air sniping
8514s vr okay
8515s listen you're not wrong
8517s i am very bad at sniping in vr it's hard
8521s it's really different
8532s urban tracker is the skin which is from
8534s season four master became so late
8543s lobby yeah we're grinding we're grinding
8546s to rank up that's the whole point
8551s we gotta start somewhere
8554s oh okay i guess we do one more then yeah
8557s i
8557s actually i just ranked up on that
8560s you didn't go one nice yeah
8567s all right
8570s you could do
8571s uh
8573s the same map again
8577s yep and let's do the let's do the hot
8579s drop which you were the jump leader good
8581s luck about that yeah
8584s instructions for river sound yeah yeah
8586s very sound okay
8588s if the playing path will not allow us
8590s obviously
8596s best sniper is dlq and br
8599s is it
8600s that's best sniper in mp as well so
8604s maybe it's meant to be
8613s this is a vr only stream because i
8615s didn't get that memo well i played mp at
8617s the start just for a little bit because
8620s i couldn't find ranked games
8623s but yeah like what's it called daniel
8625s she plays vr so i'm just playing br with
8628s her
8631s because i don't i don't really want to
8632s ask her to play mp with me because we
8634s would have to play custom lobbies
8637s she doesn't have loadouts you know so it
8639s wouldn't really make sense
8641s go isolated to be real players we played
8643s isolated earlier we were getting bots
8649s yeah america you're playing against
8650s spots and you don't want a hot drop
8652s no we said we are going to drop like
8654s there is uh
8656s there is uh
8658s you can use like the controllers right
8659s on the mobile yeah you can you can yeah
8662s there's like additional thingies on
8664s sites i've seen them
8666s which makes probably oh we should just
8668s drop this
8674s yeah because it's uh it's orange so it
8676s has better loot
8677s and it's like early drop
8680s wait isn't a state just raid
8685s this is just really
8686s so pretty
8691s there's some ferrari i need a gun oh my
8693s god
8698s those are rocks
8723s all right
8737s we need more people
8741s let's see
8745s we do have a guy here in us
8746s yes you guys have results
8750s i hear him over here
8774s ah
8787s thank you so much
8800s these guys are trying to run away
8805s when you start playing vr
8807s uh well actually i played some last
8808s season i played alcatraz a lot last
8810s season
8812s yeah i'm probably going to grind
8813s alcatraz this season as well because
8814s it's super fun
8833s so she's just starting to play conan so
8836s she's still like getting used to it
8838s that's why she's playing br because she
8839s you know battle royale that's her forte
8843s now you're bringing your mp awesome
8849s it's okay maybe we'll run a ranked game
8851s after this game
8854s because this is dana's last game
8855s i'm hopping off soon too but
8859s maybe we could end it with the
8861s match
8863s it comes every weekend okay that's
8864s actually pretty good
8868s i see i see
8875s yeah i hear a lot of gunshots
8877s okay i'm coming i forgot to tell you yes
8879s last week when we played we literally
8880s got even stream sniped
8882s you got shoes tonight
8884s yeah we didn't go to your snipe
8886s oh
8887s and the guy was not even like hiding
8888s he's like oh my god you got us you know
8890s and they literally pull
8892s just like not suspicious at all i'm like
8895s what's everybody getting streams i think
8897s about leads guys that's crazy
8900s yeah some people don't even try to hide
8902s it they're just like yup that was me
8904s yep i'm watching drop is coming
8909s sorry it is what it is i mean
8912s yeah people just like to stream site
8917s location exposed oh there's people here
8919s the revive flight will arrive in one
8921s minute
8923s voidwalker activated thank you so much
8931s did you hear them
8936s there's one more here
8939s uh two more two more okay use the
8941s ability to see another dot
8943s i'll try to go through another yeah
8946s he's above
8948s i don't know how to get up
8954s i hear
8955s well he's like running away
8961s what
8970s it's in below me
8974s it's the last guy yeah he's below
8981s oh i don't have ammo
8993s no don't go
8995s oh my god this guy's running away
9000s nice
9002s i just
9003s i'm like chasing after him
9009s i don't know the airdrop is coming
9012s insane you're insane
9016s wait wait i was also chasing a guy he
9018s just disappeared i don't know
9020s oh my god yeah that's so annoying
9026s is there more people there
9028s i'm not sure i i use mobility just
