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It doesn't actually use the avian rig, but a modified Torg rig, and IIRC the devs said every keystone had a unique rig made for it (which surprised me because I thought Torg and Malk used a modified avian rig).

This is the correct answer. The best way to tell is if you see the same animation on two different behemoths. We actually share skeletons more for the shared animation benefit than saving time building a new skeleton. For example Sahvyt uses Torg's loco, pivots, stagger, and death animations. If we had to make all of those from scratch it would take almost twice as long to make a new behemoth.


This is the first new mid-game we've done in a while. The difficulty may be adjusted, but overall, it isn't meant to be a steep challenge.

That being said, we will look at the data to see how many people are dying/winning compared to other enemies in the same difficulty area.


Thanks for sharing! We're going through all the feedback now.


Thanks for your feedback! We're currently combing through posts and data now.


Should have this fixed soon! We had some flashing lights and had to disable it for now.


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follow up- when will the behe lore be added for sahvyt

Next patch!

04 Dec


Thanks! Sahvyt has been my absolute favorite behemoth to write for, and there’s been a lot of them! With the help and inspiration from Dom (designer) and Derek (sound designer), we came up with a style that’s unique for this creature. The two main influences were gamelan and Bulgarian choir.


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In game name: Draculaska

Bug type: chain blade weapon resource

Expected behavior: momentum bar fills with successful attacks

Actual behavior: momentum bar gets "stuck" at full but doesn't actually fill the dots

Reproduction: unsure, but it consistently happens in hunting grounds, usually during a fight.

Geographic location: Alaska, USA

Hey there! We are updating the Chainblade HUD UI in our next patch 1.8.4 :)


Originally posted by bigshrimp11

Whenever I try to enter Paradox Break it puts me back to the island select screen every time I tried it happened.

Yes, this is currently expected due to a fix we did to prevent a bad visual issue on Switch. Unfortunately the fix affects all platforms. Please see this link for more context.


03 Dec


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yeah i kill all legendary behomoth like Malk Agarus urska torga thrax and finally the chrono and don't get the trophy same for get 4 daily challenge i finish like 25 chall and no trophy for that too

This should all be fixed now but you will need to redo activity to get the trophies. I'm very sorry about that.


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I have it everywhere in the ramsgate.. during hunts.. its mostly when im running.. when i restart the game its gone for a while but after a couple minutes its back

Oh! That's much more severe than what I am aware of. Would you please reach out to customer support so we can dig in further?


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When will this 1.8.4 take place? I cant imagion playing like this for weeks.. and maybe it will break the sound on my tv or headset 😵 further the ps5 update looks awesome very nice graphics ❤

We're aiming to have 1.8.4 Live on December 16!

Thank you for the compliment on the graphics! I'll give that to the team. I'm very sorry about the audio issue :(

EDIT: Would you mind telling me where that cracking/popping sound is happening in game? I want to make sure we include that in testing :)


Originally posted by ElPicaso11

Type of bug: Nayzaga's Spikes are not showing up as it's original element.

Expected behavior: I have not used it yet I just noticed it. I can update and let you guys know what happens?

System Specs: Nintendo Switch

I would appreciate an update when you can get one :D


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In-Game Name: h0ly_hitmark3rs

Type of Bug: Cosmetic / Visual cannot make progress for "En-IH1 Demolition Order" Rumor quest in the first step because I need to hand in exploration merits, which have been merged recently. maybe check all other protector rumors too

Expected behavior: make progress in rumor step

Actual behavior: can't make progress due to exploration merits being removed

Screenshot/Clip: https://imgur.com/a/2ubTx6K

we are aware and have a fix in our next release!


Originally posted by Sarkastikor

In-game Name: Sarkastik Bandit

Type of Bug: Queueing.

Expected behavior: The game continues to queue as normal and finds me a hunt eventually

Actual behavior: After about 8 seconds have passed queueing, it will automatically cancel. If the search happens to finish before 8 seconds everything goes to normal

Reproduction rate: Occurs 10/10 times.

Geographic location: Netherlands, EU.

Hi there. If you are trying to matchmake to Frost Escalation or Paradox Breaks, it will auto cancel. It is a temporary fix for an issue on Switch. More details here https://twitter.com/PlayDauntless/status/1466861621649813510?s=20


Originally posted by KenKerNoobS

Sound bug in game while moving

Anyone else expiring a cracking/popping sound on the new ps5 version? Its every once in a while not when im standing stil only when im running never heard it since yesterday..

This is due to some changes we made on PS5 for 3d Audio. It'll be fixed up in 1.8.4 :)