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That's it. Thanks for the update PHXL. I'm dead serious. While some "beta" players are whining here because their belowed low life meta is gone i'd like to thank you for your efforts. Yes, there is a couple of problems that still not entirely clear for me (shield cap, skarn weapon UE on a lantern use) but overall it's a great balance update and now we have a bit more room to build our stuff.

Heroic escalations are fine, behemoths are dmg sponges but i believe it should be that way because it's 51-90. Since i've beated it, now 1st behemoth serves to me as a DPS dummy to test some of the builds. (because you can't wound or stagger the dummy on a training island and you can't toggle the "Dodged through an attack" stance). But Boreus is really need a little tuning with shields.

Omnicells are good too, at least you can somewhat diverce your builds and playstyle to what you want. For me it's facetanking through everything so Iceborne it is. I'm looking forward for a new omnicells.

Cell balancing and Attack Speed buffs are good enough, as an Axe main with full life build i had a whopping 12% AS buff, free cell slot and +100 HP more without drawbacks.

Rage is fine, you actually need to trigger it now every 15 seconds (if maxed out) and it's a nice damage buff without overshadowing a flawless playstyle.

Assasins Frenzy is actually fine too if you're playing solo up untill the trials and Hesca. Part breaks in any of non endgame contern are pretty usual so you can maintain your AS buff for a very long time.

I don't want to write a poem here so i'll stop there. The only thing i wanna to whine: Fix the cosmetics physics pls, some of the body costumes and helmets has mind of it's own.

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Thanks for the feedback! Really glad you like the update.

Two pieces of good news for you: Boreus will be removed from Heroic Escas in 1.7.1 until we can tweak it AND we're working on cloth physics right now with fixes slated for 1.7.1.

Other than that, expect more fine tuning around balance as we take in feedback and look at data :)

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Thanks for the feedback!