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Originally posted by FluffyPhoenix

I'm always around in the evenings for those Heroics. Wait, my name isn't Goats here.

Thanks! I just did one with random public queue for this weeks (Bold on Chronovore, I know). I got 2 other people and we smashed it though!


Beta tester still here! I still haven't maxed Slayer's Path though. I neglected sword reforges, though I'm hoping I find time to finish or get most of it this weekend, and I still need to unlock the Crown of Many Colors.

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Originally posted by Upper-War-1655

I don't know if it's just me but the quest to get the Shrike and Embermane Trophies is only tracking the Shrike trophies and not the Embername trophies so I am unable to complete it. I have tried switching weapons, fighting various Embermanes and their versions, and tried fighting all of the above closer to my character's level. Also tried resetting the game. I am on PS4.

Sorry about that, we've added instructions here to contact us and get the issue with The First Slayer I quest resolved.


⚔️ Hey Slayers, some of you may be experiencing progression issues on the "First Slayer I" quest. If you are affected, please contact Support via


so that we can help resolve the issue for you. ⚔️

18 May


We are working hard to quickly resolve live issues.

For more help or assistance with your account, contact Dauntless Player Support.

- Phoenix Labs Development Team

Greetings Slayers!

With every patch comes unforeseen bugs. Until the next patch is released, this will be the place to post your reports on bugs or other technical issues. These Megathreads provide both the developers and the community a consolidated place to track current and pending issues.


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