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With the season 4 reloaded patch you can no longer pause during a solo game. Neato. Plus perks on the wunderfizz were rearranged. Tombstone is now last on the selection instead of first. Not really a glitch but just a heads up on people grinding headshot camos and don't want elemental popEdit: I 100% should have reworded it better but what I meant is that you can pause the game but it won't freeze the world like before. 100% on my fault sorry for the confusion
2nd Edit: This has been fixed! Have fun going for your high rounds everyone

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Thank you for tagging.

We're aware of this issue. Solo Pausing will return tomorrow with the launch of Season Four Reloaded.

We're investigating an issue with Server Pausing and will have updates at a later date.

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Just letting you know to not tag this account moving forward. It's the same person running this one, but a different handle.

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