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30 Nov

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Let’s talk about the world of the Shattered Isles! Read on to learn how to gain early access to playtests.

The Shattered Isles Dev Blog:The World of the Shattered Isles appeared first on: playdauntless.com.

28 Nov


Originally posted by Kman460

Hi there! I was gonna hop on and play for the first time, but this is happening when I try to load in. My windows is updated, my drivers are updated, and i've restarted, redwonloaded, and verified all my game files many times.

Can anyone explain what my problem is and how to fix it?

My GPU is an AMD radeon 580 if that helps.

Hey there u/Kman460.
I'm sorry this is happening to you! Unfortunately there isn't much we can help you with here on Reddit. As per rule #1, please contact the Dauntless support and they should be able to help you troubleshoot your issue. 👍


16 Nov


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15 Nov


I'll be interested to see what comes of this! Are you working on it for a video essay project? Your own personal understanding of the history? Either way, you are welcome to DM me as well if you need. Best of luck with your hunt for more information on the history of our game.

27 Oct


Originally posted by AspectNo535

Hey, i got an Question to this Year Halloween Event…

Soo me and my Family, Friends, and even GF are playing this Game since couple of Years, we are Biiiig Dark Fantasy Fans and just loove the Spooky Season 🎃👻

So this year im questioning why is this Year Halloween Event so disappointing ? There are no specificly like Halloween Passes out there (except Unseen 15 lvl) nor really all couple of past year Returning Halloween Skins like in Season Hunted Shadows…

Especially we were hyped all yeeear for the Night Hunters Set who was obtainable all year in pass and lately in reward cache…

But this year there are just some normal skin sets added for Halloween…

Veeery disappointed to see how the event turned out after beeing hyped for the Halloween Pass in Spooky Season 2023…

So i guess there isnt anything coming on 31. Oct. ?

I hope my words can reach out to you devs and it can be done something about this…

Happy Halloween, S...

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Hey AspectNo535, happy to hear you love the spooky season!

As mentioned in our initial announcements about The Shattered Isles update, we're currently focusing our dev efforts on the major update patch. As such, there won't be any new content or patches until that is released in Summer 2024. After that, you can definitely look forward to more exciting new content coming your way next year!

We hope you still enjoy the spooky season! We have a Dark Harvest themed Fashion Slayer contest running on social media right now, so be sure to enter that for a chance to win some fun Dark Harvest prizes!


Originally posted by MrHorris

It might be a bit off topic, but is there an attempt to subvert attempts to min/max these things? The perk meta has been a solved equation ever since gear was standardized to +3, we have easy access to algorithms that do the build-craft for us. Is this form of build-craft that allows you to get exactly what you want whenever you want going to be the status quo?

I love the idea of simplified perks, but I'm worried it will be the same end-result of "stack perks for 10 might and 10 critical with this tool!"

First, the +3 standardization will no longer be the case. Perk activation thresholds will be different based on the strength and value of a Perk. That said, this is still fairly solvable. Where some decision making comes in, is that very few perks just grant MIGHT or CRITICAL directly. They have conditions which grant stacks. Is it worth it to have the bare minimum perks that, in a perfect world with all conditions met, could reach the cap, or is it better to have a bit more than that, possibly exceeding the cap, but making it possible to reach that cap faster in a fight?

Ultimately, I expect metas to develop and settle just as they have today, but I'm hoping that these changes still offer more avenues to reaching that meta that give you places to customize and put your personal spin on it. The meta may be 10 MIGHT, 10 CRITICAL, but every weapon may want to reach that differently. The Hunger, for example, has natural stacks of CRITICAL built in. A fully talented upgraded Hu...

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Originally posted by Coffeethirst

Great point- a lot of what a player sees can attribute to what they know. Will there be changes to deep wound to make it visual? Other debuffs are visually represented, and with some fine tuning might not even need an actual timer at all, which could add to the difficulty and immersion. Say something like “The fire is almost out, now I need to roll one or two more times” or “The static has almost faded, I should be able to use consumables in a second”

I have vetted this with anyone, but I'm going to try to remove wound (the debuff on the player) from the game.


