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0s happy New Year everyone and welcome back
2s to beef stocks this is going to be our
4s first beef talks of the year and I'm
6s excited to have a very special guest
8s here we had Bobby plays we had Ferg and
11s now I feel like it's about that time to
13s get Hawk's best into the show but if you
15s are new here to beef talks we usually
17s get highlights from your favorite
18s streamers boiling it down into one
21s little video and make sure at the very
23s end of this video you stay put because
24s we are going to reveal the beefiest play
26s of the week but before we start I just
28s want to thank Call of Duty mobile for
29s having me in this video season 11
31s brought so many great moments but before
34s it draws into a close let's kick this
36s video off with Ferg busting 101 myths in
38s Call of Duty mobile see I was always
41s very confused as to some myths if it was
44s actually real or not so many questions
46s he had so many answers in this one video
49s sentry guns can actually destroy each
51s other
55s system can kill canine units
60s EMP grenade it will stop a heartbeat
63s sensor from actually working
65s nothing comes up can't even pull it are
67s you I can kill an enemy if you just
69s repetitively hit them with your trophy
71s system this is actually crazy I feel
72s like I'd be so pissed if an enemy did
74s this to me I would quit the game and
77s good thing that Ferg made it on time or
78s else he would have had a shaved head but
80s hey kinda wanted to see that not gonna
83s lie but we are moving forward to our
85s next one and now here for yanry he's
88s gonna show us if he prefers isolated or
90s blackout for 2023. oh my gosh okay got
94s him
94s oh my God
97s yeah I definitely like isolated a little
99s bit more just because of New Vision City
101s that's about it
111s let's go
113s [Music]
118s this dude says
119s [Music]
126s oh my gosh I didn't he's pretty weak all
129s right I'm gonna die
131s okay never mind let me know in the
133s comment section below which one do you
134s prefer blackout or isolated
137s next off we're going for the gun that is
139s my absolute favorite right now it's
141s gonna be the SKS and jokesta he shows us
144s how it's done trying to carry his team
146s from the battle pass season we got a new
149s battle pass and this is one of the skins
150s from the battle pass so we're gonna go
152s ahead and try our best to get pick up as
153s many kills possible
159s there we go we got two down
161s and oh my God sit down boy
167s I choked and you know the thing with
169s jokes he's hitting a lot of the long
171s range and short range engagements as
173s well and it's really difficult to pull
175s something off like that especially with
176s a weapon like this dang it close but no
179s cigar you tried your hardest jokes that
181s took care of your team to win that snd
183s round but hey your MVP the entire time
185s but speaking of another cool dude with
187s the coolest hair ever we have the Hitman
189s trying out the different weapons in
190s season 11. I dyed my hair just because
192s of the Hitman my hair is blue now yep
194s it's pretty crazy look at my hair dude
196s isn't that crazy oh actually I wanna do
198s SMG build with HR because they buffed
200s the um
201s the magazine AGR is definitely a weapon
204s that I'm so glad to see now a lot of the
206s weapons that we didn't get to see before
208s just shine here in the season I feel
210s like this is a pretty easy beginner's
212s weapon because you have a bit more
214s magazine capacity so if you miss your
215s shots then you have more chances to
217s readjust yourself and take those shots
221s the 60 round instead of 30.
224s okay we gotta go B
227s itch nice
229s we got it GG
232s welcome to EGR hey what's going on guys
234s Hawks next year uh now before we go on
236s to the top five I wanted to give a big
237s thank you to beef Mommy and Call of Duty
239s mobile for inviting me on to this
241s episode of beef talks and the reason
242s that I wanted to say that thank you is
244s because I'm about to do something that
245s might make them a little bit mad now of
247s course the format of this is supposed to
248s be the top five plays of the season but
251s with the Cod mobile partner content we
253s saw this season a lot of it more so
255s revolved around the Cod Mobile World
256s Championship as well as the best weapons
258s of the season so while I will be showing
260s you guys some incredible plays I thought
262s I'd also kind of theme it around the
263s best weapons of the Season as well in
266s typical hawksness fashion of course now
267s coming in at number five we have jokesta
270s using the M13 which also arguably is a
272s top 5 weapon inside of the game
274s especially after we see some of the
275s Buffs coming to it in the next season
277s but even without those upcoming Buffs we
279s saw jokester the king of s d absolutely
282s slaying out with it dropping it back to
284s back 18 kill s d games and I most
286s specifically wanted to highlight the
288s last round of game number one with it
290s being all tied up four to four jokes to
291s has to add absolutely show out here
293s which he does by getting the first two
295s kills and punishing the aggression of
297s the enemy team he then shows off his
299s high level of game sense by predicting
