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Stamina has been a hot topic in the dauntless community for as long as the game has gone on. I think we need to introduce solutions to gain stamina that are interactive and not just standing around. Waiting isn’t fun nor is it skillful gameplay.

I purpose something along the lines of the nimble cell being applied to all slayers. If you dodge hear the noise saying you did a dodge correctly stamina is restored. This rewards player skill and makes stamina a more interactive element without costing any perk economy. In addition I think a player should be able to dodge without any stamina but if it doesn’t dodge through something it goes on a cool down for a long time. That way a skilled player who times it correctly can feel rewarded and players who fail this are only back to how it’s always been as their punishment.

This is just a suggestion to better the dauntless stamina management in a fun interesting and interactive way. I was thinking of games like Nioh 2 when coming up with this solution. There aggressive players get punished but aggressive skilled players with timing get rewarded. I think this could make a lot of slayers happy.

Please leave thoughts below on what you think :) With the recent bug fix to chain blades I thought this might be the time to talk about the real reason people enjoyed that bug and chain blades as a whole. Being able to dodge more lol

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Thanks for sharing. We’ve been talking about stamina lately and agree that it’s not in the best spot right now. Would love more feedback from players. What would everyone like to see changed?

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Originally posted by Dauntless-stye

like they said it'd be nice if if the player dodges perfectly they don't lose stam or something, this makes it so those who learned to dodge efficiently get rewarded by not having to do the walk of shame as the behemoth relocates

maybe even boosting atk speed for like 5 secs after a perfect dodge so you can get back into doing combo's to the behe quick

This is purely me but I think some mobility cells are good (like one the reduces dodge cost or another the increase movement speed after a dodge to relocate) , but its not worth a build slot, would be nice if they'd just be moved to the slayer's path as a new branch (with some changes like the effects only apply after a perfect dodge and just clicking dodge does nothing) or something. I'm prolly the only one who thinks this would be nice, but tbh mobiliy cells are just weird, not worth enough in a fight to sacrifice anything but nice it there when maybe gathering stuff

Mobility cells are indeed not in a great spot right now. We are hoping to tweak them in an upcoming update for when we release the Windfury Omnicell that will synergize with all mobility perks.

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Originally posted by WIIU_Awesome

Replace. But they said they will buff hold lantern abilities because of it

That's correct. We're going to be removing the lantern tap abilities, although some of the mechanics (but not all) are being combined into the hold ability. For example, the current prototype has the Koshai lantern hold teleport you and give you 15% lifesteal for 10 seconds, and the Skarn lantern does AoE Terra damage over 10 seconds and generates shields every second over the duration.

But for some, like the Drask lantern, we're dropping the damage boost entirely and making it just do way more damage on hold.

We want to simplify lanterns a little bit to make the cognitive load a little lighter because we want the Omnicell ability to take more of that space. All the Omnicell abilities are powerful and generally have an element of tactical decision making. Simplifying the lanterns also gives us more design space to make more lanterns, which we've wanted to do for a while.

But we'll be listening to the feedback closely to see what players think and we can always adjust based on how things play out.

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Originally posted by Darthplagueis13

I feel like one issue with Stamina is that the attacks that actually cost stamina often don't feel all that rewarding compared to the other basic combos. Like, CB chain swings, or the repeated strikes combo with the axe.

I agree with the OP that there should be some kind of method of directly restoring stamina in combat because sometimes you find yourself low and are struggling to get back up because the Behemoth is just being spammy so you kind of just stumble from one dodge into the next which doesn't feel great.

Thanks. Yeah I can definitely agree that the "stamina dumping" moves are not in a great place right now.

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Originally posted by ironswiftman14

Personally I don’t care for lantern holds I only care about the the taps and completely removing I think isn’t going to go well

Is it specifically the input that is easier to use or you just like the abilities that happen to be on the taps?