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On 11/9/2021 at 6:00 PM, dreadmage said:

Something that wasn't taught more often... If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it... I think using a persons shortcomings or outside the box thinking isn't worth it... I don't think perma bans would be a thing unless death threats and, or stalking players happens... I'm not trying to be a snowflake or carebear... I'm simply stating none of us really know each other outside the game unless you've guys kicked it in real world for long enough... Some of us are going thru real life hardships and being trolled or bullied in a place that's meant to be fun shouldn't be a thing if you ask me... (I personally have disabilities and have met some bad times at the hands of other people or myself, and for some prick Troll/bully taking time and making an effort to make me not like being me, or how I play... Or as of just not to long ago some person that thinks shapeshifting and vampires are a bad idea in a game that has has hybrid humanoid races) I've helped make a few of the big games that didn't last because of trolls cutting down everything they didn't like or understand... I think that Crowfall has done a lot to offer a game with playstyles in a game that isn't locked behind timesync mech built into the game play... Mostly if you know how the stats, runes, and skills work you can out match higher lvls that aren't min maxed for their stats playstyle... (I don't think I'll be paying anymore time or money, giving ideas, or helping new players with helpful stat info for their spec... If I keep getting trolled in the forum, hasn't happened in game yet but I'm sure I'll run into some asshat that wants to piss off anyone that's having fun or... I'm done ranting about trolls I don't think they should have a place in games.) Out of all the games I've bought and played since I was four, this and Shadowbane have been the only one that I've enjoyed putting my time into and felt the most rewarding out of the mmorpg genre... Thanks for those whom have helped or put some of my ideas for Crowfall into the game I hope I'll still wanting to give my feedback and bug reports in the future (trolls be damned) I'm Glad that we have a game that doesn't take weeks, months, years, to get PvP viable... Anyway good luck and have fun.

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