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I lost my stash. Entirety of it. I had 10 in my Stash. For the first few games, I coule see all my items. After some matches, I couldn't see them, all of them. In the next match, I got an error saying database corrupt bla bla... and click on "Yes".

Before anyone says anything, Nope. Didn't do a single glitch ever and had exactly 10 items in the stash.

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Hello! Can you share what the database error message was?

Can you also share your ATVI ID with us?

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I have mentioned the link to the post by another member in this reddit group regarding the database error. It's the same error that I got. 

My ATVI is Spooky#4711434

Database Error - https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/s/8XB4zuJenZ

Thanks for the reply!

The thread you linked shows an error that appeared right at the start of Season 1 upon first login. Can you share more about when you saw this error? You mentioned you played a few games and then encountered it. Have you seen this multiple times today?