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0s all right good morning everybody welcome
7s the Bobby plays takeover of the official
12s Call of Duty mobile channel for season
14s one I'm excited to be here hope you guys
16s are all having a fantastic day today we
20s got a banger stream coming at you guys I
23s am on time and everything you know how
25s often does that actually happen I'm on
27s time I got my Call of Duty mobile
30s Creator Club coffee mug
34s we'll say whoever whoever designed these
36s was definitely left-handed because
39s who who who puts the logo on you know
42s like I'm happy
43s I'm thankful for it I'm not late you
46s guys saying I'm late I was live at 9 59
49s a.m I was scheduled
53s uh
54s uh
57s people are asking if I have the stream
59s key yes I'm live on the channel I've got
61s some special guests for today's stream
62s as well so I am very very excited we're
66s gonna be joined by a couple Pro players
68s and I bought obviously a bot besides me
73s um so we've got tectonic who just won
75s the Cod Mobile World Championships
77s alongside tribe gaming we've got space
80s who competed with nyslm he's switching
83s over to content full-time and we've got
85s D Hitman uh those of you who watch my
87s streams at all probably know who he is
90s because we play with him on a pretty
92s consistent basis but we're gonna be
94s checking out everything new that's what
96s I'm saying I'm definitely not late
99s most definitely not late
101s uh but we got these guys in VC we got
104s some some challenges so obviously we are
107s going to be
109s uh checking out the new battle pass
111s everything that's in there if you guys
113s follow along with my content you
114s probably already saw it uh but we'll be
117s running through what we got an hs2 on
119s Tuesday so we got the new dingo lmg
122s we got an mx9 we have LK 24 and
126s tectonics actually a big fan of the ok24
129s uh I think he may I I don't think he's
132s like in a switch switch but might switch
134s from the kilo to the okay that'd be
136s crazy
136s um
138s one more gun Type 25 that's the other
140s one that I was missing so we're gonna be
142s checking out all of that
146s today
147s I'm gonna un undeath him
150s hello hello
151s how's it going it's good you doing good
154s you know excited to play some Cobb
156s mobile yes sir uh everybody you can
160s introduce yourself and say hi to the
162s stream and tell them who you are hi I'm
165s uh the Hitman
166s number one shotgunner in Call of Duty
170s um less of a bot than Bobby that's not
173s true
175s foreign
178s space I used to play competitive but not
182s so much anymore now I'm just a rank
185s Warrior
186s you were the first person to race
188s legendary this season right
189s he's a try harder I actually wasn't the
193s first uh Saucy like I was one game I
197s thought it was one game away and then I
198s ended out at like seven nine nine six oh
201s and then Saucy literally right as I like
203s went to check the leaderboard like hit
204s legendary like a minute after that so
206s you choked but you passed him yeah yeah
209s I passed him okay well that's all that
211s matters he got the screenshot
212s ever
217s that's too much work for me at least all
219s right I'm not even that good check
222s of course tectonic how's everyone doing
225s good good how you doing so take who uh
228s who's your who's gonna be your team for
230s 2023
232s it's a good question I haven't figured
234s that out all right
235s um I usually wait out at the very
237s beginning of the year you know I have to
239s end when I sell stuff I don't rush into
241s a team no more
243s that is understandable
245s all right gamer mode Let's go yeah I uh
249s I was trying to record yesterday and I
250s got nuke so I turned on streamer mode
252s [Laughter]
257s oh never mind we're not doing true but
258s all right uh space will probably be
260s instrumental people already know my
262s stream yeah I know it's true
266s that's can we ask Cod mobile to update
268s our streamer mode yes please can I just
271s like a daily refresh would be fantastic
273s it doesn't even have to be every game
275s but once a day would be nice do you have
277s either of them added to Hitman I have
280s um I should have both of them I I should
282s have both of them too but I don't see
283s either of them online he's uh not online
286s on his uh
288s none of them are not actually to be
290s honest all right hey man oh rent it oh
292s this is
293s tag I don't see online yeah okay yeah
296s yeah I'm on streamer mode on my stream
297s mode
298s are you on stream remote today all right
299s hopefully we get our lobbies and that
301s takes lobbies
302s please yeah please wait space aren't you
304s on like an ALT account or something yeah
306s yeah I haven't added but I don't see him
308s on requests if you can I don't see you
311s here let me reset that I have memories
312s yeah all right
315s um well take since you are in the lobby
319s can you uh can you give us an LK build
322s to get us started with the new battle
324s pass skins
326s oh dude the new battle pass skin like
328s makes it so much better I promise it's
330s like by far the best iron sight right
331s yeah no without a doubt all right but I
334s love it because it's almost like you're
336s Mythic so you don't need to use that
337s like red dot uh-huh that was used
340s what what is it
342s trying to think it's like the icr okay
345s yeah I think it's like the best for
347s example this you could think of it give
349s us your build
358s [Music]
363s all right
365s 40 round mag okay
368s MIP strike stock
370s okay and granulated
374s that is an absurd amount of bullet
376s spread accuracy so it's accuracy builds
380s are always this way that that is like
382s the lowest BSA I've ever seen on any gun
387s my motto
391s it's a pro build so they don't use a CBR
393s that looks like that
395s my CVR is heavy yeah
398s at that point when I use the CBR
402s because I don't but
407s where where where have I heard the name
410s Bobby plays before I make YouTube videos
411s thanks for stopping by
414s I think this is the first time I've seen
416s a build that has single digits yeah for
419s BSA yeah I've never seen that before
422s all right because I'm pretty sure they
423s buffed the BSA for the LK multiple times
425s as well yeah
427s yeah all right I'm not gonna lie how did
430s y'all open that screen with other sets I
432s have never seen that what as well oh my
435s gosh you hit the little uh it's above
437s the Plus
440s oh my gosh magnifying glass next to the
442s gunsmith button
444s what
447s wait what you just you click the the
449s arrows Crossing
452s you see the buttons with the arrows
454s Crossing
464s [Laughter]
468s they're like this BSA feels really good
470s oh my gosh that's hilarious
473s okay well
475s hopefully you guys learned something in
477s today's Cod mobile stream with Lobby
479s plays well if there's anything oh I kid
481s you not my subscribers teach me way more
485s than they should
487s all right
489s um
490s I think everything oh let me switch that
493s and then hopefully we can find games I
496s don't know if it's gonna be takes cues
498s or
500s what rank is Tech he's Grand Master
502s Grand Master one now okay yeah yeah I'm
506s one rank off Grandmaster I think okay
508s one one match all right
511s well whenever you're all ready we can
513s hop into it that's too funny okay I'm
516s ready
518s we're all going into the exact same okay
521s yeah I mean it's the nice okay yeah it's
524s I mean beside the legendary that
526s legendary anime one is chef's kiss
529s but uh this is not legendary and
531s everyone has access to this
533s so I feel like I should probably turn on
535s Dom as well because if we're for a
537s second it might be tough to find a queue
539s and also if we can't find cues it's a
542s four SEC then we're gonna split up and
544s try to cue against each other or
545s something
546s see how that goes
549s I'm trying to see who's the closest it's
551s taken uh
553s right you guys are one is like yeah like
556s literally next to each other yeah East
558s Texas from Louisiana yeah okay
561s so probably not Canada servers no no
564s probably if anything we'll get like the
565s servers for Tech and
568s um base
569s the myth Central server I guess it is
571s yeah
572s Dallas Dallas
575s let's just do like a like a group
577s counting stream good morning everybody
579s how are we doing maybe we'll get what
582s we've seen Bots with legendary guns
584s really that's kind of crazy
586s uh
590s all right
593s so now I'm saying I have to go change
596s hats BRB emergency
598s all the first day of grinding
600s but it hit legendary First Data
604s and he got another one quotation mark up
606s see you see what he got it out though
609s yeah we
612s it takes me like
614s five minutes or it takes me like 20
616s minutes to find a solo queue hey you
617s know what's crazy it takes me 20 minutes
619s to get solo queue and I'm just not even
621s in the Grand Master okay I'm not even
623s I'm a regular master so you know
625s Canadian servers be like that
628s or Canadian server sweaty absolutely I'm
631s not at night it's pretty bad absolutely
634s not
635s no you know why night is sweaty because
638s you have all the pros Pro players play
640s at night so I have to go against like
641s Arif
643s um Ivan
644s um solar and then sometime AO Ralph is
647s on any occasional vague so I'm like oh
650s yeah that's from Canada yeah he's he's
652s from Canada I think he's from Toronto
654s too
655s I never do that either no it's crazy so
658s I'm I'm out there like
660s wait a minute can I not play again
662s that's why I stream in the morning now
664s because you know warning there's no
665s there's no Pro players playing actually
667s at like two o'clock is usually when air
669s pops on but like playing against solar
671s and then Ivan I was like all right
674s these guys are just trying to Nuke me
676s got the egg let me out let me out
682s I hate playing in like other servers
684s because of like
685s decent and stuff like that
687s it's so bad sorry I had to get it
689s changed into a Cod mobile hat that's
692s that's relatable relatable
695s um all right we might we might split we
697s can like stay in VC but I don't know
700s that we're gonna find you uh are you
703s kicking us okay yeah I got kicked yeah
707s all right yeah favoritism let's get it
712s all right let's do this
716s it's okay we're gonna win more games
717s anyway exactly are we doing nominations
719s okay yeah just tell me when you start q
721s no we start going oh okay first person
725s to find a game wins
727s they don't even have a set
730s it's a joke last person to drop a nuke
733s has to gift everybody else 10 Subs
736s cribe
739s okay okay Bobby you realize you have the
742s Grand Master on your team right
744s uh
747s better be better the space city is about
749s to rake up right yeah I'm literally one
752s game away yeah
753s hey we're just go on losing streaks
758s yeah you're pretty used to that right
760s what do you mean
761s we played together in the last few days
766s okay well
768s you know but when you you're but right
772s yeah
774s you know what I'm saying yeah you know
776s what I'm saying if I'm taking your nails
778s you're taking nails too
780s uh that's terminal I guess what the heck
783s why'd you have to rake up let's go this
786s is Tech's fault on my main account I'm
789s on like one like you could check the
791s leaderboard I don't have my games Hidden
792s I'm on like one of the nastiest losing
794s streaks like just straight up every
796s single game triple quadruple positive
799s can't do anything oh my gosh this okay
801s I'm uh
804s I've never seen I might I might I might
806s like if we don't get a cue by 100 oh we
809s got one nice oh just a little bit of
811s time give me a break get a little bit of
812s time all right now we get freaking nuked
815s because it's all
816s Grandmaster try hard stream snipers
822s lobbies yeah we're definitely not
823s getting a nuke I'm not anyway you got it
826s come on I'm not
829s bro stop you want to get my kill space
830s you know what oh my God this okay is
833s crazy it's crazy I've never seen a gun
835s go where exactly the bullets are
836s supposed to go to
838s did you do a shotgun yeah you didn't you
840s didn't play COD mobile during the first
842s eight seasons that is true dude that's a
846s long time man that was a long time
847s I remember back then the the type was
850s The Meta to season one season like three
853s back when the ASM was the first three
856s tab gun
857s they nerfed it with it
858s [Music]
860s remember back then it was bad you paid
862s like 17 Canadian just to get the type to
864s compete income
866s I just got a triple boxing glovco
870s throw back to stage four
872s oh yeah hard point identified
877s I'm assuming stims were probably gonna
878s get banned in cop right
882s it'll take a while before there's like
884s an official like ruling
889s oh man
893s oh these guys aren't even good for
895s Grandmaster I know
897s I'm enjoying you're not to worry
900s I've also been playing on phone for the
903s last
904s couple of matches that I played so it
907s feels so much easier now that I'm back
908s in an iPad
909s I pet sweat
912s I want to go back tonight
917s space are you gonna switch back to iPad
922s right now like I don't know I want to
925s get my money for it true
932s no he's one HP
936s I'm ratting right now
938s hostile predator missile inbound I am
941s also don't print me
944s away
951s so many ball Toms there's a lot of
955s muscles
957s somebody kill him he's one HP he's one
959s HP
960s oh the guy behind
963s that guy's insane oh another two of them
967s it's okay
973s we got it all covered
976s I got an advancement today
981s oh I'm better but there's more of you
985s how did nobody in our team get into the
987s objectives
996s scared Hitman
1002s they did a poll that said well Bobby
1004s drop a nuke this game
1007s and the answer I'm not playing bad to be
1009s honest
1015s he was in the corner
1019s there's somebody up
1028s I'm I I had a good start now I'm in a
1031s blender
1042s [Music]
1044s very good I wish I had been spectating
1046s that actually hilarious
1048s I was actually one away bro
1052s allocation say oh my god dude
1057s where where is this guy
1059s in space
1065s online
1073s that's unfortunate I I can't believe
1076s what just happened like actually I saw
1078s it I actually saw it it was hilarious I
1080s was like wait enemy swarms it's because
1083s I I killed that guy and then I like I
1085s ran into ammo so I went to pick up his
1086s gun and the Swarm just like came
1088s straight at me that is awesome
1093s killer hey just kidding I I love all
1096s things in COD mobile ballista's great we
1099s should buff it
1110s wait what where are you
1113s fight oh get me out of here
1122s oh thank you
1124s oh God I just see I've seen space get
1126s folded
1129s no Reactor Core crazy though wait I
1132s think it's reaction oh my gosh I'm gonna
1134s die crazy like I don't have a second
1135s recoil and then the idiot spread out
1137s because he's just ridiculous no shots
1144s identify
1148s all right let's get right back let's run
1149s back
1153s we should you should have clicked that
1154s game Loki no
1158s no oh that we can queue against each
1160s other
1160s ah man should we wait
1164s we're gonna win thank you very much
1167s honestly we might actually queue against
1168s each other because this account
1172s no their guns just kill faster
1177s ready
1178s again I have an hs2126 build in case
1181s oh no thank you to whoever saved me
1184s you're welcome
1186s hey I guess you're wondering
1188s of your viewers don't think you're gonna
1190s drop the mucus games how dare you
1195s will not stand for this disrespect
1198s I am on one street right now yes
1202s I said if it makes you feel better I
1204s voted yes
1209s as he's reading the poll
1212s excited our UAV has been destroyed
1215s capture the ejected and they took out
1217s the UAV as soon as I popped it
1219s now now that we have two uh Grand
1221s Masters maybe I mean probably not but we
1224s can try okay let me cancel Q so I can
1226s make a shot super fast stupid Choppers
1232s out
1235s I think you guys just
1237s so easy
1240s um we have actual competition you're in
1242s master rank plus ratio
1258s all right I'll link three off the nuke
1261s and then I do the ego child rip it's
1264s okay at least you didn't um die one off
1266s to your own on your own score streak
1269s like I had to work for that don't worry
1271s Chad don't worry space it space
1279s oh my gosh dope
1287s you guys win yeah
1290s good work dude this LK build is crazy
1294s I've been saying that okay it's nice
1296s it's actually crazy no no I've made a
1299s couple of builds and like
1301s right hit man drop the uh 100 well I
1305s would say drop the new shotgun bill I
1307s don't think anyone else builds their
1308s builds as heavy as they could be hey man
1310s I would I would say drop the new shotgun
1312s build but you just copied my shotgun
1314s build but what do you mean dude you can
1316s you can give the people the reasoning
1317s behind why you copied my shotgun build
1319s right what what
1323s Bobby literally went yesterday to my
1326s video and look ah what oh now we're just
1329s now we're just lying we're just lying at
1332s this point okay I got you all right all
1334s right so you started off you gotta use
1336s the bird shot bird shot actually has
1338s more potential especially if you hit
1339s firing then you use the MIP laser 5mw
1343s it's just understandable then you have
1345s the speed up kill and then you also use
1347s the Mi no8 ykm light Barrel short and
1350s finally use a monolithic all this gives
1352s you crazy mobility and if you kill
1354s someone you are even faster
1356s that's the but most importantly you have
1358s to run restocking stims
1360s and Goku
1363s you don't have to
1366s have to as a must because you can run
1367s tactician and tactician on Blue is
1370s attacking Sean blue or tacticians it's
1372s on red yeah you can run tactician
1373s because a lot of times the two is better
1375s than having the restock because you'll
1377s die most of the time maybe you'll die
1379s most of the time is this gun like
1381s actually viable enough it on like Summit
1384s and standoff it is yeah
1386s actually you could probably even use it
1388s on
1388s uh
1397s for those of you who didn't know that is
1399s also a battle pass skin along with one
1402s for the LK we were using just now
1405s so we got the uh the dingo which is the
1407s newest OMG I forgot I didn't make a
1408s build for that too
1410s we've got the uh the Type 25 okay yeah
1413s yeah
1415s it makes nine yeah
1419s um MIP my my personal favorites probably
1422s the hs2 and two six just because that's
1424s never had a good blueprint before stem
1426s is definitely a must-have and it's part
1428s of the free battle pass which is always
1430s a w dingo is two I think dingo is level
1432s 21. yeah
1439s keep sprinting
1441s this is the hs2126 you get that at level
1444s 10. and the level one is the LK that we
1447s just used honestly the LK is probably
1448s the best skin just because the iron
1450s sights iron sights are an absolute game
1453s changer
1456s see
1457s uh
1458s okay gotcha then we just uh put this box
1464s does everybody have the bathosphere
1466s scale
1467s I don't want to wear that why is that
1471s the one with like the pig yeah I think
1473s we should order okay
1479s straight up and jump scared dude imagine
1482s how intimidating it would be if we had
1484s all four of us
1486s wait oh is that Tech that applied sorry
1488s yeah I I declined it
1492s um wow oh no I found it I found it you
1494s can apply again
1500s it's just like
1502s at least
1505s look I'm not gonna lie if you just sort
1507s by newest skin it should pop up
1510s yeah at first when I saw the skin I
1512s thought it was not good at all and then
1514s I saw the eyes on the mask and I was
1515s like okay I kind of like yeah yeah
1518s I didn't realize it was actually
1520s supposed to look like a pig I thought it
1522s was just a pink helmet yeah that's what
1524s I did too and then you look at the
1526s outfit you see there's like a cat
1527s there's like a lot of cool design it's
1529s just the color it's like all right the
1531s backpack is actually pretty cool too
1532s yeah yeah I was like why why orange I'm
1535s like could have been red or something
1538s hopefully they don't have the Skins
1540s downloaded in game yeah like a sore
1542s thumb myself
1547s okay
1549s Bobby from exploring coffee why is this
1552s happening how long are we letting the
1554s queue get to before we
1556s the 360. yeah because it took us still a
1559s while to get like not as long of them
1561s but they took like 100 seconds or
1563s something yeah it took us like 60.
