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Update 7.600.0

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To report feedback, please go here: Live Server Feedback


To ensure that Strongholds feel more like a “home base” to the faction or guild/alliance that controls them, this update brings a few changes to player protections while inside them.  Outside of the duration of a siege window, whenever a player is inside the walls of a friendly keep or fort they are given a buff “Stronghold Protection” that prevents them from taking damage. The periodic DoT effect that the Keeps used to place on enemies out of siege hours has been removed.

Another goal of this update has been to make the Shadow gameplay more compelling, as this campaign mode is where players should head to after completing the God’s Reach intro. The zones in Shadow Campaigns now have Rank 9-10 harvest nodes. "the level of the NPCs are now 29-35 to be more in line with Dregs and you need to be level 30 to enter. 

  • All forts and keeps in both Dregs and Shadow will always have level 35 guards now
  • Increased Overseer mine buff duration to 45 minutes
  • Enemy players can no longer interact with Fort vendors
  • Fixed fort gate teleporters that would sometimes cause the player to teleport to the wrong side of the gate.
  • Players can no longer place siege weapons in the Overseer's Outpost
  • Shadow small keeps now have a storehouse building type
  • Training dummies added to the Dregs and Shadow Temples
  • The rewards eligibility login time now immediately updates when joining a Shadow campaign for the first time
  • Uncommon and Rare quality vessel vendors have been added to the Temples in Shadow and Dregs campaigns

Rendering and Performance

Added support for Global Illumination. Global Illumination improves lighting by allowing lights to bounce off surfaces in a more realistic way. This can be toggled in settings (Off/Low/High)


  • Added crafting icons for Humerus, Femur, and Enhanced Hand, Eyes, Lungs, Hearts, and Stomachs
  • Crafting - Assembly Difficulty Reduction and Experiment Difficulty Reduction caps set to 50.
  • Increased the Discipline drop rate from crafting stonemasonry buildings and Parcels
  • Limited use Belt accessory items (like the Planishing hammer) should no longer take a durability hit when crafting the ring setting recipe.

Eternal Kingdom

  • Added /ekcheckmaxplayers and /ekdisplayparcelowner to the chat command list.
  • Added the information that the shortcut command for /ekincrementnoblecellcount is /ekincc and the shortcut command for /ekincrementvassaltokencount is /ekivtc.
  • Changed the name of the "All" EK filter in the lobby to "Public Kingdoms."
  • Fixed an issue where moving buildings in an EK could randomly show a placement error after placing the building
  • Fixed an issue where removing a noble from an EK would sometimes not mail every chest on the noble's parcel back to the chests owner's account vault. Any chests that haven't been mailed in the past due to this issue should now get mailed to their owner the next time a player enters the EK.
  • Missing Move and Pick-Up interactions have been fixed for Thatch Manor and Manor
  • Modified some of the error messages that can happen when placing a deed in an EK to clarify why the deed couldn't be placed.


  • Fixed Druid Rewards packages in the NPE to grant more sickles and only grant a staff once the player can reasonably hit level 14
  • Fixed missing banners on the factions gates in sky point gods reach


  • All event toast messages now appear in the chat Events channel as well
  • Fixed an issue where the chat messages would sometimes not display after switching tabs


  • Added a locked message to the season card tooltip for inactive seasons
  • Added a Wildlands zone type icon
  • Added an error message popup when a player tries to collect a bill of sale from a vendor when they have a full inventory
  • Added fade-in/fade-out animations to the credits UI
  • Added streamer option to hide location indicators on the map
    Drop protection stat values were confusing and have thus been removed from the detailed stats list.
  • Adjusted the icons over the heads of the Campaign Vendors to be more accurate
  • Reduced the min font size on map names to fix long names not fitting on one line
  • Reduced the interior red in the equipable item backings to improve readability
  • Updated the Leaderboard's guild member entries to support displaying the guild rank icon next to player names.
  • The ingredient slot outline is now displaying properly for larger items
  • Vault and bank retain their sort setting when switching categories and searches


  • To prevent players from casting spells from Fort Roofs, AoE powers with target circle can no longer be used from the Fort's Roof and deal damage or heal to enemy/ally.
  • Players will no longer hear the Blind Sound effect from powers that they cast on an enemy


  • Corrected an issue where Deadly Poison would activate for Assassin Blackguards when using Deadly Infector Envenom without purchasing the Garrote power
  • Exhaustion’s DoT will no longer break stealth
  • The Blur power no longer has a pip indicator in the icon


  • The damage over time has been increased for the Damnation effect applied by Cleric Spiritual Presence and the Exhaustion effect has been removed


  • Corrected a typo in the Anger Management buff tooltip


  • Fixed a typo in the Spitting Distance buff display
  • Fervor will now display the CC immunity shader if it grants you CC immunity


  • Duelist Ricochet now stacks properly with Spirit Whip
  • Added a queue blackout time to Duelist Ultimates to prevent unintentionally canceling stealth


  • Updated the icon of Icy Veins


  • The Swordsmanship and Mighty Surge descriptions have been updated
  • Fixed the wording of the Oath of Protection tooltip 


  • Brigand Sweep upgrade buff tooltip now indicates the amount of Barrier added on the activation


  • Righteous Smash from Templar’s Reproach combo now grants 5% PHM (previously 25%)


  • Beneficial Harvest buffs icons will now display the correct stat amount modified
  • Energetic Harvesting now uses an abbreviated description when viewed from a harvesting discipline
  • Fixed an issue with the 4th Minor Discipline displaying properly
  • Updated the tooltips for several Domain traits

Banshee Wail

  • Banshee Wail causes damage again, in addition to its existing effects

Dead  Eye

  • The Shredded debuff effect icon now refers to the correct stat


  • Shield Breaker Fixed an issue where Demolisher's Shield breaker passive sometimes didn't work properly with templar's parry

Endure Cold

  • Fixed Endure Cold buff tooltip

Forest Creature

  • Forest Creature Discipline now grants 10% PHM (previously 25%)


  • Dispel and Mass Dispel will now function to remove the Jelly Skin barrier


  • Blind will now trigger the Payback minor discipline

Restoration Strike

  • Mighty Surge no longer increases the damage of Restoration Strike


  • The Recon minor discipline, which grants a power usable only from the stealth tray, is now granted by the Shadow domain only


  • Added a hit SFX per tick of the “keep out” enemy territory debuff
  • Added the ability for players to buy back items that were sold to NPC vendors for gold
  • Combat music now triggers based on the characters in combat state instead of triggering on hits. This will help prevent situations where the combat music is stuck in the wrong on or off state
  • Fixed several interact issues that were introduced by a previous build
  • The group loot settings now all default to Free for All.
  • Increased culling distance on factory buildings
  • Public, Noble, Vassal, Faction, and Guild's chests now have a chest log that shows which players withdrew and deposited items from a chest
  • Tracking and removing a quest from tracking should no longer cause a notification to be sent unless the quest state has also changed
  • You should now be able to review Guillermo's initial quest from the quest log without having to talk to him again


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