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Putting this up top in case you want to take a look before reading my post: https://www.sledgehammergames.com/blog/2021/Vanguard-Season-One-Patch-Notes

There's a lot of things in these patch notes, but a massive change to the game is completely omitted. Every Fiendish Fortitude tier gives 50 health instead of 25 now. That means you can go up to 300 health. A whole 1.5x more than the 200 we had before.

If a huge change like this is being made without a single mention in the patch notes, what else is there that we aren't being told? It's okay for perks to be adjusted and some limits to be moved around, but why not let the player base know?

Cold War had a lot of very specific details in their patch notes, from general changes all the way down to damage numbers for each weapon. That same kind of transparency would be great for the playerbase so that we don't need to test certain things every single time an update comes out. We should be able to trust the developer's word on what changes an update will bring.

TL;DR - Developers, please be transparent with the playerbase. It'll let us know what's new with the game, and in turn we can provide you accurate feedback on those changes. Everybody wins!

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Hello All,

The goal is to always be as transparent as possible, and especially so when putting together Patch Notes. Unfortunately, some notes didn't make the final draft that went live, and as players noticed the changes we got to work to make sure that we got the needed information compiled. Below are the notes that didn't make the cut.

Enemy Health Cap and Damage Adjustments

  • Enemy health caps have been reduced by 25% at high rounds
  • Enemy health caps and damage ramp up more slowly as players progress through higher rounds.


  • Fewer walker zombies spawn in early rounds, and walker zombies are now phased out sooner.


  • Fiendish Fortitude
    • Health bonuses have increased for all tiers, capping out to 300 health (up from 200)
  • Diabolical Damage
    • Critical damage bonuses have been increased for all tiers, capping out to 200% damage (up from 175%)


  • Bloodlust
    • The melee damage multiplier and amount healed per hit have been reduced.


  • Armor Plate drop rates have been increased.
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Armor durability and damage reduction have been increased.

Apologies that they didn't go live with the initial notes. I'd like to say that this hopefully won't happen again, but it is possible. Should it happen again we'll obviously work to update the notes and let you know that the updates have been made.