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I know this has been brought up a couple of times that the 7 attachment camo challenge in Vanguard is not tracking at all. I have it on the most of my weapons. With the season 3 update now live, I was curious if it had been fixed yet. Trying to finish Dark Aether.

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Originally posted by AManForThePeople

Not fixed yet. Can confirm. Some of the new season challenges not tracking right as well

Can you share what new seasonal challenges are not tracking properly for you? Was this in reference to this post?

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Originally posted by Loaf-boi

Bit late, but the “survivalist” camo challenge does not track with the cooper carbine, automaton, double barrel shotgun and gorenko-anti tank rifle

We released a fix for this today. Context for the message you replied to was also about Season 3 challenges, not Season 2.