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Originally posted by fernesland

They just disabled leather and fabric grip on the kar98 in ranked mode.
I cant find nothing on this in the patch notes. Do they usually stealth nerf things?

Patch Notes are now updated to reflect the changes to Ranked Play restrictions from Treyarch included in today's game update.


Originally posted by Karma_Doesnt_Matter

Dead drop is broken again. Dying gives you all your killstreaks back.

Got 6 dogs last game.


Hey can you make a video about this so they actually fix it.

We've temporarily disabled the Dead Drop Field Upgrade while identifying a solution. You can track the status of this issue on our Trello Board.


Originally posted by Kashburn_Kush

Surprisingly worked for me, I usually don't get so lucky. For instance my Daniel Operator still doesn't progress past Level 1 smh even though there was a patch for it months ago

If XP is not applying to your selected Operator, you may need to re-complete the designated unlock challenge for that Operator. For Daniel, the challenge is 200 Marksman Rifle Kills. Give that a try, and let us know if it solves your issue!


Originally posted by HZRD-XVII

Anyone else having trouble unlocking the SMG? It’s not tracking for me

The unlock challenge for the H4 Blixen is available for completion tomorrow, once Season Three Reloaded officially begins.


Originally posted by Stu49

No mention of the fact that Ninja got moved to tier three? Or is that just another SHG f**kup?

Patch Notes are now updated to include today's Perk changes - give it a refresh!

18 May

16 May


Confirming this issue is on our radar! As others have stated in this thread, you should find the 9mm 33 Round Mags will progress this challenge as expected.


Confirming this issue is on our radar! As others have stated in this thread, you should find the 9mm 30 Round Mags will progress this challenge as expected.


Originally posted by tboskiq

Wait so blitz is gone for shipment and Das haus. But I only search for shiphaus 24/7 on blitz... okay.

Blitz Combat Pacing remains available for Das Haus, Mayhem, and Shipment in their designated Featured Playlists.


Note: Patch Notes for May 12th now include balance adjustments for several Weapons and Attachments.

12 May


Originally posted by PartyImpOP

Will the M1916 contribute to Diamond camo or is that still not fixed?

Per today's Patch Notes, we expect this issue to be fixed. Let us know if you're still having problems!

Progression toward challenges that require Marksman Rifles is now correctly tracked.


In case you missed it, another update went out earlier this week which included low-caliber Attachment buffs, silenced Operator movements for enemies, and Trophy System immunity for the Skal Crusher. You can find Patch Notes on our Blog.

11 May


Originally posted by Itsanewj

There’s a bug or something with the message of the day about the new mega bundle. If you go to the bundle from the MoD it’s listed as being 10,000 cod points. Which is just over $75 us.

Nice catch. We'll get this fixed!

10 May

09 May


Thanks for the call-out!

We've created a card on our Trello Board for players to track the status of this issue.

27 Apr


Just to be clear, this challenge is no longer a requirement. Upon logging into Season Three for the first time, all players will be granted the new Trophy System Field Upgrade.


Hi everyone, the Patch Notes have been updated to include Weapon and Attachment balance adjustments made to the STG44, Volkssturmgewehr, Type 100, PPSh-41, Armaguerra 43, Welgun, G-43, and Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.