9 days ago - ACE-Tiggs - Direct link

Since the 7.200 Release, there has been some confusion as to the scoring changes for Alliances that were introduced.  While in an Alliance, the Conquest score of subguilds in the Alliance are combined with the Leader of the Alliance to determine the Scoreboard and eventual winners of the campaign.  With this:

  • If an Alliance sub-guild leaves an Alliance, the Conquest points they've accumulated are removed from the Alliance leader.  If that guild were to join a different Alliance, the Conquest points would be added to the other Alliance.  Otherwise, they would remain with that guild.
  • Conquest rewards are only given to the Guild Leader / Officers of the Alliance Leader.  Divine Favor Rewards are given to individual guilds and participants as normal.
  • The intent is that an Alliance can be competitive in Conquest scoring with larger guilds and receive equivalent rewards overall.  In this system, subguilds being eligible for Conquest rewards would have resulted in the Alliance receiving more rewards overall than if a single guild had won them.