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15 Dec


Become a once-and-future legend in Conqueror's Blade: Avalon, the new Season now available as a free update!

🗺 Seasonal Campaign inspired by Arthurian legend
⚔️ Knightly Seasonal Units
🎁 New Battle Pass
👑 Epic Launch Events

Myth becomes legend ➡️ ...

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30 Nov


Become a once and future legend in Conqueror's Blade: Avalon, coming December 14. Unlock new Units inspired by Arthurian legend:

🏇 Caradoc's Cavalry

💂 Perceval's Royal Guard

👑 Queen's Knight

Pre-order the Battle Pass for instant unlocks!

Discover more ➡️ ...

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29 Nov

28 Nov

14 Sep


Devote yourself to Order in Conqueror’s Blade: Knightfall, the new Season available now as a free update!

⚔️ Fight side by side with the Order of the Sword!

🐴 Command 3 Teutonic-inspired Units!

🎁 Earn exclusive Battle Pass rewards!

🔎 Discover new modes and surprises!

Discover Knightfall: ➡️

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12 Jul

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05 Jul

28 Jun

26 Jun

20 Jun

14 Jun

09 Jun

08 Jun


Celebrate four years of Conqueror’s Blade with exciting in-game events and sales and try to obtain the Akuma's Claw Nodachi! 🔥

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07 Jun

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31 May

30 May