Originally posted by Bok408

Lol you could just divide Pulse into 6 different cells and then toss them all in the cell pool, or create individual cells based on the actually used ones like this. This really does seem like a cell that is hard to deal with. It might also be an option to allow players to change themselves what hit the pulse perk will activate (every hit of course :)), but that might lead to another set of problems down the road.

I liked pulse, but can understand if it does not survive the change. Hopefully you will find ways to salvage some of the harder to update ones though.

Pulse is exactly that, hard to deal with, but also very cool. I genuinely believe Pulse is one of the better Cells we've made from a pure design standpoint, so I definitely want to try to save it through these changes.


Originally posted by Cpt_Maelstrom

  1. Conditional cells with "extreme" stats still gonna exist? Because with the capped stats, those doesnt really have a place. Savagery for example. Savagery alone would give 10 stacks (lets assume thats actually the cap) so instead running 3-4 dmg perks which adds up to 10 stacks (or even more for consistency), you can just run savagery. BUT, as savagery is conditional and you have no dmg before wound, it would be better to just run as many dmg cells with the least amount of condition (tenacious / adrenaline / rage / predator) and just fully ignore all the utility perks (hp / resist / stamina)
  2. Since hunts becomes longer, does wound gets some touch? (Such as aether rush / wound duration) Because even in the prime time of powercreep, wound (and overpower) is just not viable in high lvl due to their lack of uptime.
  3. The blog forgot to mention shield. I assume that supposed to fall into the VITALITY category? So vitality gives both HP and Shield? And why DEFENSE cat...
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I'll try to give some brief answers to most of these! Thanks for the question!

1) This will largely be balanced through perk requirements. The threshold to activate Savagery, which is much more conditional, would be lower than the threshold to activate a more reliable perk.

2) Wounds definitely need to be addressed here. Duration at minimum. I don't have answers yet about what we are doing it, but it's on my list of tasks to look at before we make this patch.

3) Shields remain shields. They will be a blue portion of your health bar, as they have been. Still settling on caps for it, but they will likely no longer expire, but have caps. (Per source? Probably) And won't be part of the buff bar.

4) Many Perks that do things other than add stats will still exist more or less as they are. Catalyst, Energized, etc, are unchanged (Beyond being moved to a single value instead of 6 separate values, with an activation threshold)

5) We're leaning more to...

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Originally posted by Darthplagueis13

1: Does that mean certain kinds of buff are going to always be fused together? I.e. attack speed always coming alongside movement speed or stamina recovery also always affecting max stamina?

2: How will this work with skill tiers? Like, the blog suggests that Predator at max rank might provide 3 stacks of might. How do you spread those 3 stacks across 6 tiers? Half stacks?

3: More generally speaking, how heavily do you anticipate this to affect game balance? For instance, capping damage increases to 100% through 10 stacks of might may very drastically affect kill times in harder content such as Heroic Escalations and has the potential to completely shake up the meta as previous builds might exceed caps and be made inefficient as a result.

1: Yes, this is the case. Attack speed and Movement Speed now go hand in hand, and sources of one are sources of both. Max Stamina and Stamina recovery speed are also tied together now. Weapons should be better about taking advantage of the bigger stamina pools.

2: While we will go into this more when we get to a blog on Armour and Perks, we are removing skill tiers from Perks. Perks will now be active, or inactive, with different perks having different thresholds. Predator for example, a powerful and desirable perk will likely have an activation threshold of 6. Medic meanwhile, as a party supporting utility ability would only require 2 points to activate. Having less or more than the activation threshold has no benefit. Part of this is to ensure we can make both weaker and more powerful perks, but balance them meaningfully against each other.

3: This is almost certainly going to affect balance, we'll be doing extensive playtesting before this launches, and continue...

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Originally posted by HasenzahnX

What happens if i have +100% crit damage (10 stacks of critical) from impulse and like 30% crit chance (3 stacks of critical) from galvanized, i would have 13/10 stacks.

This would not be possible. Any stacks gained above 10 would only refresh the stack, but not add beyond it. When looking at your build, we hope you'll consider the sources of CRITICAL and how reliably they will let you reach 10 stacks. Once you feel your build is in a place it will hit that cap comfortably, use some of that Perk economy to gain stacks of MIGHT, or SPEED, or even VITALITY!


