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0s hey there everyone welcome again for
2s another beef talks and yes we have
4s another special episode if you didn't
5s see the last one I did have that with
7s Bobby plays and for this episode I want
9s to spice things up just a little bit so
12s instead of the usual highlights of your
14s favorite partnered Call of Duty mobile
15s streamers we're gonna go in for
17s interviews instead of three of the
20s biggest names of Call of Duty mobile
21s hawksness Bobby plays and Ferg so the
24s Call of Duty mobile team and I came up
26s with a lot of fun questions ranging from
29s in-game questions to personal ones to
31s really get to know our favorite creators
33s but before we start with the questions
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39s this channel because we've had a lot of
41s crazy action here in season 9 and of
43s course zombies are back and that's gonna
45s tie into my you know final question
47s later on in this video for my beefiest
49s question of the week all right on to the
51s first question
53s foreign
58s just because the map is super intricate
61s so I could see it being super
62s interesting with all the different
63s angles and all that inside of a
65s competitive uh environment I think snd
67s especially would be super fun on it
68s honestly I think one of the really
70s underrated maps that never really got a
73s fair chance in rank people would just
74s never vote for it was Havoc Sawmill that
77s was one that I really enjoyed I felt
79s like it was big and honestly fit the 5v5
82s play style a lot more because a lot of
83s people don't realize the majority of the
85s maps that we play in 5v5 competitive
88s were designed for 4v4 competitive so I
91s think that hobby Sawmill is definitely
92s one with some tweeting that could be a
94s really good competitive map the map I
96s would like to see big played
98s competitively would be Plaza from Black
101s Ops 2. I can remember all the way back
104s when I was 13 watching Search and
106s Destroy be played on that map and well
109s there was a club in there and it added
111s to the intensity of the environment when
114s a team pushed in to climb the bomb
121s my favorite season of caught him would
124s have to be when gunsmith released just
126s because it revolutionized the game so
128s much and really brought the whole
129s Community together to experience
131s something fresh for the ranked
134s multiplayer mode I know there's a lot of
136s people that are like oh gunsmith no it's
139s too complicated I love the gunsmith
141s because leading up to that gunsmiths
144s were just so oversimplified there was no
146s Variety in how people would build out
147s their guns and it just created so many
150s more opportunities for Content that for
152s me gunsmith was the best addition that
154s Cod mobile has ever made yeah easy
156s season six uh Once Upon a Time in Rust I
159s think it was called
160s um I probably should know since it's my
162s favorite season but there's also been
163s spermed and burned which was the other
164s wild west season which was cool uh but
166s no Season Six Original season six
168s cordite came out uh rust obviously came
170s out 1v1 mode came out uh the theme song
173s was amazing everybody knows that
175s um yeah overall season six I think once
177s upon a time in Rust
183s you know what's even weirder than seeing
185s yourself in game
187s seeing yourself
189s in real life
190s but like not in the mirror
193s and small is it it is pretty cool to see
195s like when Pro players use my operator I
198s don't want to see it a ton in rank but I
200s do see it a good bit uh whenever Pro
202s players will rock it which is pretty
203s cool for me because obviously those guys
205s are way better than I will ever be when
208s it comes to getting used to seeing my
209s operator die I dialed I'm Cod mobile so
212s that's not really anything new first of
214s all that's funny they asked if it hurt
216s to see my operator died because yeah it
219s did before I said that in my video but
220s seeing myself in the game I would say
222s from being completely honest it's I'm
223s used to it because you know again if you
225s do it enough you'll get used to it but
226s it is weird to sometimes boot up the
228s game and be like oh that's that's me I
232s would say on a day-to-day basis I've
234s gotten used to seeing my operator in the
236s game but then when I actually think
238s about it and realize that that model and
242s that character is Beast around me and
244s what I wanted in an operator it's like
247s wow how do I have my own skin in Call of
250s Duty mobile it's still unfathomable
253s mobile
254s after nearly two decades of playing the
257s franchise that I have my own character
264s Mr balance for me I'm either 100 in
268s that's all I'm thinking about all day
269s every day and that could go on for
271s something like six months and then maybe
273s I'll go off the track for a month and
275s I'll just do random stuff so that's
