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My girlfriend and I were going to farm Chronovore fins and thought to use a Thrax axe with Shrowd bond and Discipline with Skarn lantern. We both had the exact same perks: +6 Predator, +6 Tough, +6 Cunning, +6 Pulse, +6 Tenacious, +3 Zeal and +3 Bladestorm. We went into the Training Grounds to test, but we found that she was consistently getting about 12% more part damage than me with her axe throws, despite me having 583 power to her 573. This happened at all levels of determination, with and without crits. We could not figure out what was going on, so we reloaded the Training Grounds. Without doing anything before doing so, we threw our axes and found the same 12% discrepancy happening. We kept on seeing this after trying various things. Frustrated, I put on the exact same armor pieces as her. Got the same results. Then, as a last ditch effort, I duplicated her exact placement of cells into the various armor and weapon pieces. That did it!!!! From that point on, I was doing axe throws of 22.2k to her 21.8k (and similar at all other determination levels and crits), which is explainable due to the slight difference in power ratings.

Has anyone seen this phenomenon before? Does the specific slotting of cells actually matter?

EDIT: Changed +6 Berserker to +6 Tough

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Thanks for the report. We'll investigate to see if we can reproduce this internally.

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Thanks for looking into it. We probably spent over an hour trying to figure out what was going on. I wish I had thought to take vids to capture the issue. If need be, we could try to reproduce it to see if it's a persistent problem.

Some more helpful info:

  1. Here is close to my original build in which I was producing part damage around 12% less than my partner. NOTE: The cell slotting is NOT the actual one I probably was using, but the perks/armor/weapon/lantern/omni IS correct. Also note that this original build had +3 Cascade, but I eventually changed it to +3 Zeal and still had the same problem of less damage.
  2. Here is the EXACT build (including cell slotting) in which we both were hitting close to the same amount.

EDIT: Oops. Added in the links.

Just tried this out. I swapped between these two builds and am getting the same damage output on swing and throw. Any other details you could possibly think of here? Not sure if there's some Slayer Path route at play here.