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04 Dec


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Coming back to update this thread with the below Trello card. This card will be updated when we are closer to the release of the major update.

December 3rd, 2 pm/PT Update: Players who previously met the unlock criteria for the Dark Aether Completionist camo will now have access to it on their next successful login.

03 Dec


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Coming back to update this thread with the below Trello card. This card will be updated when we are closer to the release of the major update.

18 Sep


A few updates for you all this Saturday morning!

Performance Updates:

  • Xbox: A patch was rolled out this morning to reduce graphical bugs and improve playability.
  • PC: A fix was implemented last night so players can connect to the client without crashing.

Playlist Updates:

  • Blitz TDM on all maps as a featured playlist
  • Champion Hill Solos and Trios.

Lastly, we’re extending the Beta for an additional 48 hours to make up for some lost time due to graphical bugs, code issues, and also - because we like to party. And ain’t no party like a cross-play party.

We will continue to monitor feedback as we update. Your reports play a critical role in improving Vanguard. Thank you and we hope you all have a great Beta weekend!

16 Sep


Playlist Update and Patch incoming!

Patch updates include:

  • Patrol has been added to Eagle's Nest
  • We increased the frequency of Blitz matches on Red Star (may appear as 'very high intensity" in UI)
  • Filters are turning on later today

Fixes in progress:

  • A fix had been deployed to adjust Spawns on Patrol. We are monitoring.
  • Xbox: we have determined that most Xbox graphical errors are related to playing on 120 Hz. If you reduce to 60 Hz, you should experience a noticeable difference. Please keep reporting bugs.
  • PC: we know a significant number of players are unable to load into the game. We are testing a fix.

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Update on Xbox’s visual issues?

We are aware of the issues players are experiencing and are currently testing and investigating solutions.


Welcome! And to all our returning Early Access players: welcome back! Your feedback has been critical to making Vanguard better for everyone. Thank you.

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Crossplay Open Beta is live and runs until Monday, September 20th at 10 AM PT. In addition to the content we offered last weekend, we’re offering Champion Hill Solos, you’ll experience Eagle’s Nest for the first time, and we’re adding Search & Destroy. Now with Tactical Destruction! In response to the feedback collected last weekend, we have quite a lot to look at, but due to the short time between weekends, we haven’t been able to address everything just yet. Check below for a full rundown of changes between weekends, and more about changes planned for launch on Nov. 5th.

Introducing a new map: Eagle’s Nest

The Kehlsteinhaus – known in English as “Eagle’s Nest” – was a prominent Axis meeting house built 1,834 meters above se...

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12 Sep


Thank you all for your feedback over the last 24 hours. We're taking notes! We're also here to let you know we just dropped a Playlist Update to raise player counts in Blitz matches.

  • Adding Gavutu (20v20) and Red Star (24v24)
  • Removing Champion Hill Trios

11 Sep

Hi r/CODVanguard! We'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who jumped into Vanguard Beta on day one and shared their experience with our game. In response to player feedback about Combat Pacing and spawn issues, we have made some changes to the playlist today:


  • Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed with Tactical Combat Pacing from Quick Play
  • Hotel Royal from Patrol while we investigate spawn issues.


  • Increase the frequency of Blitz and Assault Pacing matches in Quick Play. This will add more diversity to player counts in lobbies, which will result in higher intensity gameplay.


  • Blitz Team Deathmatch as a Featured Playlist


  • Level Cap is now working as intended and will max out at level 30.

We are aware there is a sig...

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29 Aug

A BIG thank you to everyone who played the Champion Hill Alpha! We will keep the game open for another 2 hours while we run some load tests. You are welcome to keep playing, but you may experience performance issues during that time.

We appreciate all of the feedback that came through this weekend as we continue to refine the experience heading into the Beta. If you haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to respond to our player feedback survey. 👉

We hope to see you all in Beta!

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28 Aug


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Hi r/CODVanguard! We hope everyone is enjoying Champion Hill so far. It’s awesome seeing the insane plays some of you have been sharing. Keep them coming.

Since yesterday, we have already received some great feedback that we plan to address in greater detail later this week, prior to Beta, including:

  • Visibility when damaged
  • Spawn tuning
  • Map visibility
  • Audio mix tuning
  • Name plate visibility issues
  • Aim assist through destructible walls

We have also been paying close attention to bugs and exploits players are encountering - so we're kicking off this Mega Thread for quick reference so we can start squashing them.

If you encounter a bug this weekend, snag a clip and drop it below. Please let us know your username, region, and specify if you’re ...

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27 Aug

Hello r/CODVanguard! We hope you enjoy your time in Champion Hill this weekend. We’ve had a great time creating and play-testing Champion Hill, and we’re extremely excited for you all to get your hands on it. Please keep in mind that this is a small slice of what players will experience in the upcoming beta and launch, however, you will be able to experience many of the core systems of Vanguard MP for the first time.

We're kicking off this thread as a place for you to deliver feedback to our developers. We'll also be keeping our eyes peeled on this subreddit for some great plays!

We'd also like to mention that we'll be collecting feedback on other platforms as well, so if you're posting about Alpha elsewhere, please feel free to direct-message our main account, mention @SHGames on Twitter, or add #Vanguard to y...

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