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0s hey what's going on guys my name is hawk
2s nest and inside of this video sponsored
4s by Call of Duty mobile we're going to be
6s checking out what's new inside of season
8s 6 synth wve Showdown recalling '90s
10s party culture this season packs in the
12s fun with a brand new ground war
14s experience plus a new multiplayer map
16s Battle Royale class Custom 1 V1 room and
19s lots of rewards and challenges the new
21s season also features a brand new assault
23s rifle the reopening of the club the
25s combat advisor role and '90s party
27s themed weapon blueprints operator skins
29s and more let's go and start with the
31s brand new ground war experience now in
33s Limitless potential ground war Advanced
34s Frontline after achieving a certain
36s number of eliminations operators will be
38s presented with three randomly chosen
40s abilities such as improved Vehicle
42s Health or increased explosive damage you
44s can also play aggressively and eliminate
46s tons of enemies to get multiple
48s abilities in the same match these
50s abilities also come in multiple Rarities
52s growing from common to rare to Epic
54s legendary and then Mythic next is a new
57s custom room update with the new 1v1 mode
59s quick solo in this new custom mode
61s preset players can settle the score by
63s competing in a 1 V1 Deathmatch on the
65s map shipment with the choice of changing
67s settings such as available weapon type
69s player HP jump height and more next is
72s the new multiplayer map collateral
74s strike first seeeing action in Call of
76s Duty Black Ops Cold War collateral
78s strike is now heading to mobile this
80s smaller variant of the collateral
81s multiplayer map focuses the fight around
84s a satellite crash site in a desert
86s village Center watch for movement in the
87s ruins and be ready for action in the
89s flat s Landscapes also new in season 6
92s is the newest friends feature combat
94s advisor which allows players of
96s different ranks and skill levels to form
98s an advisor slra relationship whereby
101s both players can complete challenges to
103s earn rewards with advisers gaining
105s additional benefits like extra player
106s and weapon XP players can team up with
109s one of their friends or use the search
110s feature to find an adviser or traine
113s from the community also it wouldn't be a
115s party themed seasonal update without the
118s return of the club
121s which is now featuring music and mini
122s games focused around futuristic Funk
125s rhythms as well as past tracks from past
127s kodm Lobby themes next take on new
129s challenges with the new synthwave
131s Showdown challenge past which inside
133s will be offering new seasonal unlocks as
135s well as challenge tokens for use in the
137s exchange complete standard special and
139s Elite missions to progress through the
141s challenge pass use your earned challenge
143s tokens to purchase items like the hunter
145s killer drone Dart and the lapa symphonic
148s blueprint also make sure to check the
150s iname game events tab throughout the
151s season for New Missions and rewards for
154s a broader glimpse of ongoing seasonal
155s activities check the mission board
157s located in the main menu outside of the
159s new challenge pass obviously there's
160s also the brand new season 6 battle pass
163s featuring brand new operator skins
165s weapon blueprints the new BR class
167s revive and this season's newest assault
170s rifle the bp50 with high Mobility stats
172s an incredible time to kill potential the
175s bp50 is a great option for aggressive
177s players available at tier 21 with a epic
179s blueprint available in the premium pass
182s at tier 50 the bp50 will also be getting
184s a Mythic variant called iron eruption in
187s the iron pulse Lucky Draw available from
190s July 4th to August 2nd Pacific time and
193s finally here's all of this season's
194s balance changes
198s [Music]
212s so with all of that being said make sure
214s to check out season 6 synth wave
216s Showdown with the link Down Below in the
218s description and I will see you guys
220s later peace