1568s oh should we started a kilo earlier
1573s how could this happen um all right I
1576s can't sing you'll get copyright strength
1579s all right space what's your uh go-to off
1582s meta gun that we'll use next game
1585s go to off meta
1588s XPR oh okay XPR I think that's super
1593s underrated too so it got banned for a
1595s reason yeah okay I don't wanna hear it
1599s off meta from like a community
1602s standpoint you know can we can we get
1604s like a okay I mean it'll be our first
1606s sniper
1607s do you guys get the concussion round yet
1610s no I heard it's pretty useful MP is
1613s terrible but in br oh my God
1617s oh I didn't even think about it
1619s and I was like use the sniper one MP
1622s match I use a sniper for one match and I
1625s was like you don't get it and I was like
1627s well he didn't realize
1629s no I I realized that but I could believe
1631s the first two tasks and then the third
1633s task was like you know win a game or use
1636s a sniper okay here yeah yeah Pro tips
1638s and tricks okay play free for all
1640s shipment yeah save you okay you don't
1643s even have to win if you play free for
1644s all like it counts out as a win even if
1646s you get I think it's like first through
1648s fourth place has counted as a win yeah
1650s and then the only long part is the 20
1653s kills but if you're playing free for all
1655s you should be able to get the 20 kills
1656s fairly easily with a sniper all right
1658s Chad do it in rank feel free to ask
1660s questions but you know we're just trying
1662s to get it faster you play Call of Duty
1663s Mobile on PC on an emulator yeah
1667s but there's there's like two challenges
1669s right Bobby used helicopter uh which one
1671s Sniper Challenge how should make for the
1673s oq is super broken for br I yeah I
1676s couldn't imagine that being really
1677s really strong in br
1680s ah because most of those things are
1682s banded common that would make sense nah
1685s usually like uh
1687s the Mythic gun just comes out it already
1689s has the attachment on it and I just get
1691s it like that the deal Cub Mythic was
1693s wasn't there supposed to be a drop drop
1694s coming out soon apparently today I don't
1697s know my chat told me two days ago
1699s tomorrow and then they told me yesterday
1701s tomorrow yeah they're like tomorrow yeah
1705s oh nothing drops on Saturday Sundays I
1708s think the
1710s I want to say the 21st is when the
1712s mythic's supposed to drop
1714s I swear I saw that somewhere or maybe
1715s it's February 21st but that that would
1718s be so late in the season yeah I think
1720s it's tomorrow even though wait 24
1724s well if if it's February yes but I don't
1727s know
1729s I think it makes sense because that's
1730s when they're the new challenges show up
1732s before the uh
1733s the rabbit thing that's officially tied
1736s to New York too so
1738s that could be a oh happy uh Luna New
1740s Year to anybody in the chat is today the
1743s official Lunar New Year no it's on
1745s Saturday but oh
1748s it's usually like like for my family we
1750s celebrate like three days it's like New
1752s Year's Eve and then you have the start
1754s of the year you know you want to start
1756s the year with your family you want to
1757s celebrate the energy of your families
1761s it's almost like Christmas
1764s drops today at 7 pm someone sits in your
1766s chat
1768s ukidokey sounds good when I believe it I
1771s I think we're gonna have to split you
1773s again I don't think it's gonna happen
1774s it's okay 360. let it 360. right I don't
1778s want to wait till 360. cancel the queue
1781s [Music]
1782s I'm counting give me a second
1786s all right
1787s hey all right you know what to do uh I'd
1791s do it myself slow bro damn it I was like
1794s you know what to do
1795s oh
1797s it's execute wait hurry wait oh wait no
1800s that means we're not gonna be able to
1804s I I literally indeed
1808s [Music]
1809s so it couldn't Force attack us are you
1811s guys using the shotgun are you guys
1813s gonna
1814s is that a is that a real tle player or
1817s is that just a wannabe okay we're using
1820s the the HSN
1823s [Music]
1824s um
1826s so Bobby using the shotgun this map
1830s um definitely not because it's shoot
1832s house uh what do you mean
1835s new account is perfect what are you
1837s talking about really yes
1840s it's literally the third best map to do
1843s it on oh we got a tectonic fan in here
1845s look at that
1847s oh I'm getting look he said that enough
1853s hey Bobby this is your game to get the
1855s nuke brother
1861s all right I'm insane oh my God you know
1866s actually wait we're trying to drop nukes
1867s shouldn't we easy okay on this one
1869s hold on their game already started like
1872s yeah no you have to use a shotgun
1874s they're using a shotgun you gotta use it
1876s they're not Bobby's using the okay no
1878s I'm not I'm using the shotgun all right
1880s all right all right
1883s I'm telling you this thing's insane just
1886s stim into the hard point
1889s we'll Speed Ahead
1892s oh my God
1895s wait you're not here
1899s just stim into the hard point and run
1902s right at them
1906s oh my God
1910s are you there
1913s no should I ever ads with this one no
1916s you should never ads
1921s stop moving fast
1925s no I tried yeah this is gonna be
1928s Unbreakable
1929s this this is gonna be unbreakable with
1931s it you have to go through this one
1933s hey I've gone all the ways
1936s I know I did it I still freaking you
1941s know I love the ballista
1942s I know
1945s yeah yeah
1950s oh my gosh there's a guy there yo you
1953s have to be at least like two feet away
1955s yeah no you gotta slide don't forget to
1958s slide slide often
1961s all right nobody's coming in this way
1966s you shall not pass
1969s he's got sweats
1970s you're good you know
1975s all right objective
1979s it's stem times
1986s no I don't have an angle dude
1992s hard point I have a UAV wait
1997s it's drive-by the truck step time
2000s can't see anything
2002s no getting like six to three
2011s all right
2014s Hitman is actually crazy with this gun
2017s oh man this is
2019s a long angles
2022s no no I wasted my operator
2027s oh
2029s we gotta stem from far to push them
2032s oh yeah
2034s oh man I'm gonna move fast so that he
2037s can't
2038s listen to me that's 10 meters like is
2041s this is this the sublime guy that I see
2043s on Twitter all the time
2045s I think I met him at stage five
2050s oh my god oh yeah yeah
2054s I just can't get more than one kill at a
2057s time what do you mean that you can not
2059s on this map drive by trust you're on
2062s Nuketown quit trying to compare it I
2065s would rather play that map I would
2066s rather no you wouldn't you would not you
2069s you have not tried this map with a
2071s Shotgun If you think you this would be a
2073s better map
2075s oh I keep getting I love the Ballista
2079s give me that drive by baby
2085s oh good can't even gosh
2090s all right I broke it
2093s oh wait no they got one more in the
2094s corner
2096s [Music]
2100s playing the objective for a tenth of a
2102s second
2105s oh my God this is so good
2113s is crazy
2118s no not a Goliath
2122s um
2129s I will be the bait
2131s did we get it I got it I got it let's go
2135s just never stop running
2138s yep
2139s oh good reactor core
2142s imagine on standoff
2145s what
2148s what I can't get a kiss
2151s grenade out space learn to Swerve trust
2154s I am hello
2158s come on push me
2164s nothing
2168s I know you're gonna jump over
2170s he's in my life
2173s all I have to do is sit at this wall
2182s come through
2184s all right
2188s oh there's another
2189s jump scared
2194s no I ran it available life is still
2197s alive
2198s how is the Goliath still going
2209s [Applause]
2210s dang it I should have had three imagine
2213s having diamond on the hs2126 yeah yeah I
2218s can't believe I didn't grind for that
2219s again you can't make this up
2222s I see it has two kills them you're
2224s literally ballisticated oh my gosh
2229s I got two kills everyone type poggers
2236s I don't know
2240s okay
2243s oh wait that was it again literally at
2245s the end of the game I think it was the
2247s same kid I think that one kid got like
2249s four I I swear he had overclock
2251s balliston or something
2254s that's a great idea
2258s all right can we like not force
2260s ourselves to use like one specific gun
2262s and we just give ourselves a couple of
2264s options
2267s because that was not enjoyable at all
2274s you guys haven't started your game right
2275s now
2276s lots of fun yeah you were on Nuketown I
2279s would have done
2287s wait so that's how you lie or builds so
2290s we have like each have a build and then
2292s whenever we get a map we each have to
2293s use the same gun
2295s he said we're using the hvk I think we
2298s should okay okay all right
2303s um why did you leave the lobby I'm so I
2306s was just checking uh the battlefield
2308s um what what blueprint do you use
2312s um there's a a regular
2315s um I just like the default one there's
2317s a rare hpk skin from the battle pass
2321s I like the jumper cable
2323s I like the eruption
2325s oh I don't like the jumper cable I can't
2327s see anything yeah what annoying yeah
2329s it's such a clean iron sight it's not
2331s the iron sight it's like the side
2332s there's like those those
2336s is the maximum security okay
2340s I'm just using the default and I think
2341s it's the best I'm using the the Wukong
2343s Fury the eruption is basically
2346s Wukong is the default
2348s yeah Wukong eruption I love the eruption
2350s it's the first one I got isn't the
2352s legendary one pretty good uh give build
2353s give build
2355s now yeah space build
2359s um I use integral suppressor okay
2368s spread build
2370s um you can either use strike stuck or
2372s light stuck depending on how you want to
2374s use it all right and maybe a spread
2376s build all right the 80s spread accuracy
2379s build let's see what I'm gonna go combat
2380s stock oh 10. that's a 10. the 80s time
2383s really
2384s yeah
2385s what's the other one
2388s by the way
2390s um was it which one of them although I
2391s guess we're not using I I am used to
2393s using both monolithic and Marksman so I
2396s guess I don't really need the ads I'll
2398s go strike side yeah the the Instagram
2400s yeah it inter goes super good it gets
2402s horizontal Rico as well so that's pretty
2404s nice
2405s um
2406s all right oh wait I need a new
2409s character skin
2411s what character I'm gonna go Rampage
2413s venomous
2415s Rampage what is that it's a new
2419s character skin
2421s what
2422s okay I see it I see it yeah yeah it's at
2426s level 30 unlock this one level 30. all
2428s right yeah D Hitman fumbles a lot yeah
2431s what do you mean who said that what do
2433s you mean I'm not the one who got killed
2436s the killer drone on a 19 streak all
2439s right
2440s yeah
2442s all right wait we wanted Bobby's build
2445s too after oh what what server are y'all
2447s playing Tech are you playing Central or
2448s east and I did my boy
2450s okay
2455s all right two and three two one go
2460s on
2468s dang noise
2469s truly unfortunate did y'all get a cue
2472s nope dang it
2474s wait there's a chance what is this no
2477s there's not it only puts you in a queue
2480s and it has everybody
2481s oh
2484s well I kind of want to use the hs2126
2487s now because we got Nuketown caught him
2490s okay use it use it use it and see which
2491s one's better
2493s see which map is better because I I
2495s definitely it is definitely new I I got
2497s I dropped 40 on this map yesterday with
2499s this build
2501s I think that was just the the enemy team
2503s oh okay buddy
2505s Call of Duty mobile officially called me
2507s out it goes the hit fans no see hit fans
2509s gosh dang it I've been exposed
2514s I've been exposed
2520s I am speed
2524s so much easier on this map
2526s we're still in the queue I know oh my
2529s God
2530s you know you know what you have to do
2532s it's so much easier
2537s strategy transaction ranked over and
2540s over exactly exactly that totally works
2544s I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna
2546s die
2558s hey Bobby go crazy now
2561s I I can't oh you got the abyss what's up
2564s wait the game just started on the wait
2566s okay are you using the hs2126 or using
2569s the APK
2573s push me yeah I just saw a three piece
2578s dang it
2580s but I'm about to run out of bullets
2581s though where's the democrite grenade
2584s capture the objective yeah
2587s easy easy
2593s keep stimming at the wrong time I don't
2596s want that one I don't like that one
2598s yeah
2600s keep it away Express you know it's
2603s because it's because our teammates are
2604s too good
2611s [Music]
2626s I can't get anywhere
2629s I think it takes like two weeks before
2635s okay now we're moving
2638s man I'm a Potato I want to put a 50
2641s round bag on this one
2643s oh push me what are you
2651s capture
2656s thank you for running into my name oh
2658s nope nope
2660s no I stimmed
2664s um
2671s oh yeah I forgot about that secret
2672s actually yeah let's get up close yes
2680s I made it no how are you alive
2683s [Applause]
2685s no he killed me with a dingo
2690s I got SKS watch the stem Equalizer play
2693s though oh no
2695s that was high value high value high
2697s value high value
2698s [Music]
2702s I'm not dead to it yet but
2709s oh my gosh these guys are their team is
2712s so sweaty
2714s oh my God
2716s this KJ kid just keeps insta-killing me
2728s what where are you okay
2731s We're not gonna talk about it guys
2734s oh there's a guy on the right side
