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27 Oct


Originally posted by HauntedBalloon

Started after the Dark harvest event update.

In-Game Name: HauntedIceCloud Type of bug: repeaters

Expected behavior: Hold m1 to continuously shoot.

Actual behavior: repeaters stop firing randomly

Screenshot/Clip: None, as it could look like I just let go of m1.

Reproduction Rate/Steps: Not sure how to replicate it exactly but it happens 1/5 times roughly so it shouldn’t be difficult.

System Specs: 60 mbps internet speed, Windows 10,Ryzen 5 2600, Nvidia Zotac 2060.

Geographic location: Canada

Session ID: (Optional). None

repeaters stop firing randomly

Thank you! This is logged and being worked on!

26 Oct


The wings. The beard. The eyes. SO cute.


Halloween is the BEST time of year!


Thanks for pointing this out. We're logging it now!


Instances of Ramsgate may take a bit to expire and replaced by Dark Harvest.

If you're not seeing it right away, hang in there!


Like the Unseen, we’re everywhere, always watching...

...also as Tinouti said, the dickbutt is always a clear giveaway :)

25 Oct


A couple of us have our gold crown, and most of us are playing the game casually. You know, escalation, Hunt Passes, etc. But we also do a lot of playtesting on dev builds, and after playing with all the cool new stuff that we have in development, it's sometimes hard to go back to the live game. :D

But if you see a "Dev team" or "Lobster" title, a Phxlabs logo on a banner, or a dickbutt flare, that means there's a Dev around. ;)

24 Oct


Haha, that's some hot repeater DPS! I can't take credit for this one, when you folks let me know I just poked the person who handles weapon UEs and he fixed it!

23 Oct

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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