278s really how I balance things it's it's
280s all in or maybe slightly in and more so
283s focused on just experiencing life but
284s when I'm all in I'm all in there's
287s nothing else that I'm focused on in my
289s entire life I feel like that's something
292s that I learned I mean largely in part
295s just due to being married uh whenever I
298s was single and creating content I was
300s very very bad at it I would overwork
302s myself and then burn out all the time
304s but I think being married and having
306s somebody who you live with who you want
309s to spend time with on a daily basis kind
311s of forces you to create natural
312s boundaries so I don't really ever work
315s on weekends or at least I try to
317s minimize the amount of work that I do on
318s weekends and most of the time I just
321s want to spend time with her which just
322s forces me to delegate and schedule out
324s content even better I would say I'm
326s probably not the best person to ask this
327s question because it's something I'm
328s always working on doing better uh
330s especially over the past few months I've
332s been trying to improve that
333s um when Cod mobile first came out I was
336s going so hard in the game I was just
337s constantly doing Cod mobile content
339s working on stats all that for I'd say on
341s average 12 to 16 hours a day no weekends
344s off like it was crazy that was when I
345s had no balance and now I'm at the point
347s where I'm a little bit more balanced but
349s it's less with you know content and
350s gaming and all that and focusing more on
352s like family and friends uh so I'm still
354s leaning I'm more heavy on this side I
356s used to be too heavy on this side so I'm
357s still trying to achieve that balance but
358s I would say just trying to mix the
361s different things you find important in
362s life and and focusing on having a little
364s bit of each
365s um throughout your week or day
371s either France or Italy just for the food
374s honestly I like food too much and I know
377s they both have really really good food
379s so if I had to pick one probably Italy
382s but I would love to go to either of
383s those uh I would say definitely Japan
385s and also going back to the favorite
387s season thing my second favorite season
389s is definitely Tokyo Escape season three
391s uh which again the Japanese aesthetic I
394s love music from there I love the the
396s look The Nature there uh the culture
398s based on what I've heard never been
400s there
401s um animation and all that big into
403s animation and obviously that's a huge
404s thing in Japan uh definitely Japan oh
407s I've been wanting to visit the
408s Philippines for so long and then
411s obviously 2020 happened and I couldn't
413s go and I wanted to go and I still can't
414s go ah dude I want to go to the
417s Philippines so freaking bad I did like
420s Palawan because it just looks beautiful
422s and then Manila for the city atmosphere
425s and environment
427s foreign
431s you know right now especially trying to
433s find that out uh to find out like what
436s content I can do that I do the best and
438s the content that I do the best is going
439s to be the content that I love making the
441s most in my opinion I always think the
442s best content is the one that the Creator
444s enjoys making uh but for me that's
446s always content that helps
448s um and it's hard to do that when you get
450s to a point in the game's life where
452s people are been playing it forever it's
454s kind of hard to help people that have
456s been doing something for super long when
458s a game first releases obviously that's
459s where it's like oh you can help all
460s these new players and all that and give
461s them your knowledge
463s um So lately it's been hard to figure
464s out how to do that but uh for me yeah if
466s I can help people with something that's
468s the most rewarding thing for me for sure
470s when anyone asks me a question in the
472s comments section or in the live stream
474s chat on any of the social medias all I
476s can tell it comes from the heart and
478s that they actually want some advice
479s that's what motivates me like they have
482s somebody they know will reply and give
484s them like an honest answer if I see it
487s about what they should go forward and do
489s in their life which I would usually say
491s live with purpose do something that you
493s find purposeful for yourself and it may
495s change throughout the years something
497s that you find purposeful in the past may
498s not be the same as something that you
500s find purposeful in the future this one
502s uh goes back to my wife Molly again I
505s think back when I was just single
507s creating content like I just did it
509s because it was fun and it I liked it
512s better than having like a normal day job
514s but I think whenever I got married like
516s the understanding that I have a family
518s to provide for I think that increased my
521s motivation to be successful and to be