2736s oh my God it's like one but the dingo
2738s hits like BB bro oh I killed him
2745s uh uh
2748s I take it back both these Maps suck for
2751s the hs2126
2759s I can't get anywhere
2761s tank did you get another Advance yes I
2763s did
2765s no no I just picked up
2770s oh my gosh
2772s how are you alive I like to be okay
2775s better
2778s a swarm that has to be persistent face
2783s I moved so fast that I rubber banded
2793s Oh I thought that was them dropping it
2796s oh my gosh that scared the mess out of
2797s me
2799s okay
2801s okay
2806s now we win the game now we win again now
2808s we win now we win I'll play over here
2810s oh wait never mind they're all over here
2817s oh yeah I'm wiping them
2824s farming
2826s oh my God all right
2829s our teammates are useless our teammates
2832s just sitting in the corner on the wrong
2834s hardcore
2836s I got another Advance whatever this one
2838s hey you they're up top oh I can't see
2841s anything
2842s I just got pre-fired wow these guys are
2844s crazy
2847s I'm not gonna lie like crap my pants
2849s whenever I heard that sound because I
2851s didn't realize it was you
2854s oh you thought I died or something no I
2857s I thought they nuked us
2859s Ballista
2865s uh I think the comeback might be chocked
2869s oh wait wait wait
2871s clutch
2873s I'm pushing I got nothing I got nothing
2878s I always have terrible swans oh no they
2881s have the ballista up on the
2886s scarce dude okay I nuked him
2889s good good good
2891s obviously tectonic ain't the first
2892s movement all right I'm done with that
2894s gun I don't want to touch it anymore
2895s [Laughter]
2899s [Music]
2901s well to be fair that team was way
2903s sweatier too
2911s and also oh my gosh we had two teammates
2914s that combined to go 9 and 42. so okay we
2917s have a team that actually has one but
2918s they were obj guns so it's fine I guess
2920s through the walls
2923s oh my God all right HBK time well we'll
2925s uh sweaty game
2927s is it still going on yeah oh wait you
2931s should probably take posts I'm like I
2932s find in your favors
2934s true I'm gonna even spectate the end of
2936s their game
2944s I'm gonna deafen so no spoilers
2947s all right
2949s here we go
2950s big fan thanks Nicole
2952s HS greater than operator yeah apparently
2954s uh The Equalizer is not as good as I
2956s thought it was I'm I I thought I'd
2959s gotten nuked I was like not on the main
2961s Channel
2962s oh ken rocking the LK what's uh what's
2966s space using
2967s hvk
2969s that was bad timing for a Sim
2973s all right space
2975s top Dragon objective
2977s if I use any guns I I guess I used the
2979s okay earlier
2981s I want to play against these guys oh
2983s he's going against Alpha trash I play
2985s against that guy all the time
2987s literally like even offstream always go
2989s against that guy
2991s it's really not that I guess they've got
2993s one good player that's typically how it
2995s goes away space is getting smoked right
2997s now
2998s good Lord
3002s he said stemian
3004s or maybe not Melissa
3007s what is happening right now oh he's
3009s tracking Quick Fix huh what
3013s huh
3016s I guess you saw the name tags
3019s oh is that reaction Court
3026s oh my gosh yeah she got gifted right
3028s there
3030s that's a free kill a little three tab
3033s please
3035s I guess the default iron sights on the
3037s hvk are nice
3038s I just like running blueprints oh
3041s flicked on him that was nasty
3046s FYI space was uh was number one on the
3050s leaderboard at one point in the season
3052s who's the second person to hit legendary
3055s oh he's got that shaky spots they're
3057s gonna win this he's farming right now
3060s we'll probably get in advance soon
3066s Waits out the nade good patience little
3069s three tap right there one guy around the
3071s corner
3076s uh oh
3078s uh oh
3080s come on space
3083s need big value on the Annihilator one
3087s two can we get a Bobby Place level or
3089s not oh that kid is sweating with the SKS
3095s I just like do you guys see the kid what
3097s the heck they oh he's smoking him
3103s okay
3105s what oh I guess he was just hoping
3108s somebody would swim there all right nice
3109s win nice win
3111s sexy sweat nice win yeah I stole the
3116s self Chopper totally won us the game
3119s no space definitely went into the game I
3121s was straight dating
3124s the stovetoppers didn't do anything
3126s because yeah it's like
3129s all right you can invite me
3131s all right we might be able to match each
3134s other now all right all right all right
3135s yeah the I go against that Alpha trash
3138s kit all the time so it seems like you
3140s should be on my servers so are we gonna
3143s use the dingo or oh yeah let's do dingo
3145s yeah all right Bobby's doing picking his
3147s jingle class
3149s um all right do you guys like the
3151s default dingo as well I've seen a lot of
3153s people say they like the default didn't
3154s go better than the blueprint I like the
3156s default yeah
3157s have to eat or wait I'm looking the
3159s wrong category
3161s leaving the build for this one the
3163s reason I like this is when you build it
3165s like an AR you can use disable do it do
3167s we want AR build or lmg build it's up to
3169s you whatever build you want to use
3170s whichever one's better at range okay
3175s um steel rain barrel
3177s okay
3179s the
3180s the what is it I can't remember the name
3183s of the suppressor
3186s just remember most likely it's still
3189s rained something
3191s um I haven't done an lmg build but still
3193s raining mag is probably the best option
3195s there too right a little bit slower than
3197s the ads but I like the large caliber
3199s view because it's what an extra it's 120
3202s mag versus 80 Meg so if you want to go
3204s is it a large caliber yeah no no large
3206s extended piece sorry
3209s yeah that that works we'll do it we'll
3210s do larger ponies yeah it's only seven
3213s percent EDS which is pretty solid
3216s um
3217s steering stock is pretty solid but I'm
3219s not sure if it's necessary honestly
3221s tequa Tech wants range so probably still
3224s rain for grip zero and four grip I like
3227s that stuff it's kind of crazy those
3228s Sprints of fire 30 percent yeah well
3231s we'll probably we'll probably do still
3232s raining stock too
3234s no disabled damn
3236s oh I forgot this lmg ah yeah there's
3240s just so many good attachments on this
3241s thing I think you should do disable if
3243s you're doing lmg it's kind of like a
3245s staple for lmgs
3247s than just no Meg I would say no mag and
3249s do disable yeah what's the default uh
3252s capacity
3253s ah wait it is 80. yeah that's plenty
3258s Jesus hey so we're playing the steel
3260s steel rain stock yeah and then still in
3263s four grips two are in barrels during
3264s suppressor
3267s all right so no quick draw dang I think
3270s I'm gonna put it easy yes I'm a few
3272s Black Ops 4 grip instead
3274s no you have to have the same build as us
3276s yeah
3279s wait what's up yeah you don't need a
3282s strafe yeah but it's good wait so why
3285s are we using the steel ring stocks
3289s confused don't justify shut up hey man
3291s we have enough straight because of the
3293s side
3294s I was like spread the fires only for hip
3297s fire all right queuing in three two one
3303s Sprint Safari is not only for hipfire I
3306s mean if slide canceling it doesn't
3308s really matter right or slide it still
3310s does though I think it does I think
3312s screensaver is a big deal I don't think
3313s Spitfire doesn't matter when you're
3314s adsing yeah
3317s that's why you can like shotgun
3319s quick scope
3323s I believe if you if you slide cancel it
3325s resets the smartphone right
3327s yeah yeah once you slide cancel like the
3330s whole duration your slide canceling you
3332s have like you're basically like uh
3333s walking in a sense
3336s if that makes sense
3338s to get all sarcastic
3340s it's like it doesn't count as Sprint so
3342s the ads is just like your regular EDS
3344s right yeah do you guys found the game
3347s weird
3348s ah there's a chance interesting there's
3351s a Jets wait are you guys no
3358s if I were to get on my uh main account
3359s since I'm legendary I feel like if I
3361s would have solo could be possible for me
3363s to end up in these lobbies
3366s probably yeah wouldn't be surprised wait
3369s do you get like a lot of Grand Master
3371s players oh a ton of them a ton of like
3374s Master two to Grand Masters Master two
3377s yes and they just
3379s like no brain at all
3382s oh wow they like TDM that's interesting
3385s I because I remember at the end of last
3387s season I was surprised because I was
3389s queuing with a lot of Grand Master
3390s players there's no legendary you can see
3393s his master though
3394s so last season legendary couldn't like
3396s find cues unless there's another
3398s legendary in it but now if you still a q
3399s you can get Grand Master lobbies and if
3401s the grand Masters are stacking with
3403s Masters then you also match against them
3404s yeah they're with them interesting like
3407s a two-stack or stuff like that yeah
3410s you're still waiting see the trick is we
3413s have to go in a game together
3415s queue together and then not find a game
3417s together and then separate and then we
3420s insecute right yeah it always works just
3423s cancel cute oh wait Q right
3426s I didn't get it oh my gosh what the heck
3430s maybe we're not the same sir yeah we
3432s might be getting Tech server I don't
3433s know Maybe
3435s maybe because I invited you to the lobby
3437s and you have to invite me it rotates
3439s maybe now we're trying to get Canadian
3441s servers and they're like well nobody's
3443s on it this time
3445s the ads on this is so fast even without
3448s an ads attachment I realized that
3451s afterwards
3453s oh you guys got Nuketown two oh no
3457s nuketown's so good
3461s are still counting
3463s nerd
3465s [Music]
3466s it's okay we're not the one streaming
3468s hard points
3470s that's what I said
3477s oh baby hello actually we have to use
3480s the dingo we have to use the dingo
3484s [Music]
3489s we got
3491s this crap
3492s no no I'm bringing out the ages oh my
3494s gosh
3496s this kid is sweating
3500s oh my gosh I need more horizontal recoil
3504s control what do I have on this that's
3505s making the horizontal
3507s responsible we'll take that you have the
3510s horizontal repos yeah I know that's why
3512s I'm confused
3513s yeah
3515s what build was I using before
3518s Bill Bill's up here yeah Bill's on our
3520s team Man Down
3524s all right
3530s whenever you sprint so fast that the
3532s game can't keep up
3534s oh my gosh is it
3537s like what's happening
3541s yeah
3544s oh my gosh
3552s it is okay every time I peep I get
3555s killed
3556s I don't have a stem
3566s yeah this kilo kid's sweating
3571s I spawned behind though wait no he died
3574s oh this thing
3575s [Music]
3581s I need to change I need to just change
3584s the attachments because yeah I I feel
3587s like this felt way better maybe it was
3588s because I was playing it like an AR
3589s before
3593s this build is not it
3601s well on Summit it'd be fine like a sub
3603s yeah
3612s oh my God
3627s I got knifed oh I hate it here I'm
3630s pretty sure it was the auto knife gun
3631s point is ours okay
3634s there's an auto knife button
3636s you know oh yeah you didn't know that
3639s well I knew there's one that popped up I
3641s thought he meant like it knifes for you
3643s exactly now someone wanted someone's for
3644s that'd be kind of cool but also
3646s making uh Warzone mobile
3651s it's a lockdown no way I lost that um
3653s the spawns flew yeah I just got Molotov
3657s and then thermited yeah that is the life
3660s of
3663s hello
3665s that's a grenade no there's another
3667s grenade
3679s what oh I slide I didn't mean to slide
3683s because he pre-fired me yeah that'll do
3685s it
3687s Renee
3689s what is this guy doing
3694s reloading
3696s all right spot here
3698s I'm concussed oh my gosh like for range
3702s it just goes straight up yeah yep
3706s like I have to aim at the toes just so I
3709s can hit him in the body
3714s serious
3716s ly not not a joke hello there's another
3719s joke
3722s oh no right off quick fix I just
3724s realized the camera hey man I got the
3726s advancement I initially thought never
3728s had like no report patterns better than
3729s I thought
3732s oh spawns flip oh don't like this
3735s I just ran in and placed the shield
3743s hi hi let me you good
3747s ready
3749s I kind of want it streaking a little bit
3752s give me an advance bobby
3755s um trying
3756s no way I lost that
3761s I got you brosky
3763s they're all spawning behind me
3767s Bobby's crying
3772s hardpoint lost
3775s oh my God strike incoming
3779s oh my God
3784s another UAV
3788s I asked you another event don't die
3789s Bobby I'm working
3792s oh that's a nasty heady dang it
3796s uh I shouldn't have pushed out
3801s it says I'm dying I am dying to the Rus
3804s what
3807s I just got out are you actually range of
3811s the Bold shell Bros
3816s I just did a drive-by right I love it
3821s dang it they keep dying before I can
3823s shoot them
3826s I need I need to like tweet this
3828s business
3832s objective almost
3837s Peak
3838s oh I got Advanced last second nice
3841s hello another six man with the Annie
3850s wait are we switching the uh are we
3852s adjusting I think we should try yes I
3855s will be adjusting my dingo build
3859s wait there was too much horizontal all
3861s right yes give me uh new recommendations
3863s please
3864s let me look at these uh yeah I need to
3867s look at the attachments yeah
