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New rumours, quests, Slayer's Path nodes, and Event Passes come to Dauntless alongside a handful of bug fixes.

Patch 1.5.2 appeared first on: playdauntless.com.


At the current rate, aethersparks were quickly losing value. This was due to the amount being earned was much higher than the amount being used.

The plan for aethersparkes was for them to be an optional premium currency. The goal was to make sure that players could always progress, but if they wanted to speed up the process, they could. At the rate the economy was going, they would have been meaningless before long.

As with all f2p games, we'll always have avenues for players to spend if they so desire, but it's our goal to make sure that it's never mandatory and always fair.

I hope this adds some clarity :D


Originally posted by deathbladeishere

well they want people to buy the sparks

We're not trying to hide this fact, to be honest. Aethershards were always intended to have a monetary value and the current tuning was making them near worthless.

Our game is f2p and that means that there will always be avenues for paying players if they so desire, and we strive to make these avenues completely optional.

Hope you understand :)


Originally posted by WIIU_Awesome

They are trying in every way to milk money...so yeah this is a move for that.

Hey! So the purpose here is to tweak the intake of aethershards so that it doesn't exceed the output. The reason is to make sure that this currency has value.

Yes, it is a premium currency, but the goal was/is to allow players to collect it on their own for free (even if it takes a bit longer). We see this as an optional purchase that allows players to progress faster if they want.

Bottom line, if we left it as is, aethershards would be worthless, which isn't their intended purpose.


Originally posted by vladolak

I think you should reword that "we lowered the amount gained so youll be more inclined to purchase them from the store". :/

Yes, aethersparks are a premium currency so we want to make sure that they have a sense of value. If players are getting more than they spend, they don't serve a purpose at all.

That being said, the goal is to always allow players to take their time and collect them for free as well. This is just tuning to make sure that the economy is working as intended.



Regarding aetherspark reduction:

We noticed that many players are gaining an excess of the currency. By the time players are ready to reforge, they have much more than they need. In order to keep the economy healthy and not completely flooded with sparks, we have reduced the amount.


We're currently discussing the future of exotics right now. We're aware that they aren't in an ideal place.

Before we get to them, we still have work to do on wounding, cells, and Trials though,


Originally posted by llMadmanll

Wait, so this is a straight up skraev deviant?

It's just an extra spooky looking one :D


Originally posted by Charetta

More multiple Event Passes? There is a Vault, please use it for past Hunt Passes.

We got you.


We're still working out the details on how it will work, but we'll be sure to let you know soon!


This bug is fixed in the next patch. Expect patch notes this afternoon!


Turns out this will be addressed in 1.5.2.

Expect patch notes later today!


Omg I love it so much

19 Jan


Hey, thanks for pointing this out. Currently, fauna doesn't scale as Behemoth's do. It's something that's been brought up in the studio and we're discussing it.

For now, they're a little... intense.

When do they post?

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