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31 Mar


Please avoid making posts that call out specific users/houses. If exploitation/abuse is occurring we encourage you to report the offending party to Customer Support, or reach out to a Community Manager on our Discord Server.


Please avoid making posts that call out specific users/houses. If exploitation/abuse is occurring we encourage you to report the offending party to Customer Support, or reach out to a Community Manager on our Discord Server.

11 Mar

12 Nov


The Community Team have taken an interest in the current whereabouts of Bob the Imperial and wanted posters are now circulating on Twitter. Any information on his current location or sightings should be reported immediately via Twitter!

21 Oct


Greetings, warlords! We know many of you aren’t enjoying the great experience we want everyone to have with Conqueror’s Blade. We’ve received many reports about the Asterion (NA) server in particular, and we want you to know that we hear you, and we want to tackle these problems once and for all. If you’ve experienced any of the following issues (on any server) since the deployment of the October 19 patch, please take the time to fill out the following surveys so we can gather information to solve them:

FPS drops:

Infinite loading screens:

Server stability issues: ...

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15 Oct


Originally posted by seakrig

If I only bought the battlepass to continue playing the season and if I bought other items, but never got those items, then I got scammed and there is no reason for me to continue to play the season, I might as well get my refund for battlepass.

So you want a refund for the purchase you have confirmed that you did in fact receive, but not for the items you claim to have not received? I'm not sure I understand.

Did you reach out to support about these missing items? I'm certain they'd be happy to help with that. There is literally no benefit on our part in withholding virtual goods once you've purchased them.


Originally posted by heebieGGs

No, that's only some of them. Auction house items don't even show up within 30minutes lel.

Unsure whether you're knowingly misunderstanding to cover for your friends or not.

That's literally the only means I am aware of for trading currency. To assume that there is some sort of conspiracy amongst employees for selling silver is, quite frankly, one of the more ridiculous accusations I've heard.

If you have some sort of evidence to suggest that an employee is abusing admin tools I would certainly want to see it so it can be addressed. 👍


Originally posted by heebieGGs

If not the staff, then how does it happen? Are the silver sellers hacking to /give the silver chests?

It sounds like you don't actually understand how these currency selling bots work... Silver can't be traded directly, so they work around it by having the purchaser list mundane items in the auction house, adding up to the amount of silver they purchased.


Originally posted by heebieGGs

Which support staff is selling silver via bots? They offer 100s of thousands in silver for real world currency, and to make it happen they log into your account for 30 mins. They say it is to grind the silver through playing, but we all know that's impossible.

It has to be a staff member with give-item commands, giving the account chests of silver and then logging in to open them and hide the trail.

This has been going on since day1 of CB eu servers, and still happens today - why? It is super annoying. If we could at least block an infinite number of people it wouldn't be so much of an issue. The accounts get banned, I guess by staff members not in on the cash grab, but are near instantly replaced.

You're accusing staff members of using bots to sell silver?? A staff member can't just "give silver" to a player without other members of the team, and production, being aware of the compensation. Everything is documented within the admin tools for the game.


That would be theft. . . If you received the product you have purchased, i.e. The Battle Pass, how is that scamming?

Also, yes, access to your account will be revoked if you do this. Support can confirm if you have redeemed the Battle Pass upon purchase....So please don't attempt this.

09 Sep


Originally posted by Stock-Attitude-1849

You Can't Accept Turks won insted of your favourite guild ENGEGNER (played by lots of CM/MODS) and FireNation coalition.

Proof of that is they are totally protected and can be toxics/flamers/racists against Turks, and nothings happens, all tickets we have (prob More than 100) against your friends closeds instant.

(I knows all That because lot of steam reviews says)

The best thing its all EU2 and probably others servers knows all that corrupted shit who Mygames does.

If you watch this reddit you will see all the lies that both CM and support have told the players, contradictions and all kinds of poor and vague excuses and thats happens bcz all are lies.

sorry my English, im from Europe


  1. I'm not familiar with any house named "Engegner".

  2. As I've said 1000 times before, we CMs do not join Houses or alliances. We do not have any house allegiances.

  3. As I've also said 1000 times before, mods are NOT employees of MY.GAMES. They are regular players that volunteer their time to help moderate the Discord Server.

  4. CMs don't even decide who receives disciplinary action and who doesn't. That is entirely up to Customer Support.

  5. There are currently only 6 CMs employed for CB.

  6. We do not tolerate racism or toxic behavior from anyone.

  7. You still haven't explained to me what "stakes" we could possibly have that would cause us to have any sort of interest in which house wins Conqueror's City.


Originally posted by Fox2232

By now, it is clear to everyone who took a slight look, that people were stakeholders on EUW2 in S3. And could not come in terms with result where their favorites did not win.

