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I just want to say a heartfelt "Thank you" to the devs. This update has singled handedly made the game feel fun again, and it really hasn't felt this magical since I first played back in Closed Beta and we were all figuring things out. (In fact, I'd argue the game has never really felt quite this good, period.)

The sheer feeling of being able to hop online, create a build and it just "work" (and my god new IB feels so much better); comfort and all, is great. I get the notion of having strict, distinct playstyles turned a lot of players off initially (because of the misconception that "cells gave you so much creativity" - they didn't, and haven't since they released), but going from effectively a single playstyle (because if you weren't running either "casual meta" (Iceborne/LL) or "vet meta" (Flawless), you were seriously gimping yourself) to having multiple options, with plenty of cell economy to ALLOW for comfort cells is a super good change.

We're FINALLY seeing the cell system move towards their original intention - To help allow players to create a playstyle they want to achieve, and despite all of the times the game has moved AWAY from its original vision (not necessarily in a bad way either), seeing this makes me happy. Looking forward to future Omnicells, and 1.7.x as a whole!

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Thanks so much for the kind words! We still have a lot of tweaking and balancing to do, but we're happy to see the foundation works for you.