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I tracked the crafting materials for Koshai's Bloom lantern, then I completed it and crafted it, now there is no option for me to untrack it like I would weapons/armor. For weapons/armor, I can track/untrack anything I've crafted or not from Wils/Moyra's crafting menus. But when I go to Arkan Drew to the lantern crafting menu

, there is no such "untrack" option for any lanterns, just Equip. AFAIK, there is no other method for toggling tracking in the game other than the NPC's crafting menu, which brings me to my main point...

Allow Slayers to track/untrack crafting items' material gathering progress from the Quests & Progression menu like we can missions/rumors!!!

As it stands right now, I'm pretty sure I could categorize this as a bug, but I wanted to see if anyone figured out a way to untrack already-crafted lanterns yet before I submit yet again another bug report (I've already done 3 today, so I don't wanna seem like a doucher :/)

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12 days ago - /u/Proteus505 - Direct link

Thanks for letting us know. We can take a look.