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An option to Jump immediately into the action will be presented to players as they log in. This will allow players to create an archetype from a curated list, skip a majority of quests, and direct them to what should be concentrated PvP. 

Tech Requests

  • Upon creating a new character, players are prompted to determine if they will create a character with an extended tutorial, or to create an archetype from a set list of archetypes  
    • These archetypes start at level 25 with a preset loadout of race, equipped items, attributes, and talents
    • Archetypes can still be visually customized (body type, face, hair, etc.)
    • After an Archetype is created in this way, it becomes a normal character, appearing in the Characters Tab from that point on
  • New players are immediately launched into character creation after the intro cinematic  (note: the create character button is bypassed on the initial character creation when running the game the first time)
  • Each archetype has a unique Main Quest Line Track (See - NPE Updates)
    • Archetypes do not receive the main quest line track that non-archetype characters do
  • All archetype characters should automatically have the "archetype" adjective on them at all times
    • Design will use this adjective for quest requirements
  • All unguilded archetypes are assigned a random faction when logging into God's Reach for the first time
  • Once a player’s first character (including any archetype) is created, they are automatically placed into a God's Reach server without any need to select it
    • When automatically choosing a God’s Reach server, we should prioritize the lowest latency server for the player
  • When players use a level boost (either the VIP pedestal, or level up tome), all quests from their previous Main Quest Line Track are removed, and then they are granted the Archetype Main Quest Line Track
  • A new quest task is necessary to enforce binding to a hero statue in the Fast Track NPE
    • This quest task should complete whenever the player binds to a hero statue with a specific adjective

UI Flow 

  • When creating a character, players are first presented with the option to create a character with an extended tutorial, or to create an archetype with a faster tutorial before any other options are presented to them
    • It should be clear that creating an archetype is recommended for new players

  • If players select the archetype option, the UI for character creation displays the archetypes players can choose from (we are going to have 6) with a description of each one
    • This replaces the UI where players would choose a race and class if the player had not chosen to create a character from an archetype

    • NOTE: Archetypes are primarily intended for new players. Experienced players who intend to customize their builds to the fullest should create a custom character, and may use a level boost if they wish to
  • Once players select an archetype, they can proceed with visual character customization, choosing their gender, skin/hair color, face, etc.
  • After an Archetype is created in this way, it becomes a regular character and now appears in the Characters tab
  • The Archetype vs. Custom Character choice will now be the first step of every character creation. But the messaging will look different on subsequent visits.


Archetype Questline

  • Upon archetype creation, players are granted a short questline that shows them the ropes of combat and our PvP objectives
    • Quest 1: Use each of your powers on a Target Dummy in the Temple
    • Quest 2: Craft a Bandage (Still from the temple)
    • Quest 3: Explanation of World and Zone Map, sent through a Rune gate to Sky Point
      • The purpose of this quest is to teach players how our map/Rune gates work
    • Quest 4: Bind to a nearby Respawn Statue
      • NOTE: This quest should explain the death mechanic and ask them to bind to a nearby Hero Statue, as it is likely to be their first PvP encounter
    • Quest 5: Try out your powers at a contested Wartribe Camp
      • NOTE: All factions are sent to the same Wartribe Camp in the very center of Sky Point
      • Quest 5: Capture an Enemy Outpost
    • Quest 6: Participate in a Fort Siege
      • This quest explains the Siege Schedule
      • Players only need to enter a Fort Parcel during an active siege to complete the quest
    • Quest 7: Participate in a Keep Siege
      • This quest reinforces the Siege Schedule
      • Players only need to enter a Keep Parcel during an active siege to complete the quest
    • Quest 8: This quest is purely dialog that explains what Dying Worlds are, as well as how to access them
      • This quest will be repeatable, so that players can always read the dialog about moving on to shadow or dregs

God’s Reach Rework

  • GR4 (LowSec) should be removed
    • The small keep, practice fort, and practice range should be added to GR3, where players that do not create archetypes will experience the tutorial about strongholds
  • Keep Parcels now automatically spawn Siege Equipment when a keep siege begins
    • This includes catapults and trebuchets
    • We are only using Large Keeps so that we have enough room for siege equipment
  • Costs to build in Sky Point should be reduced to 20% of the current
    • Buildings can only be built to Rank 1
    • Keep Build Costs should be rebalanced so that all Forts are equally necessary to fully build the keep
  • There should always be a Fort Active in the siege window
    • There should be 6 Forts in Sky Point, two of each type of Fort
  • A Keep should be active in the siege window every other hour
  • Fort/Keep Guards should in Sky Point be downgraded from Group Lieutenants to Solo Boss
  • Sky Point should be reworked to encourage immediate PvP for new players


  • The faction Rune Gates form a triangle in the middle of Sky Point that surrounds a large Wartribe Camp
    • This is the Wartribe Camp from the 4th Quest
  • There are gaps between the Rune gates so that players cannot travel directly between each Rune Gate
  • Each faction has a rune gate and a respawn point within a Safe Zone, which cannot be accessed by other factions (tinted area above)
  • Sky point should include all 8 Hotzone Parcels

Initial Archetype List

  • Damage: Nethari Confessor (Fanatic)
  • Damage: Fae Assassin (Blackguard)
  • Damage: Half Giant Champion (Alpha Warrior)
  • Support: Human Cleric (Crusader)
  • Support: Elken Templar (Paladin)
  • Defense: Stoneborn Knight (Secutor)