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We're working on a date for the next Livestream and will post it once it's finalized. 

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Hey All,

We'll be focusing our efforts on 7.200 and 7.300 and have decided we'll push out October's Q & A to November when we'll have much more to discuss with you.  Thanks for understanding! 

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3 hours ago, fouke said:

No Q&A no patch no dregs no shadows.... honestly it's a shame!  hello there YOU LAUNCHED your game 3 months ago, dev time is over you cannot do things like that... 
i'm so sad and angry after almost 6 years of testing i thought ACE team will treat us better... i loved this game but day after day i like it less cause of the devs... 

I'm sorry your sad and angry, we're all working very hard to make this game better each day. Today, we've patched to 7.200, which means Dregs will be announced shortly.  Yes, we launched 3 months ago, and there will always be Dev time as long as we're a live game. Also, it's better for us to take the time to fix show stopping bugs and wait to release an update over updating and players can't proceed since they're hitting a major roadblock due to a bug.