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Greetings Slayers!

Welcome to the Weekly Slayer Advice & Questions thread where you can ask questions about the game and seek advice from the Dauntless community. You can ask for new players tips, stuff you've missed out since you last played, advice on your build, tips on using a particular weapon, and everything else related to Dauntless! This thread is a safe space to ask questions without getting backlash or being talked down to.


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Originally posted by Infernal_pizza

At the moment they don’t drop at all, they should be adding them back at some point soon though

Heroic dyes are coming back next patch. A few of them at least!

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Originally posted by oddlyquest

Hey Devs! Thanks a ton for the fun! I also like the new feature of walking in the air in the hunting grounds. If this post gets noted I'll just dump the video on YT for you to see. I don't know how else to post any media around here.

I was in brightwood and after using an aether vent to get in gliding mode, I hit a tree and never actually landed. Was unable to draw my weapon, fight, jump, but could walk. While in this mode I could go higher and higher, never falling off the map. Those islands you use as "far away, unreachable islands" have the basic island structure with cardboard trees. At one point I was 1500m (about 1 mile for others) away from the farthest character.

Getting out of it worked as follows: went on top of the hunting grounds, stayed still and slowly descended. Placed myself in front of another vent and let myself land. This got me out of the walking in the air greatness, without having to leave the grounds :D

Here's the video to it. https://youtu.be/ROjqdmrJikY

Oh no! Sounds wonky. Sending a bug over to environment folks to check it out