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First of all, I know you won't read this, and to go further, this post possibly will be deleted.

The major part of the community is fed up with how you direct your game:
- Usable content in the files not available in the game.
- No tangible content added in the game for months.
- Promises not kept.
- No informations on what will come (your roadmap is empty as hell)
- meme patches
- Bugs in the game for YEARS (don't lie, the first time we got the CB Heavy Slam bug wasn't in 1.10.2)
- Still no social functionalities (like guilds for example) to enhance the multiplayer experience (To remember, social aspect was one of your first aim for the game)

I'm pretty sure this list of objective rants isn't complete. And this isn't a complete list of problems of direction of the game.
Like you've said "It’s easy to fall into a trap of wanting to always change core systems to improve this or reimagine that. But: players are here in the game expecting a service. We have to serve them." Great, you've understand ! So show us ! You've also stated you won't making more cosmetics to focus more on content. For now, we can't see any results in this statement.

We know that developping a game isn't easy. But of your 150+ employees, how much really work on Dauntless full time while it's your only money making game at the moment ?
Are you sure that focusing on 10 projects at the same time is a good thing ? Even the biggest studios like Ubisoft (18000+ employees) don't work on 10 games at the same time.

Your priorities are wrong. Almost nobody wants to trust you anymore. That's sad if you count on us to carry your next games launches.
A shooter ? Great ! That's not like the genre isn't fully occupied, even in the F2P spectrum, at the moment.
Direct your next games like you're directing Dauntless now and you'll rush right into a wall.
Listen more to your community and less your imaginary 200 years of game design experience.

PS: It's late and english isn't my native language, I hope it won't be too hard to understand for you if you read it all. EDIT: I really wasn't hoping for so much positive reactions, thank you all for highlighting this post !

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Thanks for writing this up - and to everyone else for your thoughts! I know it can be frustrating when the roadmap isn't updated regularly. We'll get a refresher there this week and let you know when it's done!

Right now, we're working hard on Part Sink and finding a way to give players more control over which Behemoths they're able to encounter in the Hunting Grounds, to address some long-time concerns in that area.

Coming up very soon, following up Radiant Boreus, is Fenroar! Sporestruck Embermane will become Fenroar (and Earthshaper Fenroar) - a true Behemoth with a set of brand new moves, a gear set, and a cool new unique effect.

We're also still cooking up a brand new game mode. Currently, the goal is that this new mode will connect to guilds, bring back a location we haven't seen in a couple years, and come with a brand new Behemoth inspired by the one created in the Community Concepting Stream.

So, that's the update -- but concerns in this thread are still totally valid. I'll make sure we've got regular roadmap and dev updates for you guys to see where things are at and how we're progressing.

I know I'd also like to have a new Behemoth every week, but the team is really working hard to bring y'all some fun stuff and I can't wait for you to see it!

I'm hopping into the Dauntless Discord (Ramsgate Channel) in 10 minutes to play and chat with whoever would like to join. Feel free to bring some questions!

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