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This update brings Escalation Patrols, a free time-limited Event Pass, a new dye rumour, Heroic Frost Escalation, as well as a bunch of balance changes, quality of life changes, and bug fixes.

Heroes of Ostia appeared first on: playdauntless.com.



Originally posted by Bubster101

Sounds reasonable. In a way, this can now let me farm high tier stuff like Shrowd parts or Chronovore while also not letting a single opportunity of xp go to waste.

That's the idea! 😊

03 Aug


Originally posted by PieRomania

Does the XP banked get utilized right after reforging or can you instead use it, say, at level 15?

Current plan is to use it automatically as you reforge. ;)


Originally posted by Archaeron

Is there a limit to how much XP you can bank? I hope it's a small amount, lest the impetus to reforge in order to re-experience content might disappear.

Yes! We're still ironing out the details and the UI, but the current plan is for players to increase that limit by unlocking more nodes on that Slayer's Path branch (similar to the bonus XP branch).
At full unlock, you should be able to store enough to get straight to about lvl 10 after reforging (again though: values aren't locked down and still susceptible to change).


Not ready to reforge your max level weapon? Well, we have good news!We’re adding XP banking to Dauntless.
This system will allow you to save weapon XP to use towards reforging in the future. Each weapon will store its XP separately. Level 20 weapons will store XP after unlocking this feature in the Slayer’s Path.


Thanks for all the feedback, and I do hope you check out the game again. Take a few months away and check back in if you're up for it. We have a lot of content in the pipeline right now (Behemoths, Islands, weapon refreshes, xp banking, and more).

I'm sorry not everything has clicked for you, but I can assure you that the Dauntless team is still passionate about the game. Even if all the latest features weren't for you, they all came from the same desire to make Dauntless better.


Is this 100% repro, or does it display properly sometimes?


Whoops! This is a bug and it's logged.


Hey everyone,

This is obviously not great. I've gone ahead and passed it on to our developers to read over.


Tomorrow's patch notes should please you!

Urska now spends more time on the ground and less time jumping onto pillars.


Originally posted by August21202

Happy cake Day!

oh thank you!


Looks like we missed this in the patch notes, but in 1.7.1, I increased the stagger damage taken by Agarus' arms, with the intention for it to be a more reasonable strategy to focus on them to attempt to stagger it.

02 Aug