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Ever since the last update, the expensive terminator t-1000 metallic skin has been broken or bugged. If you choose the t-1000 operator from the operator section the all metallic skin and the legendary skin that transforms from skin to metal with sound effects looks fine and displays fine.

However when you are walking in the lobby with other players before the match starts, the skin and graphics have been broken / glitched since the last update. Instead of all chrome metallic skin, the terminator shows a weird blackened pixelated Smokey color that doesn't look chrome or metal anymore ?

Perhaps someone here can add a picture or video if they also own the t-1000 skin ?

How do I report this bug to SHG ? I'm not trying to have a broken t-1000 $20 graphics The effect was so cool before it got broken or bugged ??

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Hi there, we are currently investigating this issue.

Which platform are you experiencing this on? Could you provide a screenshot?