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Patchnotes (0.9.1-4)

- Lands don't change anymore within dungeon

- Objects can't be used through walls

- You can no longer roll through doors after /sit

- Dropped artifacts can be looted by all players

- Known lore is no longer zero after selecting character

- Pets/shadow shooter stats scale correctly

- World map no longer disappears after minimizing/tabbing out

- Removed sell price from tooltip

- NPCs drop rewards only once

- Remapped controls are now saved

- Artifact quests are now marked as cleared once you loot the artifact

- Added option to loop music

Added logs for startup and multiplayer widget.

Please send us log_startup.txt if your game doesn't launch.

Please send us log_multiplayer_widget.txt and log_updatefriendslist.txt if your game crashes when opening the multiplayer widget with 'J'.