3873s let's see see here's I do know so the
3876s barrel that we're using has negative
3878s horizontal but it also increases the
3880s rate of fire so
3882s oh yeah I think they're I think there
3887s are other attachments that can
3888s compensate for it but I'm not positive
3890s I think you don't need to still Barrow
3892s if you're going lmg build right I think
3894s AR built it works well
3896s it is
3899s that's what I think and you can maybe
3900s put ads for accuracy back are there any
3902s suppressors that help
3905s horizontal no I think there was vertical
3908s mostly yeah it's all vertical
3911s but you can add Maybe
3912s Miss but accuracy because the Ada spread
3914s Act is not that great it's like 20
3916s oh really yeah yeah
3919s okay so maybe we go uh like Marksman
3922s Barrel
3924s oh
3926s wow that doesn't give horizontal recoil
3928s though oh it doesn't what the heck no no
3930s nothing else gives
3932s Marksman is weird because Marksman is a
3934s a what's a a modern warfare attachment
3938s okay uh I don't I don't I mean I don't
3941s know do we use like the Black Ops bro
3943s yeah no Barrel just put amos's laser
3946s maybe that'll help okay
3949s no no no no yeah yeah put aim assist
3951s laser 27 or 20 ballistic it's crazy yeah
3954s it still has pretty bad bullet spread
3956s though because yeah
3958s and we don't have the The Recoil
3960s downside okay
3962s you could take off the street you're
3963s gonna try Marksman sir I'm gonna try
3965s Marksman
3966s all right let's just let's just all try
3967s marketing because I'm gonna do Marksman
3969s aim assist laser still raining for a
3971s group still rain Quick Draw and then
3973s still rain stuck hold on tell us
3975s actually let's let's swap out can swap
3978s out steel ring suppressor and put on the
3981s 20 range the Black Ops Barrel
3983s disabled
3991s yeah I took off disabled they might as
3992s well just put another Testament okay
3994s Quick Draw because he said he you're
3995s putting the steel ring quick draw the
3997s blackouts trick draw
3998s who me yeah
4000s still raining Quick Draw
4002s actually don't mind that the Flinch
4004s might help a lot actually to be honest
4005s okay
4007s yeah I I'm gonna use the build that I
4010s have and just see if it works
4012s all right all right let's all let's all
4014s use our own builds and see which one
4015s does better uh
4017s I'm gonna use my
4019s who's the streamer mode guy uh the
4022s streamer mode on my team is tectonic the
4024s one on the other team is space
4029s all right so cold oh wait sorry ready
4033s I'm ready three two one go
4038s insecute no
4040s wouldn't that be nice it happened once
4043s and we're even getting a game together
4044s yeah
4046s what the heck man I think it's because
4048s it all started sooner than us
4052s did y'all finally get no did y'all yeah
4054s dude what kind of scam yeah wait do you
4057s guys we're playing Darwin maybe we need
4060s to like switch Tech in space and see if
4063s that works
4064s we're just gonna get like
4067s we're just gonna switch to service so
4069s you'll be getting uh you guys would both
4071s be on the same service a lot maybe maybe
4073s I'll take that in between we should try
4075s it we'll try it next game yeah because
4077s maybe it'll take the in between mine and
4079s Tech servers and bring us into yeah
4082s yeah exactly because whenever I play
4083s with um
4089s the horizontal still hits we should we
4092s should try one more after this oh yeah
4095s troops yeah
4098s from the Civil ization
4100s oh you guys got the terminal should be
4102s not bad enough
4104s you gotta camp in the plane
4106s I can't see him oh I think the problem
4108s with the dingo is that it shouldn't be
4109s oh
4112s I think it works better as like an SMG
4115s yeah
4116s you do close range fights and I don't
4120s know if you need disabled
4121s I need it yeah I'm just curious because
4124s like enemies what
4140s is not
4142s Express is not fun I like Express
4145s sometimes like once in a while until it
4148s spawns me on the train tracks and I die
4150s like no matter what I put this thing
4152s will not be an AR yeah I don't I don't
4154s think it's possible to have enough
4156s recoil control it's like has Marksman
4158s I'm about to run FLV sync
4162s right in the corner
4166s mine feels good
4168s I have my ideas
4171s are using the blackout
4173s Hey where's a oh a teammates actually
4177s so cc is the dominant flag um
4181s oh gosh yeah this is just this is this
4185s is not it
4188s I might pull out the HBK in a second you
4191s need to turn on Apple's thing
4195s for this it'll help with the recoil I
4198s have to like change my sensitivities and
4199s everything
4201s yes what do you mean I don't okay you're
4205s weird
4206s well I already have like yeah I guess
4208s you already have like crazy slow sense
4210s so
4212s I'm not gonna jump in the corner right
4214s now yeah
4215s got it fries with flb sync oh yeah this
4218s loaded is good oh I like this build I
4220s like my build hunter killer I just can't
4222s see anything long rain yeah I guess if
4224s the recoil is the main issue then
4226s that makes sense all right I I have the
4229s uh
4230s let's see
4236s where's the where's the setting
4238s will be sync wow sensitivity
4244s oh okay all behind me
4249s respond there yeah this guy is really
4251s talented
4253s the guy Ronnie all right here we go
4257s trying the dingo with fov sync oh my God
4262s yeah it feels like a different gun
4270s s nice okay we're gonna have to sweats
4272s even when yeah yeah where is this guy
4275s oh
4276s okay oh my gosh they're all ratting
4280s oh I spun
4282s online wow these guys are crazy
4287s with the pre-fire what hard points
4290s identified
4294s I love the Ballista
4312s get behind Renee yeah
4322s foreign
4325s sucks
4332s still here
4337s oh my God what the you're live
4345s bro these guys are like
4347s Bobby
4353s shout out to taking this other guy for
4355s the carry because I'm doing nothing
4357s yeah
4358s hardcore identified capture the
4360s objective oh no this is so sweaty for no
4363s reason predator missile inbound how to
4365s use hpk they mean no reason it's ours
4367s it's his eyes are insane
4369s oh my God I just got to be better
4380s with Apple
4383s still not great
4386s I am going to lose it
4389s kids sitting below the plane with a
4392s Ballista
4400s the range
4403s I can't I can't I can't 25 it's like 20
4406s meters
4416s oh my gosh I got a Kill
4420s enemy shock RC is coming
4428s [Music]
4430s I'm going
4434s friendly accessible
4438s oh my god dude guys on C oh thank
4442s goodness this game's over
4446s here
4447s yeah I'm gonna make an SMG build that we
4450s can use on like staying off or something
4454s I'm coming to help you
4456s no he died I died ah space you got my
4459s refract good good good good
4461s I'm coming try to get B real quick
4466s please
4470s [Music]
4473s all right back to my SMG build chat
4478s it's not it's not very often that my
4480s first recommended build of the season is
4482s a good one but I think the one that I
4484s had before is the only Bible oh my God
4487s foreign
4493s I just choked
4497s all right let's see
4501s oh my God this recoil is absolutely
4503s horrendous
4506s I think I've gotten more grenade kills
4508s than dingo kills this game
4515s I would check the battle pass real quick
4517s all right
4518s ah
4520s oh my chaos
4523s oh man oh I can't win that I don't know
4527s why this Rico feels so bad it felt so
4528s much better when I used it the other day
4530s what the heck
4533s oh my gosh our teammates on a 10.
4536s go teammate
4542s bro
4553s why does it automatically Vault me up
4554s here
4556s I assume is defending suit with his life
4560s oh I got flanked on his side oh Timmy
4562s got my refrain what would be a good gun
4564s to trade
4565s uh like just a new gun or buffed and
4569s nerfed
4571s the uh
4574s I'm assuming you you've already used the
4576s hvk yeah yeah
4580s um
4581s icr is nasty
4583s I just got a smoke kill love it KN got a
4586s bunch of Buffs oh you were telling me
4588s about the cam yeah that's who can dude
4590s it's so bad dude I keep saying cautious
4595s I feel like it's a lot more consistent
4597s but I don't think it's bad
4602s oh the Odin
4605s Odin space Have you tried it Odin got a
4607s got a multiplier above it's insane
4609s though
4610s really yep he may just put his life on
4612s the point way more consistent for there
4614s we go
4616s to get more consistent does not mean
4618s insane
4619s it does it is insane I know it's not
4622s it's nothing we did it you're an SKS
4623s user no no no it's better than the SKS
4626s yeah confirmed well the Goliath is even
4629s green on the map now with the update
4631s yeah because teammates yeah yeah I
4633s didn't know it applied for the Goliath
4634s though it applies for just teammates
4638s um
4638s [Music]
4640s all right we're done our game are you
4642s guys on your game
4645s I'm gonna put my candle back I honestly
4647s think the uh the duplex ammo is better
4650s no not a cap
4653s why isn't it literally the same thing
4655s just divided by two yep but let me get
4658s less ammo
4659s nope
4661s Ace Lawrence isn't that the this other
4664s YouTuber maybe not um I would use
4667s toughness by the way
4669s okay
4671s uh uh Tech invite
4674s let me just put a a build for my
4678s KN real quick
4682s where did I put there's dude
4686s I think that's the right build uh
4688s request to join we'll try for snack
4690s again yeah
4693s let me I can't invite you guys you guys
4696s are grouped let me
4699s oh there we go
4700s Colossus suppressor let me change my
4703s using the same thing or one oh yeah what
4705s are we using
4707s um I'm using a suppressor that's about
4710s half of my gun yeah
4713s it said check your mailbox Bobby I saw
4718s that
4719s what what
4721s oh
4722s oh my gosh they sent me the Mythic dlq
4727s already oh my dang it no I didn't have
4730s it downloaded so I don't get the cool
4732s reveals
4735s no
4737s oh I'm throwing I mean to be fair I
4739s don't think there's any way I can
4740s actually download it beforehand but no
4746s no
4747s [Music]
4749s man
4751s use the Megalodon Megalodon oh my God
4754s animation it's just a deal
4757s wait
4761s oh my gosh shout out to come mobile
4766s oh you're about to go into a ranked game
4768s right now with that oh everybody's gonna
4770s be trying to kill me
4772s they're gonna be picking it up
4773s yeah well you can give it to us as well
4775s right oh yeah I don't think I can
4778s upgrade that's it Bobby wait I mean I'll
4781s try hey
4784s give me more tickets
4787s um
4787s bye oh I can do it okay
4792s all right I'll be a good teammate
4795s Todd mobile is it okay if I share it I'm
4798s just uh I'm just just checking
4802s make sure I'm not gonna get in trouble
4804s or anything
4806s are they never gonna use it again after
4808s this man
4810s all right I'm opening up I have to I
4813s have to Max it to be able to share it
4815s right yeah
4818s all right let's see how much that gets
4822s us
4823s level one right here
4827s all right that gives us all the
4829s attachments beautiful
4831s level two
4834s what's level two come with
4836s oh the kill animation
4838s that's clean
4840s in the little charm thing nice
4844s level three
4847s uh what's this oh I think that's the
4849s like the icon next to your name in The
4851s Kill feed
4852s I'm not 100 positive on that
4855s all right gotta go buy more
4858s I hope I have enough CP yeah I have
4860s enough CP what am I saying
4864s decent amount of 50s I feel like I'd
4865s never get 50s
4870s and I go and I get only 20s and Tents
4872s there we go right on time
4876s where are the 50s I jinxed myself gosh
4882s oh yeah you're right you're right you're
4883s right wait where do I
4886s I think you have to leave the lobby do I
4888s okay because it's in the Hobby and you
4890s click on the maybe it's under events
4892s it's not under events
4893s oh is there a oh that's right it has
4897s tracers nice I love that really there's
4900s bullets
4901s like the uh like with the Craig
4907s I mean
4908s then they show you you kind of have
4910s tracers with normal bullets they're just
4912s white you know yeah I guess
4915s um wait how do I Mythic
4918s now well there's the free stuff there
4920s but it's also like there's an event
4922s going on right now for CP that you spent
4924s and you if you spent over I think like 5
4926s 000 you get free cards
4929s oh yeah okay oh I don't think I can even
4935s under sales I don't think I can even see
4937s it in the uh Arsenal
4940s oh my gosh
4942s yeah I can't even see it in my Arsenal
4944s right now
4946s okay uh you said it was in events or
4949s sales
4956s oh nice nice all right you're right
4958s thank you hey man you're welcome I just
4960s discovered
4961s okay claim
4966s so hopefully your name
4970s yeah that gives me another
4972s 300 I think that should be enough
4977s it's gonna be like a thousand that's
4980s crazy let's see where to put it here we
4982s go it's cool because it's spending CP
4984s not the
4990s yeah so like if you buy the Mythic draw
4994s wait do you not oh it's because the
4996s mythics aren't in a in a lucky draw
4998s format you don't get like the bonus
4999s anymore okay I I know you can but it has
5002s to be like ins did you go to the store
5005s yeah if you go in store
5007s and then play on the draws there's like
5010s a a thing on this unless you didn't uh
5012s go to that I mean he's only human wait
5016s I have to go where okay well I've got
5018s enough to get it so it's whatever uh I
5021s just saw like you're missing 15.
