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This was not by intention, just something that was missed in implementation and is awaiting engineer time.

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Spring Buffs were put in to make harvesting playable for players with no passive skills trained while they waited for those passive skills to give them the stats they needed to play the game. (We added the other seasons because it seemed like a good counter balance to the Spring Buffs, but in reality it just made fall/winter no fun.)
With the removal of the passive trees (and players now have an active methos to solve any lack of stats problems) there really wasn't a compelling reason to keep them.
Please speak out if there was a system that relied on these buffs that we didn't see as a

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re: the removal of the seasonal debufs in fall and winter

These were removed because they are redundant. We originally put these in long before we had a concept of "the Hunger" spawning in the world. The idea was to make harvesting and gathering more difficult during fall and Winter. The system was a heavy handed stop-gap measure because we didn't have a better way to push that idea. They weren't well explained anywhere (there was nothing in the tutorial, nor tutorial tips that explained them). They had no cosmetic effect. They had no engagement loop for the player. They just were