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28 Jan


Just a heads up, this activated a few hours later than planned. "The Pirate Queen's Challenge" quest is a repeatable quest with rams as a reward, but the bounty tokens will be automatically returned when completing a bounty rather than as part of the quest.

27 Jan

26 Jan


Originally posted by Coral_Fishman

I can confirm that the quest drops when breaking the head of an enraged bloodshot shroud. One page on the wiki does incorrectly report that the Gnasher drops the quest. Unfortunately I can also confirm that the bug still exists that doesn't allow you to complete the second part of the quest -- slaying 4 Heroic Razorwing Kharabaks. I slayed one with chain blades and it didn't register. This same bug has existed for many of the other blazeworks rumors so I'm not going to do a lot of experimenting.

Hi Coral_Fishman - I've been testing here and it looks like this quest does progress if you slay a Razorwing Kharabak on Blazeworks correctly (and x2 with chain blades). It doesn't need to be a Heroic, and I'm gonna get that objective updated for a future patch.


Originally posted by Global-String-8564

Switch server connectivity issue. Error communicating with servers on login attempt

We're sorry that some players on Switch are hitting this, we believe we have it resolved for these accounts in the next patch.

25 Jan


Originally posted by Significant_Study783

What console are you on

Hey, just a heads up - The game is cross-platform so you are able to play with people using another platform at the same time. You can also use a single account on different platforms!

24 Jan


Originally posted by Nickollie1

Oh wow, sorry man! YouTube videos are plain wrong then. Thank you for letting me know!

Some of the Blazeworks rumours have had their unlocks or step requirements adjusted over time as we rotated the Behemoths on that island. So they weren't necessarily wrong at the time, they just are now :D

23 Jan


Originally posted by Nickollie1

▪ In-Game Name: NICK-O-LLIE

▪ Type of Bug: Rumour Questline with chainblades on Blazeworks after breaking Gnashers head while enraged does not drop the rumour.

▪ Normal Behavior: Usually, the other blazework rumours did drop on head break while enraged, gnashers did not. I tried it 3 times and it did not drop.

▪ Actual Behavior: No Rumour dropped. I already have the other weapons rumours, I know this line of rumours have to happen in order, which I followed.

▪ System Specs: On PC

▪ Geographic Location: NA

▪ Reproduction Steps: Try completing the rumour on Blazeworks

Hi - the Blazeworks Rumour for Chain Blades does not drop from Gnasher, it drops from Bloodshot Shrowd. Rest of the conditions you were aiming for were correct.

21 Jan

20 Jan


Originally posted by AresThreeFive

In-Game Name: AresThreeFive

Type of Bug: Reward Cache Item

A dye in the style section of the reward cache is called Cerulean but once you purchase it you receive the Hero dye. Possibly one of them is named incorrectly because I couldn't find any info on a dye called Cerulean for the game.

Hero is correct, apologies for the mixup - we're fixing it now.


Originally posted by InternationalPlant86

the newly added cells stays forever? I thought it would be removed when the season ends.

Yes, they stay forever. They go from exclusive to gauntlet during the season to having to get them through The Middleman after the season. This can take a lot of dust and/or time through, so it's much easier to get them during the season if you play gauntlet.


We're looking into improving some of the cases here, especially Karma Breaker for example. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!


Originally posted by Devboy915

'Biggest Hit' tracker adds biggest hit each hunt instead of comparing the values and taking bigger one.

Thanks, looking into this one.


Originally posted by DragonRanger2185

Two bugs I’ve noticed is that no one seems to be showing up as online. I checked the guild I’m in, and even I was showing as offline. The other bug pertains to chat messages. I only tried the quick chat messages, so I don’t know if it’s the same with messages you type yourself, but I get a message saying “Unable to send message”.

Thanks for the report - we're investigating this, looks like an unintended knock-on to another fix we made to the guild tab.


Originally posted by Gluel

So does that mean we'll be able to get these cells next season as random drop too and so on with others?

Yes, you should be able to get the cells in this manner for season 2 when it ends and 3 starts.