5023s was that always missing yeah you didn't
5026s have
5027s Amber you just
5028s draw one and hope to go I mean it's not
5030s like I'm never gonna use it again you
5032s know
5040s so we're using probably light suppressor
5043s right
5044s yeah yeah well that's one of the
5045s attachments too okay light Barrel
5050s foreign
5053s I use combat okay
5056s and then probably
5058s FMJ yeah FMJ wait can does FMJ work with
5062s the uh concuss mag yes it does it does
5065s okay
5066s okay and then we'll use the concussion
5069s Meg
5072s don't invite Bobby back
5074s oh yeah
5076s all right don't start yet
5079s um
5081s please please please okay
5085s snipers
5088s do you want to turn on S D as well yeah
5091s yeah yeah do it
5093s should I put snd only
5095s honestly yeah turn on everything why not
5097s I think I don't know except I'm not
5099s putting Frontline I'm sorry yeah I don't
5101s do Frontline let's
5103s go
5104s raid rate okay dude these guys are not
5107s about to know what's coming
5110s these are not sure how did they got that
5112s yeah yeah boy this guy on our team is
5116s going to make a tick tock
5117s wait which guy where's my share button
5121s Tucker
5122s oh yeah you're right you're right you're
5124s right
5125s oh my gosh
5127s yo this looks trippy okay
5134s no oh my gosh
5137s I didn't even think about that I have it
5139s downloaded wait how do you have it
5141s downloaded I don't know it's just no but
5143s I see it on your wait
5145s if you can see it then you should be
5148s fine all right
5149s [Music]
5152s foreign
5158s there we go
5161s first kill first Smith he killed
5165s who gets hit
5167s be aggressive where are they
5170s all the way back got it no
5173s like that
5176s I stun the no bottom granny oh I gotta
5180s kill oh my God I can't find anyone
5182s they're all ratting back alley wow
5194s wow it's so clean too
5196s where are they I mean saying it's an
5198s iron sight would be it yeah can I could
5200s just run around like this
5202s oh my gosh
5204s [Laughter]
5209s he's gonna Plan B I think right
5213s nope oh my gosh
5216s Grandma's
5220s hey we're about to 1v4 get 1v4 duh no
5224s maybe was that is it a 1v4 if he gets it
5228s I did not realize that
5232s it's based on the disease I was running
5233s all right never mind
5236s no shot
5239s through his head oh my gosh
5244s oh he's throwing oh I forgot we gotta we
5247s gotta inspect it yeah oh yeah
5259s oh my gosh this is insane
5262s to get the concussion oh my gosh
5267s that was actually really nice
5270s oh up top oh hit marker oh I concussed I
5275s forgot
5278s you didn't say the chance oh
5281s wait did he he's got the concussion Meg
5284s he's gonna pick up my gun for sure back
5286s alley
5287s hey Kelly oh guys guys we're nice enough
5291s trolling enough guys we're not we're not
5293s losing right yeah
5300s you know what yo Ken this is a good game
5305s you can't lose
5308s I just got stuck inside
5311s what
5314s he did what
5316s he said I got one Statue yeah one side
5320s got one yeah
5327s I hit his leg no oh I'm insane
5333s all right there we go we're chilling
5336s did you equip all the like The Kill
5337s effects and stuff oh I forgot I have
5340s diamond yeah oh I'm into yeah true
5344s oh sorry
5348s wait hello
5353s oh I'm blind I'm blind I'm blind
5357s another one stays here
5361s oh my gosh
5364s there's one on oh my gosh I'm insane
5368s somebody's still yeah
5371s oh my gosh
5372s random viewer a random person and on our
5375s team is gonna have the uh no he didn't
5377s pick it up he's just using the CBR
5380s random yeah
5382s gosh
5384s initially I didn't like the uh the scope
5386s in the reticle but it's actually so
5388s clean yeah it doesn't obstruct anything
5391s right no no okay next question though oh
5393s he's in cubby by the way nope that was a
5396s great need Bobby
5398s this gets bandicoark no no why submit
5402s the kilo doesn't get banned are you
5404s talking about the concussion or the skin
5405s well it's more so like the skin just
5408s because like you can see to the outside
5409s hey Cher hey share Destroyer I'll be
5413s selling oh yeah my bad oh my God
5416s two two
5423s somebody pick me
5425s oh Rebecca
5427s where is he attacked he's gas he's gas
5430s he's pushed up
5431s he's in fact you can hear him
5434s oh I missed I missed I missed
5437s oh I hit marker
5440s challenge him
5443s only five love you
5445s oh what the freak did you send yourself
5448s no
5451s y'all are so bad
5458s that was funny
5459s Loki hit firing with this reload though
5462s you still have a stem
5464s where we think they are
5467s I don't know stem out boxes okay
5480s UAV Recon is standing
5488s [Applause]
5499s [Music]
5502s sure sure
5508s [Music]
5517s dude he's concussed but the wall bag is
5520s not hitting are you guys sure this kid
5521s well Bang
5523s earlier
5527s it's pasted oh where's the last guy
5530s he's on a
5533s special Barrel oh yeah he's Barrel he's
5537s going he's on a tank oh no
5541s yeah he's there he's there
5543s yeah he's somewhere there you guys are
5546s pinching them wait wait wait wait
5549s watch this
5551s you guys are pinching him
5553s hello
5555s copy I think
5559s oh my God he's lasered me
5564s enemy UAV oh God just watch just watch
5571s oh he's sniping you it's a
5573s Pizza
5576s no
5578s you didn't pick it up
5581s oh boy
5584s what where's the duration
5587s you mean the oh okay okay okay okay
5590s I thought he was supposed to concuss him
5593s for way longer than that I thought you
5594s were gonna run and then just punch him I
5596s don't hit boxing gloves
5600s I I thought the concussion lasted for
5602s like five seconds
5605s yeah yeah I thought I did so I saw like
5608s a Twitter clip about them grenade I even
5610s tested it out yesterday I mean maybe it
5612s works differently in firing range oh my
5613s gosh I'm insane
5616s and this all I see is concussions being
5619s thrown no you don't see concussions you
5621s hear concussions
5623s sorry I just got pushed from broken
5625s I got him
5629s oh that Flinch I don't have toughness I
5632s just realized oof
5634s all right teammates rookie mistake I can
5636s tell when this gun is fully scoped in
5639s it's true uh yeah I think it's whatever
5641s the animation because it's like that
5643s animation that pops out like there yeah
5646s like everything way too early
5650s yeah quick scoping no well yeah broken
5653s broken yeah
5660s you just disable with it yeah great idea
5662s guys
5665s [Laughter]
5672s headshot slow
5674s yeah
5676s be aggressive
5679s um
5681s they have answered too
5683s the aggressive
5685s no he's on hop up wall thank you
5695s bro
5699s you guys are together oh that's easy
5701s that's easy yeah that's easy
5704s dude question mark question mark
5706s question mark question mark oh my God
5707s who is this Tech is this you yeah oh my
5711s God
5713s one two
5716s you have a stem you have a stem
5719s you baited him space they're dead
5724s do you have tactician stems
5728s just inject himself twice if we lose
5731s because you oh my gosh I swear if we
5733s lose this that's not my fault that's not
5736s my fault what do you mean it's not your
5737s fault
5738s I watch you miss like seven shots no
5742s that's not two two
5746s continue
5751s look I got the opening
5754s all right
5756s reloading cover that's their bottom
5757s product I don't care
5760s open into opening
5769s that means there's one oh Tom granny top
5771s granny oh that's the guy we got to worry
5772s about
5774s it
5776s Ellie
5782s yeah back with Grandma
5784s all right I'm gonna just go market
5795s I have no info
5797s no there's no overtime what has there
5799s ever been overtime
5801s have you never played ranked SMD before
5803s no I never thought oh he's in court
5805s according
5809s all right coordinates then
5818s yeah yeah
5821s he was he was in court but he's probably
5824s gonna go
5825s base is watching back grandma
5828s yeah have your whole back side I'm
5830s watching blue yeah
5834s thank you
5838s let's not look at the score okay oh
5840s yeah Hitman didn't
5842s you know you know snd sniping is not my
5845s forte oh my gosh there's always been a
5848s reason that you know I don't snipe but
5851s equip uh equipment I I once almost
5854s watched you drop a nuke with a sniper in
5856s response
5858s come on man it's
5864s yeah we don't talk about it it's not
5865s like it was ranked is it Bobby from Top
5867s frag no it was the random
5871s he wanted to use a CBR you know
5874s CBR right I had more kills I put Diamond
5876s put diamond in all of your what's it
5878s called he must have had Hardline yeah he
5880s did put on all the snd
5882s come on let me put toughness real quick
5884s then on this one class
5888s Ed Diamond all right I got you chat
5890s don't worry
5899s um
5901s the legendary butterfly knife oh
5906s I have a keyboard Eagles that doesn't
5908s seem like a good idea
5910s that doesn't seem like a great idea hey
5912s someone give me a decal see look this
5913s dlq is so good right calamity
5918s oh yeah the eagle yeah so the one that
5920s Bobby got did you that's 50 very good
5922s yeah yeah yeah yeah that skin looks sick
5925s flash card okay flash card truly
5928s timeless skin light barrels yeah
5942s a couple Seasons back
5945s I thought they just had kill effect oh
5947s wait did I not have that on
5949s uh uh wait wait yeah you're right
5951s customize
5955s oh there's like different effects you
5957s can have on the gun too yeah Max it up
5959s is that news no that's that's foreign
5965s guys we have the kill effect on we're
5967s good we're chilling it yeah it puts it
5969s on by default
5970s I think there's like different ones
5974s oh no there's only one okay okay
5980s I think we're good
5983s this skin is crazy please start whenever
5985s good all right okay quit telling me to
5988s use disabled there's no reason to use
5989s disabled
5990s to not move come on what are you talking
5993s about you shoot them in the leg they'll
5996s be stuck there
5998s dude yeah disabled plus concussion well
6000s that's just Overkill
6003s they need to put the concussion mag on
6004s the SKS right Tech
6006s no
6008s thank you yes
6011s man this year I swear
6015s don't do attack I'm getting it back
6017s you're not even playing
6019s but I like it you don't have to worry
6022s about it okay but I like playing scrams
6025s I don't care
6033s I gotta I gotta record a clip for
6035s Twitter real quick
6044s I gotta get a Twitter clip all right
6050s shout out to Cod mobile for hooking us
6053s up with the Mythic dlq early this thing
6056s looks beautiful with diamond on it we're
6059s live on the Cod mobile Channel right now
6060s and make sure you guys stop by and check
6062s out the action
6064s there's a clip
6066s all right
6068s Bobby sorry I was getting a clip for
6071s Twitter oh my Lord yeah
6075s already in our spawn
6078s imagine huh
6081s oh my gosh oh my gosh I'm insane
6088s I'm so much better than everybody on
6090s this team
6096s oh is he gonna hop up
6101s this one's on this side
6105s I did oh it is I didn't realize he's
6110s locked in but I'm so freaking locked in
6112s right now
6114s in the corner
6117s so I slide cancel everywhere
6120s it's just like second nature at this
6123s point
6124s but a boxing left stem shots sure oh
6133s watch this
6135s well I think
6142s that's about it
6144s keep watching
6145s watching
6149s where are they I think they're all
6151s camping spawn
6152s [Music]
6155s underneath I hear
6159s problem where oh 1p2 hello
6166s I haven't seen anybody
6169s here stimming wait one more mid lane
6172s right
6174s I didn't see anybody the whole round
6176s work get ready for the next round
6178s that's so funny
6184s oh they released the dlq
6194s that's so funny
6201s oh Khan
6203s dude I'm getting fried
6206s foreign
6215s Bobby you got this that we we're trying
6217s to help you get it oh you're not gonna
6219s collect oh my God no
6224s no I'm trash I'm trash I'm trash
6227s can went off it's not okay
6231s do what your face cam went off yeah I
6234s know I'm flipping it back down
6235s and open a freaking doors
6238s [Music]
6240s I'm stimming wait me too
6243s I I didn't stem pain
6247s I got him
6255s all right baby
6258s okay what the heck oh my Lord all right
6261s guys we're winning the next round
6264s which tastes like I warmed up hey you
6265s know no I agree you should be able to
6267s keep it when you don't die
6269s you know what I'm saying
6270s share share the objective acquired
6276s please please can I have another one sir
6280s please
6282s I'm sorry I had to open a door
6286s my face cam doesn't keep dying it is
6291s oh hit marker
6292s wait Bobby wait okay don't worry don't
6295s worry he went prone it was tough oh
6297s Viking oh P3 rp4
6300s oh they're oh they're full pushing what
6303s the heck
6305s oh
6308s chat everybody go like and retweet my
6310s tweet thank you
6318s oh I thought that was a headshot are you
6320s scared you got this you got this that
6322s reload is so nice it is wait can you not
6325s can you not edit cleats anymore oh
6330s wait there's the edit button
6333s for the next round so I guess you you
6334s prone when they when you get oh wait Bob
6336s are you still playing on sync ADF
6339s it doesn't make a difference for snipers
6343s zooms out oh well I guess it's better
6346s that way okay chill God
6351s he's having a bet
6355s I'm insane I'm just chasing him
6359s [Laughter]
6361s we're just like share share
6365s somebody's gonna be flanking 100
6370s wait planting
6375s Obama's been planted
6383s oh Khan got me
6385s foreign
6395s to the Head I'd love to see it love to
6397s see it
6398s yeah I don't know how to feel about the
6400s four bullets me neither
6410s okay oh wow y'all I actually all went
6412s and retweeted my tweet nice
6415s thanks guys
6418s w
6420s oo
6422s add in bottom Frank let's go wait I hope
6427s I didn't bottom frag let's go
6429s bro I'm gonna be a level 200 in no time
6433s yeah I'm actually leveling up faster
6434s than I thought on my mini account
6437s I mean when you play 14 hours straight
6439s yeah I was about to say what
6442s well still all right what's the what's
