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10 May


Originally posted by Ronanatwork

As a person casually working to the crown, will the update lock out Hescas or Heroic Merits in general?
Just wondering just in case since I'm still roughly 9 weeks of Hescas away (not counting this week).

Not sure what our plans are there, but you should have time either way if you hit every week.


Congrats! That's a tough one when not running it in a party, even then it takes dedication.

05 May


Most always build 100% offense. The key to doing Heroic Escalations unless you're REALLY good is to shove a little (or lot) of defense in depending on how good/bad you are.

04 May


Originally posted by Laperen

Is that where the title "Dauntlet" came from?

Decided to do a search, looks like the term was first used in a Twitter post in 2019 that's been deleted so context is lost.

Then JPow used it in 2022 and it just kept gaining traction.

03 May


Originally posted by KnightStorm68

Oops gauntlet

Gauntlet is scaled to 4 players, so if you go in with 1, it'll have the same difficulty as 4. I'd recommend checking out the guild recruitment section of Discord.


Originally posted by Laperen

Are you talking about Trials or Gauntlet?

I had to upvote cause I was calling it Dauntlet in development.

02 May


Originally posted by Karnamyne

Paradox Breaks or whatever its called. Specifically the place where alyra spawns. Alyra annoying af but stage design is so good

Alyra is probably my favorite design. I enjoy trying to get the leg parts while repeatedly getting hoofed in the head. I may have a problem...Maybe one too many hooves to the head.


Confirming Shrowds do often crash land.

01 May


Originally posted by jessiegamer135

Damn I was really hoping it was killer puppy. But I love that koshai is paper đź’€

Don't forget rock and scissors!


Preposterous. Gnasher looks nothing like a beaver.

On an unrelated note: Did you know that Gnashers code name is "Beaver"


Would try the #looking-for-group channel on Discord. Kaltauga is indeed a difficult beasty!


Originally posted by Vegetable-Visit5008

See what?

Thrax...Oh wait...

26 Apr


Originally posted by allusernamesrtaken10

Nerf basion

Big boom fun.

24 Apr


Originally posted by KorrupiKid

I Am Dauntless by Cris Velasco

Can also search it (and Cris) on Spotify!


Originally posted by Correct-Director-777

I always recommend people run this build for HESCA until they are more comfortable with the game.


Good strategy, crit goes well with Frost Hescas for one person as well.


Originally posted by mini_wonton

I use that…

Sweep the leg.


Jokes on you, it always looked like a broom!

23 Apr


Max is 300 total per week in increments, so you need 3* for 300.

However, the short version is you likely spent them unlocking the harder difficulty trials (which costs 300 Steel marks to unlock rather than Combat Merits) this is the only place outside of Lady Luck where you can spend steel marks, and it's a one time thing.

I crossed out likely because it's almost certain and confuses a lot who unlock it without checking the price. There has never been an instance where this wasn't the case.

14 Apr


We're currently having intermittent issues with the official website. We're looking into this, but expect more potential outages over the next few days. Thanks for your patience!

If you have any issues, you can still contact support at https://support.playdauntless.com/hc/en-us Please note that the layout may be hard to read due to these issues, and you may have to re-open the site after logging in to submit a ticket. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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09 Apr


Originally posted by Zblackan

Yes if you can then do so because I’ve spent another 11 hours grinding and the progressing is slow. I tried contacting support but they just said that there isn’t account logs where I’ve haven’t crafted keystone behemoth armor and no reports of missing items. So if you can help please do so.

Sadly, if they're unable to find it it's lost in the aether. Likely just too old and lacking connections :(