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Omnicells will change the current lantern and cell formula. Right now, we have four Omnicells that fit into a new unique slot in a player’s loadout. Each one of these cells provides an exciting player fantasy by granting a signature passive buff alongside a unique tap ability.

These new active tap abilities will replace the current lantern tap abilities. We’re currently rebalancing cells and lanterns around this change, so expect many balance adjustments. For starters, all lantern hold abilities will be much stronger.

*The following is still in development and may change\*

Discipline is for players who want a high risk, high reward play style.

Passive: Limited health and reduced healing

Active Tap: A parrying punch that adds stacks of increased crit damage

Bastion is for players who want offensive and defensive versatility.

Passive: Increases all shields received, replaces some health with a regenerating shield

Active Tap: Leaping slam attack spends your shields for damage

Iceborne is for players who want to be indestructible.

Passive: Increases health, reduces damage, and adds life steal

Active Tap: Thrown Icelance projectile that damages and provides invulnerability

Windfury is for players who want high mobility and attack speed.

Passive: Increases damage for every mobility perk applied. Successful dodges add an active tap stack.

Active Tap: Teleport a short distance and deal AOE damage on exit.

You may notice that some of these cells were previously in game. We took build defining cells like Iceborne and Discipline and converted them to Omnicells. We believe all four Omnicells represent a core power fantasy that defines a Slayer’s play style, and these are just the beginning. We intend to roll out Discipline, Bastion, and Iceborne first. Windfury will follow. After that, we will be exploring more Omnicells!

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Originally posted by DaBoss-1095

Limited health and reduced healing? The Discipline-Omnicell's Tap Ability should be hella strong if the passive is this negative 😅 I mean, all the others have positive passives...

This is a bit out of date. We've been iterating on this and the Discipline passive will give you raw Crit Damage as well.

Heads up, everyone! We'll be testing these Omnicells in a playtest starting tomorrow on our ETR realm on Epic. We'll be collecting feedback over the weekend to see how players enjoy them.

Keep an eye on your in-game messaging tomorrow.

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Originally posted by CheapPoison

Not being an ass here, right. But, are you kidding?

If not, little pointer ^

Being at limited health has great synergy with a ton of things that give you a ton of bonusses if you are below 50% hp. All the best build run a cell that already does that because the bonusses you can get from being permanently at 50% are better than anything else.

That is to say, this might work slightly differently, but it's likely that this is just pouring these options into arch types and letting players pick between them without much change.

The unique ability for each Omnicell should give you a fun new tool to use on the battlefield. That combined with an extra perk slot or two should open up more build options. Let us know what you think.

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Originally posted by tehMorag

RIP Iceborne and Discipline combo 😭

That is a great combo but with the extra perk economy you get by making those cells Omnicells that are just a brand new added slot, we think you’ll have plenty of options to add defensive options into your build if you need it. But let us know what you think!