6444s the plan for this next game uh
6448s do you want me to like switch the camo
6450s or something I don't know no no no you
6452s want to keep using the dfq oh wait
6453s you're going back to the other stuff I
6455s want to keep using the lq you guys don't
6456s have to
6457s it's true because you get to respawn I
6459s mean depends snd you know yeah
6462s we'll use it but if it's respawn try
6464s blistering Meg oh wait let me I feel
6466s like blistering magma wouldn't look all
6467s that different I could be wrong let's
6470s try whatever
6471s um Loki like putting gold on on them
6474s because it gives like a nice effect
6475s doesn't actually have purple no you put
6477s anthra cam on it right yeah I put either
6478s on it uh I don't yeah I don't love that
6481s look they don't go together super well
6482s but I have a couple extra yeah that
6485s looks like the same
6487s it doesn't look any different
6490s with the uh with the blistering magma
6496s when does emerald come out I guess it
6498s looks slightly different how does it
6500s look on them again right
6502s um
6504s I kind of like that colorway a little
6506s bit of gold Flex with it to preview how
6508s it looks no yeah you're pretty good you
6511s can
6512s yeah look at the stream okay on the SKS
6515s the the legendary one oh I wish I had
6518s the red spray that looks insane
6520s looks like it would be insane on it
6522s honestly gold on it looks really good
6523s yeah gold on Mythic guns for some reason
6525s looks so good it does too in Damascus I
6529s mean Damascus could look worse I'm
6531s wearing gold on it one time
6533s it's not bad with the actual green
6534s uh-huh actually don't mind it
6536s all right I'm ready all right
6540s ready for another snd game
6543s stand up stand up
6546s Warriors love Search and Destroy
6549s maybe if we took off S D we'll actually
6551s get some response thoughts I don't think
6553s we will not in a foresight
6556s probably not
6559s hey it doesn't hurt to try right right
6565s did I not post a video on Twitter
6568s I'm pretty sure that I did did you not
6571s hit the send now button
6573s I edited it does that like undo the
6576s video
6578s sometimes it takes time to process but
6580s then if you close your app it's just a
6581s picture what I posted a video and then I
6584s edit it what
6586s bro yeah in the edit this video yeah
6589s what the heck
6590s Twitter
6593s now it just like looks like me making a
6596s weird face into the camera
6600s [Music]
6603s freaking Twitter dude oh it's a five say
6605s good Lord
6614s oh my God
6615s oh my God did you guys all that oh maybe
6620s just a little bit did you die to a FANUC
6622s I did but I was one HP after you know
6626s almost made it down it's okay
6630s the teammate also pick it up all right
6633s who's our random stream we have an
6635s almost full team of streamers
6637s slash stream remote
6644s there's one on the east side yeah
6646s okay oh that's a random oh that's a
6650s random
6652s a random is cracked
6655s what should be joke stuff
6659s he's making you making a video on this
6661s right now
6663s stealing stealing Bobby Smith
6666s this guy's crack dude
6670s oh my okay I don't know who this is how
6673s many kills did he get like three three
6675s yeah he's a nasty Quickscope
6678s all right chat okay all right
6683s please
6684s yeah
6689s Kevin sir may I have
6691s it won't let me share
6693s well let me share
6696s you can't share yeah it won't let me
6699s share I don't know why I guess we're too
6701s far into the round yeah yeah you gotta
6703s do it early
6708s got one
6713s I got one taboo
6715s yeah
6726s I don't think so unless there were two
6728s um
6732s all right teammates
6739s all right
6744s okay I'll share good Lord
6749s no no words
6754s wait one minute
6756s oh one's pushing me
6759s no no no
6762s I'm granny
6765s oh they're pushing hard from where
6767s they're all coming
6771s oh okay
6774s wow all right all right oh timing I was
6778s like hot timing
6780s oh
6787s do it I couldn't
6792s I think he's gonna pick me though
6794s oh I hit him oh my God
6796s [Music]
6799s who's finished what the heck no that was
6802s another thing yeah there's two guys
6806s one underneath one on top
6810s thank you sir you're welcome
6817s Renee
6821s oh my how does that not hit
6824s is that what are you guys using C4 no
6827s okay
6830s that's jokester we got the box effects
6847s give me that nasty quick scope
6851s nice nice
6854s did you give the guy a tractor no he's
6856s running okay
6860s he's running back
6866s I think that guy threw a tomahawk wait
6869s he threw it I think so I was like what
6871s was this maybe it is jokester he went
6874s back Island no no it's it's not sorry
6876s never mind okay all right
6880s so confused because I just heard
6882s something just like it was like metal
6884s just hit next to me
6886s all right I need to have more kills than
6889s him and gosh
6892s wait I need this
6894s game sick hugging the ladder
6900s got one
6902s oh major assist dude middle
6904s I heard him
6907s hey man I I didn't get the quick scope
6913s but Bobby got the trade I see that
6917s it's all about me all right Bobby
6922s he's upstairs
6923s yeah you climb through your ladder
6927s hand
6929s [Laughter]
6931s s I'm just Daddy
6933s [Laughter]
6936s what how did the night hit
6946s hello what
6948s how did that not hit
6951s you got 10 seconds
6955s no Bobby hit your shots I know exactly
6959s where you are ready up
6962s is this a test server no this is the
6965s real deal
6972s I didn't even realize
6976s oh yeah
6978s that one oh my God
6981s how did I not hit that guy the first
6983s time
6986s are you guys sure you can con or uh
6988s well-being with us I don't think you can
6991s like literally space got a kill with it
6993s I think I think it was a glitch
6995s yeah
6997s oh my God he did
7000s the frick him in
7002s oh
7007s I think we get the guy with a flank all
7008s the way back yeah I just punched him
7013s the bombers
7019s where
7020s bottom Market
7023s foreign
7042s oh imagine that is
7046s no no
7048s no
7050s [Laughter]
7052s this is all part of his master plan can
7055s we share mythics now they added that
7057s like six seasons ago
7060s all you have to do is Max it
7064s Renee
7069s oh somebody's pushing through mid
7072s night thank you
7077s let's watch this guy that's gonna flank
7078s us for sure in the back yeah I'm
7080s watching back Haley
7085s so many concussion sounds
7088s foreign
7102s where is this guy
7107s he's so loud
7109s I'm about to just run around and shoot
7110s it at him and his feet
7114s you got me killed dude gosh dang it
7119s he was back grandma
7121s yeah I just saw him he's over by uh his
7124s bottom granny is in court
7126s oh is he I think there's some over here
7130s nice all right all right all right nice
7132s work get ready for the next round
7135s yeah we have the Mythic is cod mole
7137s hooked us up with it early
7139s I believe it's coming out too it might
7140s be coming out tonight I'm not 100
7142s positive
7144s defend the objective
7149s paid out
7152s can you hear me
7156s please push through mid every round
7160s I didn't have an angle for a second
7163s I'm his dad unpicked for justice is the
7165s guy that person did that yep
7168s one tractor
7172s oh my God push through I'm steaming
7179s oh that was just the worst timing oh my
7182s God
7186s it
7192s imagine that's gonna hit it
7196s oh so close
7203s you can do it
7206s mama's been planted
7208s they just push barrels here
7210s I think so
7212s you might rap
7215s nope
7216s easy
7218s Big Win disrespect pick up his gun shoot
7221s his body disrespect
7231s yeah whatever Bobby did it yeah so you
7235s could kill yourself
7238s no one HP to HP you can cut you would
7240s die yeah you're doing damage to yourself
7243s I'm defused
7254s oh that was hot timing right there
7259s I said VR must be insane oh yeah I I I
7263s it would be tilted
7266s oh yeah because you can put attachments
7268s on custom loadouts oh Lord 14 bullets
7271s this guys get sniped once GG he's dead
7274s instantly gets banned in in the comp for
7277s sure yep let's try finding a respawn yes
7280s all right I'm tired of bottom fragging
7283s even if TDM would be nice
7287s I'm ready
7289s me too that's cool
7293s pray to the matchmaking Gods uh-huh
7299s how much was it to Max it I think it was
7301s like
7302s 10 000 CPS
7305s yeah it's about ten thousand
7312s it was a snowstorm yesterday
7317s change the operator skin you can't even
7319s see my operator skin
7322s he's talking about like your character I
7324s know yeah you can't see it it's true
7326s he's right
7328s he's correct on that
7330s seven hours from dropping nice
7332s nice
7335s so it is releasing today I guess so
7345s sniping fast
7347s concussions last two seconds
7350s do
7353s and I missed snipe
7357s no it's accurate that's accurate
7363s could have been worse
7366s for the guys in streamer mode tectonic
7368s in space
7376s okay all right
7378s that's just infinitely snipe oh you know
7381s what happened it's because we're
7382s probably playing against the same guys
7383s and they're like tired of getting bopped
7385s so they hopped off now we're not playing
7387s against them they're over there no
7388s they're probably just looking for the
7389s Mythic uh yeah yeah they
7393s went to the store real quick
7396s where what the heck hackers hackers
7399s reported reported they're probably
7400s thinking oh I think he's hacking he
7401s unlocked the skin
7403s band dang it imagine reported
7410s yeah he's not a YouTuber who's this OB
7411s YouTubers don't play opj true
7418s where's Noah probably sleeping
7422s I wonder if we could get more games if
7425s we were five stack I doubt it I'm pretty
7427s sure you can cue five sex with four
7429s Stakes
7430s yeah we did right we didn't uh-huh
7441s hey I'll send a group chat yeah yeah I
7444s don't yeah it's not really our
7447s yeah
7448s we'll talk about it after yeah what
7454s just read it quickly but
7461s I think solo queue is good or uh snd is
7465s good for like solo queue gameplay but if
7466s you have a team that's good then you
7469s just like you get the kills too fast and
7471s then but it's funny when we do
7473s challenges
7474s an sne like what
7477s you know how we just all went like
7478s sniper concussion it was fun it was
7480s funny to watch
7481s it's cool because some of us potatoes
7484s me in particular
7487s Jesus
7489s would you do a challenges of rotating
7490s 1v5s
7492s everyone just kills himself and then you
7494s have to try to clutch for 1v5
7496s next person to do it that would tilt our
7498s teammates
7500s oh it's true
7502s [Music]
7505s I forgot about that if we were five fact
7508s that that would have worked
7510s just run out in the mid and stand still
7512s until you die
7513s fhj ourselves
7516s ruining his rain grind yeah
7519s it's here to have a good time playing
7520s with my favorite YouTubers and they just
7522s all killed himself uh Chad I don't think
7524s we have any mods in chat they don't want
7527s to play with no mother duck
7529s where did the people go
7532s where'd they go it's just for taking
7534s servers you know they already got the
7536s queue yeah okay let's do that let's do
7539s the trick that always works yeah yeah
7540s exactly yeah yeah you gotta let it
7543s marinate a little bit no no and then do
7545s this one you want this one oh yeah yeah
7546s yeah yeah always works always works oh
7548s and then they unready that's unfortunate
7550s oh wait yep it is it unready stuff I
7553s forgot about that
7555s they didn't used to do that check ready
7557s uh Tech am I not ready yeah come on
7561s we've been waiting oh my God oh my god
7563s dude we weren't you in the whole time
7565s because yeah no I was looking I had
7568s Bobby scream open No Lie yeah you were
7571s looking at Bobby's tree there's a delay
7572s on Bobby's stream so you've been we've
7574s been waiting for that whole time no you
7576s haven't yeah we have at least not a mod
7578s because this isn't my channel this is a
7580s Cod mobile Channel guys
7582s four five six seven eight eight seconds
7588s no no no you waited eight seconds of
7591s your life
7592s you're at the wrong you're at the wrong
7595s time yeah
7596s yeah
7598s 100 well done install this game
7601s I don't think you're allowed to say that
7604s [Laughter]
7606s I'm about to log out of my account there
7610s we go
7611s there we go I'm about to go outside and
7612s touch grass yep
7618s oh my gosh where is everybody hmm
7622s I think we made them all rage quits I
7626s think no one wants to pick up the Mythic
7627s country roads are we gonna try a meat
7630s Tech and then Bobby and uh space and see
7633s if we actually get their same servers
7637s oh green and Masters coming oh yeah
7641s all right
7643s all right let's do it
7645s okay bro
7648s I almost gave him leader I had to like
7650s not let go of my screen two and five
7652s wait or wait what modes I got modes wait
7656s wait oh yeah it doesn't matter uh yeah
7658s wait just hardpoint so we have a chance
7660s to oh you want to jump hard point sure
7662s we could just do hard playing just
7663s hardpoint all right I'm fine with this
7665s one all right three two one go
7670s they're not cute
7672s they're not cute either imagine we end
7674s up on the same team oh that would be the
7676s worst but also that'd be cool that'd be
7678s the worst that's what we're trying to do
7681s no I'm just trying to play
7696s [Music]
7699s hello
7700s ranked Warriors where did you go
7705s [Music]
7712s why are there only three Summit votes
7715s wait wait wait wait oh no
7719s oh we're against each other all right I
7723s gotta put the I gotta put the dlq away
7724s wait wait
7726s wait oh
7728s Odin all right all right all right all
7731s right oh my God we actually got into it
7734s yeah yeah boy
7737s oh no this is uh this is um
7747s lockdown
7753s I got your refrigerator
7758s what the nade uh uh let's go I feel like
7761s Marshall
7762s [Music]
7763s wow
7767s oh my gosh
7770s killer drone deployed hardpoint
7772s contested
7774s 100 kilo drones
7776s wow I hit him for 99. you suck 99.