9030s before the lead is to leave and there
9032s was like no one eyes got you
9036s got you got you okay look around
9046s airdrop has been delivered
9049s i'm gonna go for the update
9052s let's go here
9054s just place this
9055s light will arrive
9066s um
9074s i don't think i can i cannot see anybody
9076s i should have picked up a dlq or a
9078s sniper
9082s do you participate in any tournament
9084s like upcoming as well do you have any
9086s tournaments upcoming for for multiplayer
9088s yeah i'm playing in
9091s uh
9092s because for global we have mobile mayhem
9095s which is like
9096s one of the regarding this spot one of
9097s the bigger tournaments for
9100s na and eu
9102s okay i'm playing in the girls league for
9104s that
9105s bam
9106s yeah
9108s every like tuesday thursday
9116s the airdrop is coming
9119s yeah i'll pick you up
9121s i'll drive backwards
9124s right
9126s oh my gosh luckily there is luckily
9128s there is no
9130s team kill
9132s i like randy over
9139s oh my god
9153s let me get this
9158s oh
9159s here we go
9165s i just do i see someone just like slowly
9167s walking up to us
9171s enemy
9172s he's like slowly walking towards us
9176s you're killing everyone
9178s are you got this
9179s i would just spectate i'll just run
9181s around no no no no no
9183s what if what if you're going to end up
9184s with the 20 kills i've eight so
9187s i don't know about that
9196s oh we have the same that's pretty cool
9200s now what do you mean playing vr says i'm
9202s i'm a br main now
9204s don't disrespect
9210s the next weapon coming
9212s this game is hard i'm learning
9215s i expect
9216s i have high hopes on myself
9218s you're doing you're doing great
9220s thank you
9222s let's see
9225s spectating pink people
9227s no i don't know i wouldn't be fair
9230s i'm trying to be there so we're assist
9232s like i'm also shooting yes
9235s the safe zone is collapsing
9239s oh i see someone here i'm gonna ping it
9241s for you enemy is near
9245s i'm quite far away it's okay let's go
9247s there okay i'll just keep an eye on him
9250s make sure he doesn't run away
9254s oh my god he's missing all his shots oh
9256s my god he's lost
9261s walker oh my god he's so confused
9264s enemy is near
9273s you can't see me
9276s oh now you can okay now you drop this oh
9278s my god
9280s oh my god
9297s over here enemy is near
9302s that's quite hard i can barely see guys
9303s will never get her g license you are
9305s right about that one
9307s oh there's two there's two they're
9308s shooting at each other
9313s okay he's healing
9316s engaging
9321s that is nice
9328s beginning i started to shoot you and i
9330s was like wait this is my teammate
9334s team killing oh my god
9340s oh okay wait zone is like still really
9342s big i didn't realize
9344s yep
9346s cotton is the future you are right about
9348s that
9353s you did
9358s you can't die from falling right if you
9360s can jump outside the vehicle
9363s i think so you could for sure get killed
9365s from a crate like when the
9372s it has happened to me before i know from
9374s experience
9393s this zone
9394s has a lot of water what if it's going to
9396s shrink all the way across
9398s if it's just like in the water
9400s yeah
9401s that would be
9402s very weird
9405s oh yeah i hate fighting in the water
9406s it's so it's super weird
9409s but you can fight in water kinda yeah
9413s where's my shoe button uh top right will
9415s arrive
9417s right here
9422s oh there's people shooting
9426s enemies here
9432s all right another one there's one more
9433s right here
9437s are you shocked on ammo do they have any
9440s no
9444s wait maybe i have no i don't
9447s i like how the
9449s i like how the inventory gets like
9453s um like
9454s the your character picks up everything
9457s yeah yeah that's pretty cool down to the
9459s last five teams it makes it easier and
9461s faster it does it does you don't have to
9463s like stand on somebody's dead body and
9465s keep waiting yeah
9467s it also just replaces the best
9469s attachment it's also awesome
9473s voidwalker activated the safe zone is
9475s collapsing
9477s the airdrop is coming
9481s i'm going outside the zone i just want
9483s to see if i can find people
9485s um
9488s there are two tank drops yeah
9491s tanks are kind of scary though
9498s um yeah but i'm super excited for war
9499s zone i'm not even like
9501s a huge vr player but
9503s i'm so excited to play it the last
9505s revived flight will arrive in one minute
9508s i hope the graphics good
9513s oh the zone's shrinking
9520s trying to use this oh
9528s ah people lying
9530s 11.