300s where the third enemy would rotate
302s pretty sure there's going to be one back
303s there and I spawn
305s yes
309s and capitalizing by getting the kill now
311s in a 2v2 situation for the win jokester
313s gets a super clutch C4 throw taking it
316s down to a 1v2 and this allows jokes his
318s teammate to get the bomb down but the
320s final enemy player wasn't having it and
322s he takes out jokes his teammate leaving
323s it to a 1v1 for the win and with that
327s final kill jokesta not only secures the
329s win but the ace as well what a game bro
332s honestly the M13 man my my heart is
335s beating so fast it's not even funny then
338s coming in at number four is going to be
340s one of the Cod mobile world champions
341s tribeg using the kilo 141 assault rifle
345s now the reason that I wanted to
346s highlight beg using the kilo 141 is
348s because he's actually using his teammate
350s tectonics build inside of ranked which I
352s thought was really interesting
353s considering vague is one of the most
355s aggressive players in the game and
357s tectonic is one of the most passive
359s players in the game and his kilo 141 is
361s built for just that passive play style
363s but that didn't stop vague from just
365s running across the map all over the
366s place from Spawn to Mid and just
369s absolutely slaying out all of the
370s players and getting some absolutely
372s insane triple and double kills and after
375s running out of ammo with the kilo he's
376s able to close it out and get the nuke
377s with the 50gs and for our number 3 spot
380s I thought we'd go ahead and take a
381s little intermission from multiplayer and
383s instead check out some clips inside of
384s the Battle Royale with yanrique and Kyle
386s first we have yandrake trying to troll
388s the final Enemy by knifing them outside
390s of Zone and let's just say it doesn't go
392s quite as planned
395s what
398s [Laughter]
401s after that we have Kyle showing off his
403s Ninja level movement sliding and going
405s all over the map with the snowboard and
407s his ninja ability picking up a few kills
410s but at the end of it getting nated and
412s doing his bestie and re-compression
433s apples
449s but the final player please gets picked
452s up which makes the fight as good as one
457s now getting back into the multiplayer
458s for our number two spot we have Ferg
461s talking about his number two spot that's
463s why Craig six is number two this is the
465s most well-rounded assault rifle when I
467s say everyone was using it I mean
470s everyone it was pretty interesting to
472s see because it's a very new gun I
474s absolutely agree with Berg that the
475s Craig six is the number two gun in the
477s game arguably it's the best gun in the
479s game if you aren't able to handle the
481s number one spot but speaking of the
483s number one spot we have beef mommy using
485s the SKS now obviously the SKS is one of
488s the highest risk highest reward weapons
489s inside of the game and beef mommy you
492s know she's she's a solid player but
493s she's no lucasin get player that
495s absolutely fried with it inside of the
497s Cod Mobile World Championship dropping
498s 50 bombs like I don't even know how many
500s times but after dying a few times sorry
503s to point that out if mommy she started
504s to get a grasp of the weapon and got
506s some really really nice kills and
508s demonstrated why the SKS is arguably the
510s best gun in the entire game hey
512s you know what I'll take that from you
514s Hawks Nest thank you so much
516s he passed me playing over there and this
518s is future me I can say I'm a little bit
521s better when it comes to the SKS now
528s once again thank you to beef Mommy and
529s cod mobile for letting me come on the
530s channel and talk about some of the best
532s weapons and best plays of the Season
533s those are the picks of pox says but we
536s are moving on into the beefiest play of
538s the week we do have no that is
540s absolutely shredding with the AS Val and
543s I'm so glad to see this back again it's
545s been too long
547s [Music]
552s the season 11 update for Call of Duty
554s mobile the as foul received three new
555s Buffs the bill that we're rocking here
557s in today's video as you can see we
558s equipped the large extended mag B and we
560s also throw on the MIP 200 millimeter
561s mid-range Barrel just give us a little
563s bit more bullet velocity having the
565s whole damage at range increase you still
567s want to play it out like an aggressive
568s sort of SMG just because the bullet
570s velocity on this weapon is still so slow
574s you know how hard this weapon could be
577s controlled in the long range but it has
579s such high bullet velocity like what he
582s said and so he's playing this like an
585s SMG it's actually crazy oh he's playing
588s his angles so well too it's not that
591s he's playing you know very aggressively
593s but he just knows where everyone's
595s spawning off to so that's really
596s impressive exactly in this moment over
598s here thank you so much Hawks for being
600s in my video what a way to start the new
602s year let me know in the comment section
604s what was your favorite moment in season
605s 11 and what are you looking forward to
607s in season one again it has been your
610s girl beef Mommy good morning good night
611s and I'll see you in the next video bye
615s foreign