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ive been playing dauntless for quite some time now and wanted to give some feedback.

dauntless is an amazing game but right now i feel like many people stop playing it after a certain amount of time. my theory of the reason why isnt that there arent enough behemoths or levels,

i feel like there isnt enough going on for each one. a lance is a lance whether i reforged 20 times or not and so is killing malkarion for the hundreth time, it just gets repetative.

one of the best things you did was add omnicells which provide a wide variety of playstyles to chose from, that in turn will mean more players willl feel like there is more to explore and that they are more special for making their build and playing thier way.

i think you should build on that feature, adding more omnicells, maybe add mods for each omnicell, perhaps even a little skill tree for each one making them as much of a style definer as weapons are.

add more possibilities and skills maybe a special little slayer path for eachweapon unlocking new combos and abilities, dauntless's potential is endless but it needs to focus more on variety than just another behemoth or boss level. pheonix labs, take dauntless to a whole other level, i believe in you guys.

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Thanks for the feedback! We're doing our best to put out more omnicells, Behemoths, and environments! We want to expand on content as fast as possible, so stick around :D