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Nice! Honestly the new content looks very exciting. Weapon refreshes, am I smelling repeater demodularization? :)

Side note, can we have an update on the top 100 leaderboards not awarding titles and champion store please? I can see it's logged, but not quite sure what to expect

Should be fixed soon. We're still investigating!

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AFAIK a Keystone is applied to Behemoths that have a guaranteed spawn, like the bosses in Escas 10-50 and "main Behemoths" on all islands in the Hunting Grounds (example Hellion on Hades Reach), so the Chronovore is gonna be the Keystone on the Radiant island.

The Chronovore is same as all the other keystones in that it has legendary gear, a new relate perk/cell, an ultra version of its armour, and is a pretty tough fight.

It doesn't live in an escalation, but it does have a brand new island where it can be found. But... you'll have to trap it in your timeline first.

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And a Remake of some system that no one asked for...soon.

no more no more

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I have a feeling you were supposed to reply to the one above me who didn't think the Chronovore is a Keystone.

But yeah, I know all about that from what I've read in the posts and replies. It... honestly does concern me a bit about the Chronovore Ultra Armor being a mini Hunt Pass. Sure it's free, but despite it has a longer expiration date than previous mini Hunt Passes it still has an expiration date and we might miss our chance if we don't do it within that time limit - like we're not allowed to take our time to do it whenever we'd like similar to the previous Ultra Armor.

I'm curious about how the fight will work out when you keep mentioning about time, as in past, present and future.

Nah no expiration date

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Can you get multiple iterations of the Chronovore on one island? Like...if you do the timeline trappies, and get to whatever the island equivalent of score 40+ is, and trap the chronovore, can you keep going and trap it again, or do you end up going back to ramsgate?

Just one Chronovore can be on an island at a time.