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So I’m not a developer and know very little about game development tools and what not. However I can’t help but notice the big improvements Unreal Engine 5 offers and how much hype it gets. And since both Unreal Engine 5 and Dauntless are tied to Epic Games I was wondering if development will see any improvements in development speed and quality of Dauntless?


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As you see their having a hard time making and working on the current game. Even then unless they face lift graphics and abit of gameplay it is what it is. Not to mention what is the point of upgrading to UE5 while nothing is happening major now?

Not to mention i doubt they can do that really.

Hey everyone!

A lot to discuss here. I'm currently working on a State of Dauntless post that digs into our developer pipeline. Should be out later this week and has a lot of information on how the sausage gets made.

We've been seeing a lot of players assuming that the Dauntless team has shrunk, but in reality, it's the same size as it's peak. The composition is a bit different, but we're still committed to developing Dauntless for the years to come. Heck, we're still hiring for the Dauntless team!

It's true we're making new games, but our studio has grown a ton since we started that effort so we can maintain momentum on Dauntless.

Anyways, stay tuned for the next State of Dauntless post which will dig into things like cadence, polish, and the current seasonal structure.