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It's been addressed ad nauseam, I know, but with the addition the maximum amount of players on HG to 6 has made the fights a little bit harder.

For example: Aether strikers need to be very close and don't have a lot of range, but when there are other 4-5 players focused on the head (without a blunt weapon) my role becomes very difficult and sometimes I go over the back trying to break other parts, dealing less damage overall.

However, the majority of time I don't have the same problem with the Hammer due to his range, luckily.

I don't know how difficult this implementation could be, I'm not a game expert, but if you could do it in Ramsgate then I hope you can also apply the same in HG.

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Hello and happy new year! We still want to keep player collision in the game, but we're adjusting some things in 1.5.2.

Here's a quick preview of the changes as of now (but this could change before patch notes get written).
There are basically 2 changes :
1 - Player vs player collision capsule has a smaller radius (~50% less)
this results in a more forgivable collision when running next to other players
2 - Player collision sliding has been changed so players are not stuck anymore into trees or other players when spear charging.
This should help alleviate some of the friction.