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I’ve completed the excessively long frost warden armor plate quest line and I’m finally at the last part. This part requires me to kill 3 specific behemoths under the conditions that 2 of them are enraged when killed and 1 is both enraged and aether charged when killed.

I just hopped back onto dauntless after a break since the aether punk battle pass. A lot has changed and both for the better but also for the worse. I believe that hunting grounds is a fantastic idea but the removal of solo hunts made pretty much no sense.

If you’re going to remove solo hunts from the game, you need to adjust the requirements of quests like these to not be so specific.

I mean seriously I’ve spent more time trying to even FIND the behemoths I need to kill than I have fighting them. That doesn’t make me want to keep playing. Even when I find the behemoths 5 more newbies come to the fight and make it 10x more difficult than if I just soloed it.

I love the direction the game is heading but solo hunts need to be mandatory feature or thousands of players are going to move on to new games and stop buying battle passes.

EDIT: I have a couple ideas that could fix this issue without needing to change all that much. Why don’t we either A. Have a solo hunting grounds and/or B. Why don’t they just add a new npc that sells special items/bait that you can put down in certain islands that attracts specific behemoths. That way you can farm the behemoth you want without having to hope it spawns in when most of the time I’ve found certain ones barely do.

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Thanks for the feedback! Rumours are fairly new and we're still looking at the completion rate data that's coming in.

I'll pass this thread along to the designers!