523s the best that I can be a lot more
525s because I personally was fine like
527s eating crappy food five times a day not
529s five times three times a day uh just
532s eating like fast food or whatever but
534s wanting to create a better life for
535s somebody else I think is better
537s motivation than it was for me because I
539s don't really care about like nice
540s clothes obviously you can see I don't
543s care about my appearance all that much
544s so I think she's my best motivation
548s foreign
554s words to live by uh seek balance and
556s seek discomfort I guess that's that's
558s two things that I've almost considered
559s getting tattooed on my body because I uh
562s and it's super important to me right now
563s especially uh balance in life
566s um and then again uh seeking discomfort
568s because if you live and you're always
570s seeking Comfort you're not going to be
572s used to discomfort which is the where
574s you grow the most in life and all that
575s blah blah blah I'm not a motivational
576s speaker but yeah those things for sure
578s comparison is the thief of joy
583s it's easier to burn Bridges than it is
585s to build them
590s don't make women angry
597s I have Cora and I have Tommy
600s um the type of uh they're both mutts um
602s but they look pretty similar I kind of
604s matched them when I got them they're
606s both rescues though uh one is antoli and
609s Pyrenees
610s um and some other breeds and then the
611s other one is like Lab Husky uh golden
614s retriever it's like everything most of
617s you probably know about my dog Fanny she
619s was in the giant poster that I got for
622s the Rambo event she is a golden doodle
630s this might be pretty controversial but
634s for the reader that I wanted I would say
636s drop out of high school sinner at least
638s pursue what I wanted sinner rather than
641s Focus being focused and worrying about
643s family friends teachers everything that
646s they would say to me when I was in the
647s back class or at the kitchen table or
649s when I went out with them it was always
651s like oh you probably can't do that like
653s not very many people get that far it's
655s 0.001 and all that kind of stuff I would
658s just tell younger you I was to meet him
660s go for it do it 100 give your all
663s because otherwise you're just gonna sit
665s back and think about it all the time of
667s how you want to be that person you can
669s always be the person that you want to be
670s as long as you put in the F like I said
671s earlier I think balance is the most
673s important thing in life but I wouldn't
675s be where I am today without you know
678s kind of going out of balance for a
679s little while uh I don't know I mean
681s maybe I would I don't know for sure uh
682s but you know when you go hard at
684s something and you burn out that's that's
685s always not good so it is good to
687s maintain some sort of balance so I would
690s say younger me I think I could have
691s approached things better uh again I
695s don't know if I'd be where I am today I
696s don't want to like change things but I
698s think it would have been better for me
699s long term to to focus more on on
701s balancing you know uh having a happy and
704s fun life as well as working hard and
707s um striving to be successful in all
709s aspects of life but also you know you
710s know in your career
711s I advice to younger me I think
714s especially I I don't have a whole lot of
717s regrets in my life I think if I was
719s talking to younger me
720s it would be mainly to the me
723s um when I was creating content starting
726s out and it would just be
729s to diversify as much as you can and
731s create as many different Avenues to go
734s down the road of success where you want
736s to go so I think that can be applied to
738s all areas of life not just content
740s creation but I think I kind of put all
743s my eggs in one basket it was like the
744s one YouTube channel that I had I didn't
746s build up my socials and I found myself
749s in a really tough spot after the second
751s game that I played and whenever it died
753s I didn't really know how to get myself
756s out of the rut that I was in but I think
758s one thing that I've learned really well
760s in my Cod mobile stage of content
762s creation is the importance of
763s diversifying into different socials into
766s different businesses and everything else
767s and giving yourself kind of a safety net
770s to fall back on all right so amazing
772s answers but it boils down into the
775s beefiest question of the week which is
777s among the three of you who is most
779s likely to survive a zombie apocalypse
782s comment down below who you think is
783s gonna win the zombie apocalypse and that
785s marks the end of this episode of beef
787s talks thank you so much Hawks and Bobby
789s for being in this special episode and
792s what did you guys think of the questions
793s if you have any answers to your own
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823s foreign