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A lot of the Behemoths we have currently bear resemblances to real-life creatures. Embermanes and Stormclaws are wolves, Gnashers are beavers, Drasks are lizards, Shrikes are owls, Valomyrs are rhino beetles, Riftstalkers are cat-like, and Shrowds are crows. In addition, Agarus is a literal living tree, Thrax is a centipede, Torgadoro is a giant gorilla, Urska is a sabet-tooth, and Malkarion is a dragon. (Ik iits not real life but you get the point.) Also also, im pretty sure our new behemoth coming in is a Grasshopper/cricket of sorts, if the card on the Roadmap is anything to go by.

So, what else do you think could get a behemoth? Id be interested to hear your ideas on what might get a behemoth, and what the behemoth might look like and do.

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