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I played 3 rounds only so far. I am not a hardcore competitive player but i still play very good and overthink my builds (self praise i know but this is just how i see myself). Those Omnicells (i use the frost spear one) do pretty good in my opinion and by switching from skarn lantern to koshai lantern i managed to play more with life steal instead of shields after skarn lantern gives no shields anymore. Back to the topic. In those 3 rounds i had to experience that boreus just kills the entire run without you being able to do anything. The problem is that this escalation number (dont know how its called) rises depending on the danger meter. And due to its shield the fight takes so long that both times i had a boreus encounter the danger was on 100% when its lifepoins were still on 75%. Both times this was during the first battle. In the third esca i got a nayzaga as first enemy then i realized: The problem is actually the first round (and boreus only makes it worse) Thats the story so far. Now i will explain why the first is a problem (i only think thats the reason its only based on my experiences) In escalations we only get power boosts when we pick up the charged aether after every battle. So at the beginning the behemoth has the strength of a behemoth in the fourth round of 10-50 esca. On 10-50 we would have three buffs at this difficulty but on heroic we have nothing. Thats ok i can live with this because i can dodge very good and i can outheal the damage i take. But one enemy stat can not be reached with only skill. The HP. During the first round your damage is nothing compared to the behemoths HP so the fight just takes too long. I think this is the reason because with every battle the fights even became easier (still challenging but i was able to beat them without reaching max danger). And probably the first battle is not supposed to be the hardest.

I am not a game developer but i think i have a solution for this Let us pick up one more escalation ability before the first round and nerf the power boost a bit (this should make the first battle easier but the other ones still not too easy)

Or just nerf Behemoths HP during escalations (also just a bit)

And one last thing: Boreus' shield doesnt make the battle harder only longer I think it needs a full rework like the warpike got

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We're removing Boreus from the Heroic Escalation hunt pool for the time being as of 1.7.1