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Originally posted by angelseph

Always happy to see these posts but please fix the store, seasonal challenges and emblem+calling card reset bugs, as a parting gift for the fans if you will (who are clearly willing to pay for it as evidenced by people wanting the store fixed).

Either way, happy holidays to you too any Sledgehammer employees who see this and Vanguard fans.

We've just released a fix for the Store issue causing Bundles to appear missing. Other problems are being looked into, but we do not have any updates.

Happy holidays to you as well!

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17 Nov


Reminder: Postseason is beginning to roll out!

  • Season Level cap increased to 2,500
  • All Seasonal Challenges unrestricted
  • Season Five Battle Pass disabled
  • Complete challenges to unlock Season Five Weapons
  • Bi-Weekly Featured Playlist updates
  • Ranked Play disabled

Originally posted by -GenJutsu

And when is everyone able to obtain or claim the rewards they hardly played for?

If you previously played Ranked Play during the Season Five ladders, which we call the Season Five competitive season, and earned rewards by playing, you can obtain those now. This process is similar to how previous seasons operated also.

Your questions lead me to believe that you don't typically play Ranked Play which is okay.


When you originally would have obtained this MOTD the competitive season would have still been active, but ending soon. Now that you have logged on, after Nov 16, you have been served the most recent MOTDs including this one. We shared in previous MOTDs, blogs, and tweets, on Nov 2, that the competitive season was ending at a later date which we have now crossed.

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25 Oct


We granted bonus rewards for the Umbrella Academy Bundles to players earlier this month!

Let us know if you do not have these three items available, and we'll contact you directly.

  • Time's Up Legendary KG M40 Blueprint
  • Ray Gun Legendary Weapon Charm
  • Temps Aeternails Legendary Calling Card

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