Sad part is that to cover their shame. They are doing worse and worse things to community. Will put more lies on display. Will demonize their opposing player base.

Are there bets on what will happen in case SULTANs or any of their allies get CC this season? Like accidental rollback right after TW where they get it?

Or maybe, they'll play it safe and TWs where there will be fights for gates and CC, SULTANs alliances get banned. (We know, how badly they handled rollbacks in past.)

Stakeholders on EUW2... What does that even mean? I am genuinely curious about what benefit or "stake" you think employees could possibly receive from one house winning over the other. I would love to hear the explanation there because it is such a bizarre statement.
I mean this in the kindest way, but we really do not care which house wins the city. It is completely irrelevant to us or our job. What we DO care about is that Territory Wars, and especially Conqueror's City, are played and earned FAIRLY.

26 Aug


Originally posted by Superbone1

If a house is banned then that means that Customer Support was provided the necessary evidence to prove that they used exploits during Territory Wars.

Explain the Heretics ban and then the following un-ban a day later.

Unrelated: As this is literally the first time I've seen you on the subreddit, can we expect to see more of you in the future?

This reddit was not made by the Conq Blade team, and therefore we don't spend a lot of time on here for official communications. We do not manage this subreddit, we were simply invited by its creator, but I do jump on here when I feel something specific needs to be addressed. Most of our communication takes place on our Discord servers. I am not allowed to give specifics in regards to disciplinary actions taken. What I can say is that I listen to player concerns, so if I feel something needs to be looked at again then I make that request to support to do so. However, this occurrence is very rare.

25 Aug


Originally posted by SultansCZSK-Kane

you have no right to ban ppl for something you just made up on purpose. No wonder your servers are dying when u treat ppl like that...

Made up on purpose?


Originally posted by libtardsarerascist4

i have been saying this all the time, i got that even told by a dude who got me banned once, GMs ban people as a favor and such crap

What exactly would we have to gain from banning players "as a favor"? GMs and CMs can't ban. Only Customer Support handles that.


Originally posted by bewbless

MyComs launcher is the most f**ked up & criminal bullshit that i've ever seen from a gaming publisher

had over 800gb upload

you guys are the biggest frauds in the gaming industry

so glad you dipshits lost ashes of creation and i hope mycom will never get to publish another semi decent game

uninstalled cb since mycom made it simply unplayable

hope you russian dipshits end up in jail soon enough

If you have peer to peer settings turned on it could be why you're having such an unusually high volume of data being used. If you go into settings on your client you can turn that off.

Also, MY.GAMES is a global brand...I'm American, for example.


Originally posted by SultansCZSK-Kane

Hjulstad was a CM playing for Trust f.e. is giving bans for "proofs" noone know about to whole house beaucose they are too lazy to ban just the persons that abused bugs. There is no bug abuse like slot blocking and stuff like that (Im not telling anyone from our house did smthn like that). Its fault their turned the possibility that only those who declared can attack off... And dont forget that it is clearly illegal to ban and find someone guilty without even engaging with that person

Hjulstad is not a CM, and it is not "illegal" to ban a player without consulting them first. The company has every right to take action against an account per the user agreement that you accepted upon creating said account.


Couple things:
1. We CMs do not join player houses and do not normally participate in Territory Wars. We do not care which house you are in. It isn't relevant to us.

  1. We do not have the power, or the tools needed to pass in-game bans. That is entirely controlled by Customer Support based on the reports they receive.

  2. If a house is banned then that means that Customer Support was provided the necessary evidence to prove that they used exploits during Territory Wars.

  3. MY.GAMES*

20 Aug


Originally posted by Riot_Of_Runeterra

The biggest problem is the lie spouted by Kaeden the worst cm of all in the official announcement "These suspensions cannot be appealed through our Support Team or using any other methods as these abuses are 100% confirmed"

They weren't 100% confirmed. Stop saying some bugs arent real and bans are 100% valid if they aren't that's disgusting.

Please don't speak about Kaedan like that, he is a great CM. He announced what he was told to announce, he didn't lie, and as far as support was concerned at the time, it was 100% confirmed. As I said, this was a particularly tricky one and ultimately required a second look.

19 Aug


I'm not allowed to speak on the specifics of disciplinary actions, but I would still personally like to apologize for what occurred the other day. I think support does a great job at handling these reports and they do try to make absolutely certain that disciplinary action isn't dulled out unnecessarily, but there is always the possibility for these special cases where it can be a bit more complicated. That's why I want you to feel as though you can come to us if you think something like this has occurred. Based on the initial report they received, at the time I think it made sense for them to make the choice they did. Once I had a better understanding of the situation I felt as though there were variables that may not have been considered at the time, and requested it be looked at again.
It was a difficult decision, as it is important to me that everyone is treated with the benefit of the doubt, but I also want you all to feel like you can report your concerns about cheating ...

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