9537s run run run
9539s oh yeah there's barely any players left
9541s okay
9547s you like the skin yeah this gun's pretty
9549s sick
9551s it's from bp i think
9555s oh they see someone
9560s enemy spotted
9562s maybe
9570s oh they could be across the water
9575s zone is on our side so we're fine
9580s i'm gonna just hold them
9582s i jump over this oh yep
9593s it's a hard spot though
9595s yeah i cannot see at all
9598s i'm so blind
9606s like scope didn't try to look on the
9608s other side of the water
9612s huh
9614s and here
9620s dude the skeletal
9621s ability is so awesome i love it
9624s yeah you can like clear ankles like if
9626s you're trying to go to your house just
9627s shoot it at the house
9629s yeah
9632s oh he's right here
9647s where could they be
9650s good question good question i think
9652s maybe across 2v2
9655s the safe zone is collapsing
9662s 1v2
9665s if this guy likes his own
9667s void walker activated i'm going to be so
9669s sad
9671s what's most likely what's going to
9672s happen
9674s you right
9676s this is the only downside about being
9678s low rank
9682s oh he's right here on me
9684s oh he's shooting me
9687s oh wait
9688s wow i just like once happened i even
9690s think he was going to die
9692s yeah
9693s you know
9694s they just took an entire game right
9697s if you have a good loadout for this gun
9699s it's actually really good
9701s okay
9703s okay okay
9706s very nice
9717s oh
9719s okay i guess i'm gonna wait if you
9722s if you won't gonna forget i'm gonna
9723s maybe message you about the finger
9724s thingy yeah i'll send you i'll send you
9727s a link and you can check them out for
9728s sure yeah
9730s just to have an understanding what are
9732s those uh yeah yeah they're they're not
9734s that expensive either it's like ten
9736s dollars for
9738s like three pairs so like six
9740s you know
9741s okay yeah you could try it out thank you
9744s so much for the game thank you as well
9747s it was a lot of fun
9749s next time i hope we're going to be
9751s way higher up yeah next time we can play
9754s we could play like different game modes
9756s chats and stuff
9757s for sure for sure
9760s have a fantastic rest of your morning i
9761s guess you're going to go to the bed
9762s right now uh honestly yeah maybe in a
9765s few minutes
9767s i woke up way too early today
9770s yeah jesus you definitely should go and
9772s get i'll get
9783s all right
9785s that concludes
9788s call our
9788s duty mobile
9790s takeover stream
9793s um
9794s play more br earth i'm not saying making
9797s it your main just me just play like 70
9799s to 30. honestly i'm totally down to play
9803s more br
9804s i'm waiting more so on uh alcatraz
9806s coming back because i really want to
9808s play alcatraz
9809s like personally i enjoy alcatraz more
9811s than um like isolated and stuff
9815s uh but yeah that's
9818s that is the
9820s the plan um
9823s so i'm going to be
9826s i'm going to be streaming some
9829s multiplayer ranked uh because i do want
9831s to do some leaderboard grind because i'm
9833s currently at number 99
9835s and i could be like top 50 i promise i
9838s promise i could be like top 50 right now
9841s i just need to put in the time and the
9842s effort we just couldn't find games
9843s earlier
9845s so yeah i'm probably going to stream
9847s maybe in a couple of hours after i take
9849s a break yes okay we'll be back tomorrow
9852s super excited for rock chess but yeah
9854s i'm gonna probably
9856s be streaming in a couple hours to play
9858s some mp ranked
9860s if you guys want to watch it's going to
9862s be on my own channel
9864s but a huge shout out to call of duty
9866s mobile
9867s for
9869s giving me this opportunity
9871s as well as this amazing partnership or
9873s collaboration little mini collab
9877s because i have a lot of fun
9879s so yeah thank you guys so much for
9881s stopping by i really appreciate it
9883s uh and if you guys do want to watch me
9885s play some multiplayer ranks
9888s i will play
9890s in a couple of hours
9892s oh yeah i was supposed to stream for two
9893s hours so i already went over that so
9897s yeah thank you guys all for being here i
9899s really appreciate it i hope you guys all
9900s have a wonderful rest of your day
9904s make sure you guys stay safe stay
9905s hydrated
9907s i will see you guys later