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Maybe one with vents that blast us up to a really high peak for the starting point to eagle-dive from. Or just a free for all glider jungle gym with scattered obstacles everywhere :p

*If any of you have flown from the highest points of current islands like in Frostmarch and also participated in Genshin Impact's glider time trials, you will know how fun it can possibly be. If events are too much, maybe make the starting point of the next island a cliff's edge or mountain peak, or include a downward escalation with gliding enabled. If not, seasonal races can be held, with speed and stamina management in effect with regards to equipment perks, cells and consumables used. Gliding skills can be pushed to the limits; including free diving only to pull out just before hitting the ground, deactivating the glider mid flight to turn 180 degrees faster midair before scrambling to redeploy it again (this will mean moments of backwards flying from the screen's pov), inclusion of boosters and projectiles like in Mario Kart (but from Dauntless content of course, such as strategically-placed vents, iceborne's lance etc.) The list goes on. Categories apart from pvp timed races/shortest time can extend to longest non-stop flight, fulfilling individual stunts (guided by tunnels, bars, hoops, obstacles, landing zone, maybe wisps for points etc.) or completing full, difficulty-ranked obstacle courses. Most of the base necessary mechanics are already inbuilt in Dauntless, and the events can take place on slightly modified existing islands

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SO uh, we may or may not be working on something like this... Stay tuned :)