7781s I headshotted who is that
7789s oh
7791s my God
7794s Point yeah
7797s good
7799s whoa
7801s dang it you're one HP
7804s no I'll take this one grenade out
7810s but I want this one
7812s hardpoint identified captured
7815s the left side I bet you won't I bet
7817s you're not ready for it you ready oh
7818s that's another one
7820s attack why'd you turn that way
7824s I think you're in the corner have a UAV
7826s oh what I didn't even hear
7830s I'm your dad
7832s my team is blocking the head glitch he's
7835s just Landing oh my gosh how'd you kill
7837s me that fast
7840s I wasn't talking to you you didn't kill
7842s me
7846s you rat what do you mean you're in
7849s Canada hey glitch oh sorry
7852s all right whatever didn't happen plus
7855s ratio
7857s our team has been AFK this whole time
7859s good it sounds like a skill issue
7862s oh my God why
7868s do you spawn trapping Hitman
7873s we have to shoot the uavs all right can
7876s you shoot down below
7878s [Applause]
7882s oh my gosh this stupid dlq
7898s I got debated on my teammate bro oh my
7900s God
7903s [Music]
7904s abandoned by team I just got pushed
7908s I'm low on ammo
7911s I'm your dad
7913s no it's 42 for me I just want to put it
7916s out there
7917s didn't ask plus ratios
7919s wow
7928s great idea
7932s it's been destroyed our Counter UAV has
7934s been destroyed
7936s oh my God I just got like fried by glow
7941s bro I don't have any way to shoot down
7943s those sniper
7946s UAV
7948s there's one camping inside this identify
7950s oh you're such a hand not him Bobby
7953s hello yo who's behind me hostels have
7957s the hearts oh my God space
7959s oh my God
7965s I got the ballista nerds for once let's
7968s go
7969s wait is is space on my team yes yes oh
7979s [Laughter]
7981s [Music]
7984s that's the lead
7987s oh my God oh my God
7990s oh my God
7995s I'm your dad
8002s no I double 48 at him
8005s a good kid you're dead
8011s lucky
8013s I couldn't drink man
8016s oh what's that song
8034s oh my God who's this guy with the mx9
8037s okay all right I messed with that that's
8039s kind of nice
8045s oh my gosh
8048s oh 29
8051s 9
8054s well being damaged Bozo oh wow
8057s very cool I got you I get you know I
8060s feel that I feel that I hit so many
8062s bullets on that spray it was crazy dude
8064s he's hopping
8069s and you're dead so many of them
8073s oh my gosh the whole team showed me at
8076s once
8078s hardpoint contested hardpoint contested
8081s hardpoint oh
8084s Hey listen I was already there
8087s way to go man
8090s oh my God
8092s hey Bobby you gonna stay by them cars
8095s yeah
8096s come on okay stay there for a second
8097s okay
8101s hard point is ours I'm so much better
8103s than you
8107s if I score check you mean the scoreboard
8109s we're winning
8113s all right oh my gosh
8118s that's nice you're one-off advance
8133s oh my gosh he's insane
8136s he just got both
8142s congrats on your kinetic man Merry
8144s Christmas
8147s didn't ask didn't ask you're one HP I'm
8150s better
8152s oh my gosh this sniper hit I don't know
8154s if we're gonna be able to kill him
8156s I'm gonna have to Nate him or something
8157s dude
8166s you can't hit anything
8173s we have an annihilator
8176s oh my gosh this hyper is insane
8179s I think we lose yeah
8182s let me UAV spotted so much damage
8188s felister reactor
8191s oh my God I got them both I got them
8193s back
8199s got one
8201s oh my God
8203s hey man hey man you gotta go I'm going
8206s I'm going
8208s yeah I am
8210s got two
8211s oh he's one he's watching he's watching
8214s the sniper go nice go naked eggs fight
8219s oh my God okay go next
8220s no one one hit one hit one hit
8224s oh
8225s [Music]
8234s [Applause]
8238s [Music]
8239s oh he was oh my gosh that kid was insane
8247s vortex gortex
8249s oh my gosh you got carried
8253s listen I have Tech on my team of course
8254s I'm gonna get carried okay plus three
8256s points no you got carried by two players
8258s though no I don't know about that one
8260s what do you mean you don't know about
8262s that one
8271s it's 42 kills golly
8274s yeah unlock the mx9 dude
8277s what are we doing oh he's switching it
8279s up or what that was uh that was a close
8281s game yeah I will put those away
8283s what kind of reason now we're gonna read
8285s it yeah what are we using we gotta use
8286s the same gun
8288s um
8288s do you have the Type 25
8291s I don't have the battle pass one
8295s uh uh you said you got the mx-9 though
8298s right yeah I just got the mx9 that'd be
8300s fun well fun
8301s yeah
8307s have you used gun users in the game
8310s foreign
8323s [Music]
8339s I'm waiting for space to get ready yeah
8341s yeah let me uh make a loadout
8344s anyway I got a good can build because I
8346s got you you want to use mine sure
8351s it's not a
8352s I'm using the light muzzle break what
8355s all right yeah you're that bad at
8358s controlling recoil
8360s light muzzle break
8361s I'm using MIP light short
8364s s
8366s that's a terrible build
8369s I think it back
8371s just just use your own can build yeah
8374s wait this is not right like this is not
8376s the right build
8378s I was like this is not the build I was
8380s using earlier
8383s yeah you're not gonna like the build I
8384s use yeah I'm gonna just try a weird
8386s build like a mid-range build
8392s I was like wait a minute that's not the
8393s build I use
8395s I'm gonna put persistence veto y'all
8397s already
8400s and actually what's it I'm fully
8402s prepared
8403s what is the pure idea spread accuracy
8405s built on this let me put on EMP just in
8407s case Ken just put on a build
8410s are we waiting for me yes yeah we're
8413s ready okay all right
8415s all right
8417s all right three two one two
8423s now the stream would be complete if we
8426s get together in the same team
8429s I don't think it's possible
8431s yeah it's pretty unlikely that would be
8433s that would be like four four uh Duos you
8436s know yeah
8437s but then again we got in a game against
8439s you in front of the game
8442s [Music]
8445s it is what it is oh you guys even got
8449s Crossroad too going against double
8450s streamer modes it's because we won so we
8453s have to be put in the higher it makes
8456s sense that makes sense and you guys
8459s all right
8463s okay buddy
8465s can't wait for you guys to lose
8472s oh making excuses already that's crazy
8475s different
8479s enemy type oh man I forgot he was insane
8483s though yeah he was oh my God the defense
8485s on that
8487s he was crazy
8491s I'm insane
8497s really you'd rather Express oh yeah 100
8501s wait then we play a lot of
8505s right
8507s yeah but it's like
8510s I don't know
8514s Black Ops 2 over cold weather you know
8516s hide and say if I'm gonna wear the pig
8519s bath is for your skin I should be
8520s wearing the pig Odin skin too
8522s I forgot about that is there a pig one
8524s yeah it was uh was it a rainforward
8527s was it
8529s I can't remember it's probably still
8530s about mail
8532s oh my gosh they can sauce me is that a
8536s platinum
8539s planting them on his uh dingo
8547s nice
8550s oh it's looking good Bobby oh wait they
8554s have like clan mates
8556s bro this infinite Clan bro they're just
8559s oh
8571s hello I can't see
8573s oh more like a birdie
8577s all right cool
8582s cool
8591s come out wherever you are
8595s SKS
8600s are you gonna pick me
8603s I just died to a chopper oh my God
8606s holder beams me
8608s that's Bond what the
8611s I can't see
8613s it capture the objective
8618s oh my goodness
8621s nice
8623s can't see anything
8630s let me saw somebody right there
8638s 24.
8641s I suck dude I need to change
8645s bye oh gosh okay there's a lot of people
8648s oh SKS
8651s I've got an advanced uav4 yeah
8656s what
8659s what the spawns
8663s yeah I can't see you there
8665s but oh thank you
8668s enemy in sight
8671s foreign
8678s nice space
8684s I need this gun friendly hunter killer
8686s drone deploy I'm almost out of bullets
8694s hey yo shout out to the obj guys on our
8697s team
8699s timo's got ammo box a Ballista
8703s wait oh I thought he was dead I'm not
8706s gonna lie I got Chopper yo that guy's
8708s using a diamond Chopper yeah his face
8710s would have had a nuke that's tragic
8712s none of us
8714s I'm trying to sit back
8718s freaking ballista dude or my own swarm
8723s same map
8724s that is funny it's true
8730s I hurt somebody
8732s wow this guy has been picking up my
8734s canvas
8736s targets inside okay good for you man the
8739s headshot it by the SKS on a fifth
8741s shotgun damn enemy enemies that's my boy
8747s yeah that's your family
8754s oh where did you come from holy freak oh
8758s that's uh stimulus switchblade all right
8774s from where
8776s I'm your dad kid
8781s no you can see me
8784s oh my God
8787s Point contested
8791s armor last second to save his life
8796s easy
8803s that Ballista
8807s okay hit a shot
8811s you gonna win
8812s no we're losing
8814s skill issue
8816s no it actually is right now it is
8820s in my life not even a cap
8824s bro what was that flinch
8826s you're getting destroyed by anescus
8829s no that's okay this guy is bad
8832s we're dead
8834s or not it was we
8838s took a million years to bring that down
8840s that's pain
8843s um so CBR ago that's killing me right
8845s now all right we need to play hell yeah
8847s man we still win I'm going I'm good I'm
8849s going
8850s to see a nuke well okay guys I'll work
8852s on it trust trust trust trust stress oh
8854s no
8855s oh no
8856s all right let me uh we'll switch builds
8860s again
8862s we'll switch builds
8864s these guys don't want to use the new
8866s Type 25 but I will and I'll throw
8868s diamond on it because I can do that
8871s pretty sure I've done your type 25 yeah
8874s oh that's nice
8878s and I like the build
8880s oh other new character skins
8884s they're Frank Woods no oh my god oh no
8888s not recently equipped newest first here
8889s we go
8890s I don't think I've used the Cassius
8893s so far is there a new Reaper
8896s [Music]
8901s is this new I was feeling it bad I don't
8905s think it is I think the Naga skins the
8908s new one yeah oh my God
8911s yeah yeah yeah
8914s all right all right
8915s we need a 60 now yeah
8919s what do I have over here oh I still
8921s haven't used HK they need like two
8923s points to win
8926s I can't believe you is there anything
8928s else I can customize on this
8934s voice noise
8937s uh
8939s [Music]
8940s um
8941s can we hold this and win
8945s we'll throw the charm on it because why
8946s not
8949s no we can't hold this someone
8952s wait we gotta rotate oh
8956s I mean there are so the kill effect
8958s transforms as you use it and the next
8961s one's a little bit harder to hold
8963s this up to the floor
8966s the Tracer is called the purified okay
8968s okay and you can't customize the right
8970s it's already here which do we like
8972s better the burning ground or the flaring
8974s dance can we break
8978s dude disable or disable on a CPR is
8980s crazy it is
8982s uh they got it they got the next point
8985s unless unless we have a teammate
8986s blurring dance real quick he just played
8989s at the top like a bozo
8993s toddam sent me the new doq really so
8996s yeah yeah we lost I wonder if we uh
8999s we'll still match
9003s all right let me just change one thing
9004s of the build
9005s has the KN running and feeling feels
9007s good
9010s second one
9014s I'm getting very mixed reviews right now
9017s if I remove the suppressor it looks cool
9021s burning okay
9024s all right all right I'm ready oh wait
9027s okay
9029s are you guys ready I'm waiting for Tech
9030s once I am prepared
9033s let me use this different skin because
9035s idle star is so nice
9037s oh you think yeah I'm still using can
9040s okay hey try my build tech try my build
9042s oh
9048s tax suppressor
9051s no stock
9053s no stock yeah no stock just try it just
9056s try trust me okay 38 round and FMJ
9060s takes never tried no stock in his life
9067s no stock
9069s no stock it's uh it's not normal
9072s actually do like no stock no it feels
9074s really nice though
9076s all right you know what I'm gonna use
9077s exactly the same build all right you
9079s guys are making me uh try things I never
9081s thought I'd try my life cool laser
9083s instead though
9084s all right you guys ready yep yeah ready
9087s all right three two one go
9097s check's talking about trying things he's
9098s never tried in his life I'm over here
9100s like this isn't you got me using FMJ no
9104s stop you've never used FMJ no I don't
9107s use FMJ every gun research I'm like this
9110s isn't the SKS
9114s I'm over I'm tap firing the KN Tech I'm
9116s gonna kill you with it
9118s [Laughter]
9123s that's something new
9129s all right well the fact that neither of
9131s us have found a cue yet hopefully means
9133s we'll cue together
9135s yeah
9138s apocalypse why Hackney I just picked it
9141s because it already had four votes oh my
9143s gosh
9144s [Music]
9147s dude the guy on our team is is doq
9150s leaderboard maybe he's wait what gun are
9152s you guys using
9153s oh wait I took off my KN Loadout
9157s I'm gonna respawn snipe okay wait that's
9161s not the can
9162s yeah I just told you I took off my can
9172s s
9174s wait I actually have to cuss and die
9176s that's kind of cool yeah that's how the
9178s magazine works the effect
9183s s
9184s oh this thing sucks
9187s no it does not oh second guy
9194s dang it
9197s takes like what my gun isn't perfectly
9200s accurate No it's not accurate at all
9205s tank moves more than five meters per
9207s second and just forgets how to aim oh
9209s it's true
9212s I could actually run and it's it's
9214s Newgrounds
9216s guys upstairs
9225s don't play The Objective don't play the
9227s objective
9233s and you killed me earlier no
9236s wait I'm bad
9239s what is happening
9241s gosh dang
9245s no we got nobody yeah
9249s this is not going well
9251s [Music]
9253s yeah we call it Bobby Bobby had his
9256s weakest point
9258s I should not have chosen a respawn
9260s tonight
9261s spotted
9270s what that didn't hit
9273s I don't think it even shot
9276s wait there's a guy that spawned me oh
9277s there's two
9279s yo they made this oh yeah
9285s it's not looking good bro
9288s at least they're not streaking you know
9290s because the ads is too fat oh my God you
9293s said the 80s it's too fast
9297s just
9306s what the freak oh I'm dead never mind
9309s I'm better oh God timing
9312s is ours did you spawn there I did what
9317s I did oh my gosh
9323s oh did you oh wait okay give me picked
9327s up your gun
9332s is that Annihilator I can't tell
9335s oh my gosh
9347s no
9349s it even has the hit marker on your head
9351s but it didn't register because my ping
9352s sucks
9357s these guys are all on top here
9360s lockdown
9364s that guy was
9367s oh did I hit you oh yeah
9371s oh my God hardpoint identified UAV
9375s online
9376s UAV more like you know C UAV has been
9380s we're getting excited I'm weird oh wait
9383s an island no I thought you hit me with
9386s that quick scope
9389s oh
9411s let's go
9418s that wasn't neither of you
9421s that didn't hit me he's got me the
9424s concussion sounded to my left by the way
9426s oh okay yeah yeah push the dog dude wait
9430s what are you doing checking that what
9433s the freak I saw you or I heard you
9436s hardpoint lockdown oh look at me
9441s point identified
9443s that hits oh my gosh I'm tilting capture
9446s the
9452s Apostles
9455s okay good I'm gonna just secure my
9458s victory I'm your dad never mind
9462s online
9468s the second floor
9471s what spawn what is it
9474s what is happening oh my God
9479s oh teammates got the Black Hole Sun
9483s where okay did I get wall banged
9486s I just turn on I my game froze
9490s hello
9492s I hope you guys enjoyed the UAV for a
9494s second hello can you hear me
9498s yeah my game's just not oh
9501s no oh your game lagged you
9508s oh my gosh this guy
9511s um you know Memento well we need a point
9515s and that Point's about to happen right
9516s now so no
9518s one's turn
9521s oh
9526s I think we got fried
9528s uh I didn't see the end of the game so I
9530s don't know the outcome sorry
9542s okay what do you mean l Wi-Fi my
9544s stream's still running
9550s did it show my did it show my name in
9552s the final screen
9554s yes okay good
9556s yes it does I just had to make sure it
9557s didn't like
9559s counted as me leaving otherwise oh yeah
9561s yeah I get that because I may have left
9563s the game earlier so it would have been a
9565s long delay
9570s how come we ended the game early yeah
9573s um I would say unplugged is there is
9575s there a thing plug directly like you
9577s have you got banned
9579s oh oh no imagined oh no that'd be crazy
9583s everybody reported me for having the
9584s Mythic theoq
9588s wait are you directly plugged in are you