Originally posted by Coffeethirst

It seemed clear to me. What is the direction with this? Is the point to have more build uptime across the board to increase player satisfaction and make us stronger for the newly upping difficulty of behemoths? Because it seems that if done right, it will be fairly consistent to build to high stack counts and stay there.

That is a part of it. But part of it too was just about ensuring all buffs that grant same or similar effects now channel into one singular source that can be 'keyworded' around, to be used by Weapons, behemoths, amps and more. This opens up development opportunities, and gives player clarity.


Originally posted by Firefly_Girl2016

I am concerned about how the Buffs /perks will actually work, but also concerned that there will no longer be a Dauntless to play as of February 2024.

Also, if these very rude Gantlet titles continue, many of us loyal Slayers that have hung in there all this time, may leave.

Oh that's good feedback, thanks for dropping it. They're intended to be fun - since there are so many seasons, we decided to have fun with some of them.

Next season's titles are

Top 5
Top 100

But after that we get back into the cool with



Originally posted by Coffeethirst

Is the point of the system to give buffs new icons, or is the buff system as a whole being reworked? Most buffs that get applied to me on a regular basis can’t easily be “stacked” into a single icon. This is especially apparent in escalations. (Frost being the main offender)

Escalations are definitely a challenge, as the source of by far the most random icons that end up in the bar up there. This is on me, I made almost every Escalation amp in the game!

But where possible we are still converting them into the new system, otherwise, we're doing a lot more 'action -> reaction' based changes. So for example, there is currently a fairly unnecessary buff stack that shows up while you have Thunderous Mantle that builds up while sprinting, but this can be clearly shown by the appearance of the lightning VFX around the character to show you have reached enough sprint time to get the damage bonus.

A lot of this is about cleaning up that buff bar so that it only contains actually relevant information, and all of that information is immediately understandable.


Originally posted by Genata339

I tried to reach out to both you and Danielle on discord but got no response.

I see it now - be sure to drop the bug report or the feedback in the first message so we know it's from a player!


Originally posted by Coffeethirst

How will I be able to tell how much time remaining versus stacks I have? For instance, I could have 30 seconds of speed 2 from Grace remaining, but my Assassin’s Fury 3 stacks of speed are about to run out- how will I be able to tell which stacks I’m losing when.

These are no longer separate Stacks. Both of these add to SPEED, and SPEED is universal. If your Assassin's Fury adds a stack of SPEED, it will refresh the duration and increase the SPEED count by 1. The system no longer cares which perk was the source, nor does it deal in separate cooldowns and durations for every stack. You have one stack that increments and decrements one at a time.

If the duration for a SPEED stack is 30 seconds (defined by SPEED, not by individual perks) and you have 6 stacks of SPEED, then when that duration ends, you will drop to 5 SPEED, and the countdown will begin again back at 30 seconds, rather than the whole stack falling off at once.

Hopefully this is clear!


Originally posted by Coffeethirst

I think it could be an easy UI change. If the new 6 buffs are color coordinated (which would make sense to begin with since it goes in the direction of clarifying at a glance) you could have just above a players health bar 6 orbs with their numbered values inside, so that I can see if my teammate really needs my shrike lantern boost or if he’s already at +10 speed. A rework of teammate healthbars could also be useful in general- checking to see how many flasks/syringes my friends have.

easy UI change.. the cursed sentence haha

very cool ideas though


Originally posted by TogglingTyrant

Will all current cells be stackable or fall into one of the six categories?

Wherever possible, all current Perks are being converted into this system yes. Some perks do things outside of this, for example, Strategist which grants shields after dodging through an attack. But any Perk that impacts your Damage, Move Speed, Attack Speed, Crit chance, Crit Damage, Stamina, Stamina Regen, Damage Resistance, etc will be converted.


Originally posted by Historical_Durian138

Will all temporary buffs last the exact same time or do they have different durations?

By default right now all temporary buffs last 30 seconds per stack. That is to say, stacks fall off one at a time. If your at 10 MIGHT (say 4 permanent, and 6 temp stacks), after 30 seconds one stack will fall off and you'll now be at 9 MIGHT. This will continue to tick off 30 seconds at a time until you fall to 4.