9591s Wi-Fi not on Wi-Fi
9593s I can try changing Networks
9597s that's weird that you're
9599s oh
9600s I am on a different network than what
9602s I'm streaming from I didn't realize
9604s no Wi-fi that's probably it then
9608s that network is a Wi-Fi so
9612s see that's that there we go all right
9614s how did that happen
9616s so weird maybe your thing went down for
9618s a second and then it just automatically
9619s connected to everyone
9621s yeah I have two different
9624s networks at my house so like one for
9627s upstairs and one for downstairs yes
9630s basically one that all like the
9632s entertainment devices are connected to
9634s and then one that I stream from and
9635s stuff that's fair
9637s all right I'm ready ready yep all right
9639s three two one go
9642s right now
9644s no that's good I just fat fingered I
9647s said no yeah why would you say no
9662s foreign
9665s [Music]
9673s I'm not good enough to use the outlaw
9679s maybe then
9682s I'm still using what I want at this
9684s point yeah
9685s listen it's been how long two hours now
9687s yeah do whatever you like
9689s almost three actually dang that's what
9692s they were three hours yeah
9695s uh my friends are toxic wow
9699s playing my phone one game Who
9702s uh probably not probably not when we're
9705s playing against them
9707s oh were you say any gun uh no no yes sir
9711s oh wait you can ask us if you're not
9713s against us
9714s uh no
9718s that's what I've been waiting for use
9720s the persistence with the creek
9722s oh yeah I'll bring up this is perfectly
9724s fine more dingo gameplay
9726s but they get a persistent nuke I'll pull
9729s out my my SMG Dingo and show them how
9731s it's done SMG I just want to play Summit
9733s you know well chill out you don't need
9735s to pull out your dingo oh
9737s the game yeah Crossroads Crossroads
9738s Crossroads please can we please
9740s Crossroads please
9742s please
9743s versus versus no
9748s bro uh
9759s I don't even know what I'm gonna use to
9762s be honest I think I can use the hs2126
9764s artist point
9765s let's try please please do I will SMG
9769s dingo here we go I'm better I'm better
9771s like just be spinning in circles trying
9773s to kill that you're not allowed to ask
9775s it's too late
9779s it's okay I didn't I missed the drive I
9783s missed the driveway that was you how did
9785s you lose that I literally couldn't have
9788s been any closer
9789s I told you I just missed a drive-by
9791s how'd you miss
9794s okay all right
9796s dang it I was shooting your teammate uh
9798s kill check
9799s oh you know what you don't miss me
9802s I'm about to go full sweat
9806s okay SKS sound is crazy
9808s oh my God oh my God what's happening oh
9812s my gosh I'm being stuck on my teammates
9816s these guys are really lame
9819s wait where'd you go oh
9825s take
9828s I got like one-shotted
9834s I got this
9836s oh my gosh takes ratting with a krig not
9840s riding you are ready you're hopping on
9842s top of trains
9844s because I heard it
9848s hard
9851s what do you think be careful yeah all
9854s right maybe I can't use this on this map
9858s there's three of them up top can't prove
9861s it can't prove it
9868s oh
9870s okay have we killed Tech yet
9873s yeah I did okay
9883s lots of damage no kills
9886s and this guy just C4s me
9894s stop it
9898s I almost got you the target's inside
9902s enemies
9907s I haven't played Ring Around the Rosie
9909s with this kid
9918s oh I almost win that oh my God
9922s point is ours
9924s hours
9928s what you're so lucky it wrapped across
9932s the two holes
9938s oh my gosh but I mean reactable no I
9942s know it's insane right
9945s is that you yeah that's me you're using
9948s the reactor
9950s oh my God oh my God straight weirdo
9953s Behavior
9954s I have like three ballistas I'm not
9958s using it though
9960s okay the train is coming so maybe make
9961s sure you guys do not go middle
9963s Annie thanks for the tips and tricks him
9965s in
9968s save by your teammate Bobby I would have
9971s got the assassinated screen is like
9972s shaking forgot they gave kills for
9975s almost kills
9983s um
9984s oh no space
9990s friendly swarm activated love that
9994s I'm bad
9995s oh you went up top
9998s okay
10001s I am I I have gotten I got zero kills
10004s off my
10005s dialer's there oh my God that guy's got
10007s a six he got all sixes well we'll say
10011s that's the reason I didn't get any kills
10019s I forgot to take off my ammo mag
10023s what started off as a good game has now
10026s turned into it
10036s oh
10038s I tried to like no I hit 43 damage twice
10043s what capture the objective 43 damage
10046s twice and didn't get the kill
10049s what are you doing 99. I hear you bro oh
10054s my god dude melee Bots
10057s [Music]
10062s oh my Lord objective almost oh I lost
10065s them
10068s oh my God I'm over here thinking I have
10070s Annie I think you need a larger has been
10073s destroyed
10078s I'm pushing in
10080s I have the help you're trash you're
10083s lucky you had a teammate what do you
10085s mean lucky you didn't hit a bullet on me
10089s [Applause]
10094s [Music]
10096s no the dingo is literally trash isn't it
10100s no one from YouTube said I'm shocked
10102s Bobby's using the 40 round mag is he
10104s doing a challenge like fastest build or
10105s something
10107s thought thoughts on the lmg dingo
10112s I dropped the nuke of it
10114s okay stop lying
10116s but I did stop lying look at my latest
10119s video no stop lying I dropped the nuke
10121s of it looks like it's hardpoint shipment
10123s here
10125s yeah it did uh wait let me okay so
10128s are we trying to match again
10130s how about we get no one here in five
10131s stack huh
10134s I mean we can try but we're not gonna
10136s find a game
10138s it's not online
10140s oh wait no we didn't right no you don't
10143s want to play we couldn't find anything
10145s Ken we have like 12 minutes left on the
10147s stream oh I
10148s guys ready yes all right three two one
10151s go
10154s ES
10156s Newtown
10157s sure
10160s please be on the same team for once
10161s please
10164s it was literally that way
10166s my God easy
10169s all right Bobby said this is the best
10172s map for shotgunting so I I will bring
10173s out the shotgun on this map yeah okay
10176s good please go ahead I'm gonna snipe
10178s really good on this map
10179s it's great on this map the proud of the
10182s battle pass okay watch this
10188s okay
10190s okay hit me
10193s he didn't question me I'm like swerving
10197s no stop stop it Bobby no
10203s I don't like it when you do that
10208s foreign
10239s no I'm not not really you're about to
10241s sit in the window the whole thing I
10243s don't even like that window you're lying
10245s I don't even see this is his favorite
10247s spot no it's not it's nothing
10250s okay that ain't me Brian
10252s [Music]
10257s that was yesterday
10260s oh all right I was gonna kill Bobby no
10264s you weren't he may kill them first
10273s trying to heal
10277s it's ours so it's not the right place to
10280s be
10283s oh my God hey look we're up there I just
10285s got this
10290s you're right huh there's like three
10293s people to your right and then you're
10295s focusing on me today yes I will focus on
10297s you until the cows come home oh I'm dead
10299s what go kill him
10304s bro
10307s yeah
10309s it's so fast
10312s oh my God we have a bison player too
10315s he's so crazy oh I forgot I don't have
10317s cold-blooded oh freak
10319s I'm just backing up to kill yeah hey
10321s Bobby yep no
10324s no
10331s this kid's insane with M16
10343s oh I got shot in the back while you're
10345s right there
10348s ow ow
10350s no you red
10353s what is that noise
10355s dude I don't know honestly wanted to
10357s make the same noise
10361s oh but he's not good on Nuketown you
10370s know a little feed right there at we
10373s have seven points Bobby yeah but are we
10375s getting kills foreign
10414s no my god dude oh my God
10418s dude he's so fast I know how many slim
10422s shots do you have only one tank
10427s puppet
10428s oh my God you guys are all playing the
10430s car
10431s damn
10432s you guys really really scared of that
10434s another SKS no nobody is scared of you
10436s hit man no this is the prettiest dub of
10438s my life
10439s oh my God I got shot A Million Miles
10442s Away
10444s his name is I know dude it's literally
10447s your creation there's all there's all
10449s used
10451s no no
10453s I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad
10459s it's too fast I was like where the heck
10462s oh my
10464s oh my God that's a nice little three
10465s piece I'm not gonna lie
10468s spawn slipped seriously
10475s oh my gosh
10483s and better oh my gosh
10488s I have cluster oh that's one teammate
10495s friendly advancements
10508s I love the Ballista
10511s and he's got persistence shocker
10514s High School
10517s SKS player is still on I concussion okay
10521s you've cussed me
10524s oh
10527s I will obj oh wait it popped
10531s I'm so much better no way that was a
10535s nasty quick scope Bobby
10541s wait oh if I would have turned on you
10543s there okay
10547s why am I spawning right in front of them
10553s I I dude I shouldn't hit your other
10555s teammate oh oh no he's got he's got
10559s nice dude
10566s how are you
10570s waiting
10572s no I'd miss that
10575s point friendly airstrike income
10579s [Music]
10581s I'm trying I'm trying oh my gosh
10595s capture
10597s pick it again
10605s it doesn't hit oh my God all right all
10608s right wait I'm dead I'm dead I'm bad I'm
10610s bad I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad oh
10613s my God
10614s why are you back there because I'm
10616s holding the spawns
10618s no stop holding spawns
10624s tested I couldn't shoot after her armor
10626s damn
10629s no
10630s [Music]
10632s I'm bad
10635s Reactor Core ah
10639s oh my gosh their team always has two
10642s ballistas and a reactor core bro
10648s dude okay but let's be let's be real
10650s let's be real no way our ballista users
10652s are about to trace you around for real
10654s you had
10657s I'm moving slow they ballistically
10658s you're running a thousand miles an hour
10660s they can't trace you you're right you're
10662s right on that I can do that
10664s his name was literally SKS players
10672s I really only have 17 that's tragic oh
10675s well
10683s are you kidding me
10685s uh hold up
10686s all right guys last game ultimate try
10689s hard
10690s sweaty sweaty sweaty sweaty
10694s I got it no you know it's fine all right
10697s uh we're dressing loadouts give me a
10698s second
10700s foreign
10724s actually I don't know I'm putting a
10727s class with the annihilator
10731s oh maybe I use ballista that should be
10733s that should be no
10735s no
10736s that's perfect chat how long do you
10738s think till I hit level 200 I'm 183 right
10740s now never used it in my life but I'll
10742s use it now all right Bobby here
10744s yes I'm here all right three two one go
10750s I'm going come on cues come on cues come
10754s on
10760s we found it
10765s same team
10772s all right
10774s yo we have to wait we gotta somebody has
10776s to do yeah
10778s all right everyone just use their
10780s whatever weapon you want all right for
10783s this game hey yo y'all want to see my
10785s second point yeah
10787s nice no get a triple get a triple p13
10795s get a triple kill with it and I'll give
10797s you 100 Subs
10800s cribe
10802s wait you said get a triple with it yeah
10805s is that possible I don't know I think so
10807s I want to find out quite a lot
10812s oh crank feels good
10817s right here awesome we're really spawning
10820s they're trying to rap okay
10822s hardpoint lockdown
10834s I just died
10837s yo that kid with the LK is nasty
10839s bathroom that was the most insane
10841s grenade I've ever seen
10844s oh yeah okay let me try that
10847s okay I got destroyed by a trophy
10855s okay okay shots with that that's crazy
10857s good night where's my okay build do I
10859s have an okay but here I don't know all
10863s right I am the obj
10868s has been destroyed
10872s oh my God yeah Bella is like the
10875s greatest LK user of all time sorry take
10879s I mean I can't see you hello
10886s oh my God
10888s all right where's my dang it
10892s Bella has killed me five times already
10895s I'm pretty sure this is the only person
10896s I've died to
10898s yeah
10900s I did that once sir don't worry I saved
10903s I play obj
10905s make the game
10911s right
10916s now
10918s weak on the back side Bella's one
10922s foreign
10958s what the contact need
10961s yo a kinetic popped off a rip of his
10964s spawn
10968s Bella
10970s oh my God how many times
10974s six like that person is actually cracked
10978s cracked Bella
10982s or somebody else
10985s yeah Bella Bella is like all of my debts
10992s no kill off the claw that's crazy
10997s Bella what
11001s eight kills on me
11003s you're joking right this is unreal no
11008s I just want to point out that you're
11010s almost about 50 percent RC is coming
11013s well targeting you know
11019s no no she shot me in the back I can't I
11023s can't kill her I can't kill her I can't
11025s kill her
11028s Point lockdown oh
11032s my God she's killed me 10 times
11040s mid stimming
11045s hardpoint is ours
11047s oh I just rubber band oh I was moving
11050s too fast
11053s brother holy frick
11057s game don't lose I'm still dying yes
11060s I finally killed her
11073s down photography saved my life
11085s no oh my gosh 12 times
11101s no angle there
11104s destroy okay found it back I I this is
11108s unreal this is unfreaking real
11115s all right
11119s dang that is probably popular
11125s oh my God I got them oh with heads up
11128s team enemy he's in the trailer
11131s that's true
11134s what
11136s she's still in there
11139s I captured I got your refract don't
11142s worry destroyed enemies
11144s I got the point don't worry the advanced
11146s UAV is online ah man I'm like oh my gosh
11150s if I
11155s thank you
11161s swarm activated
11167s she does not miss
11172s that's why I'm saved my life
11175s all right your swarm is popping off
11178s all right
11185s foreign
11201s I think I only died to Bella like maybe
11203s once
11204s oh okay I died 17 times
11207s 17.
11209s like six times
11213s [Applause]
11218s I would like to spectate Bella oh my God
11221s hey hsc126 on this map worked out that
11224s was crazy spectating number one LK play
11227s look at Noah
11229s he said she she's I was Bella
11233s that would be so
11235s look at your friend list he's already on
11237s the friends
11244s bruh and 16.
11250s wait how did you not drop a nuke space
11252s because I I would get on like a 10 and I
11254s would get blasted by Bella Bella no like
11256s no joke like triple quadruple headshot
11259s with the LK off a head glitch
11260s the LK can three tap right with the I
11263s don't know with headshots I think yeah
11265s three headshots all right we're done are
11268s we running it back
11269s chat it's not actually Noah he's
11273s trolling
11274s oh my gosh y'all actually if you know
11277s his Grandmaster
11283s whoa are we done oh what
11285s there's some more stuff in my inventory
11288s oh
11291s [Music]
11294s that's what I got
11296s wait
11298s ing rewards real quick as well this is
11300s like the OG battle pass the it's the
11304s battle pass that's in the vault wait
11306s yeah it's a ghost skin and yeah a by
11309s wait a minute I thought I have this
11310s already yeah you do wait a minute
11314s hey we got CP though
11316s I have the Golem oh I'm over here
11318s chilling I got the by 15 but I already
11321s have that right space you know what I'm
11323s saying
11324s think killer all right good stream guys
11327s thanks for playing with me yeah yeah
11329s thank you for having us thanks for not
11331s letting Bella nuke me
11334s bro it would have been Nuki
11337s all right I'm a definite real quick Day
11338s In The Stream sounds good
11341s all right guys thank you for watching
11343s hope you enjoyed and make sure to keep
11345s an eye out for the drop of the
11348s dlq later
11351s it's definitely gonna be a banger I am
11353s uh 100 a fan that I mean there's like
11357s nothing to block your visibility so that
11358s scope goes crazy hope you guys enjoyed
11361s if you did do me a who's your favorite
11363s drop a like down below subscribe to the
11365s Cod mobile Channel make sure to check
11366s out the guys I was playing with as well
11368s D hitman137 tectonic in space are their
11371s names I believe they're all three on
11373s both YouTube and trovo so if you guys
11375s want to check them out on those
11376s platforms you can as well that's gonna
11378s be it for the stream thanks for watching
11379s hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see