Hey everyone,

I just want to touch base on the new progression system after seeing some concerns about migration. We know that you all worked hard for your current Dauntless progress, and we don’t plan on taking that away when we switch to the new progression system. Our goal is to make sure that Slayers pick up 1.5.0 and have the same amount of power they have now.

First off, yes, we are removing all weapon/armour upgrades from +1 to +15 in favour of a completely different levelling system. This does not mean that we will not compensate you for your hard work! Any progress you made in Dauntless will transfer over into the new system in one way or another. While this is still a work in progress, and we’re still having discussions about it every day, here is a high level of what to expect:

After the patch, you will only have to craft the initial piece of gear, and then at the end game, you will Power Surge any weapon or piece of armour by using an Aetherheart (and some behemoth break parts) to advance. To gain an Aetherheart, you will have to Reforge your weapon/armour class. Reforging means taking a class at max level 20 and resetting it to level 1. You level up a class by slaying Behemoths and gaining XP. Once you have an Aetherheart, you can use it to Power Surge a piece of equipment to increase its power.

When we migrate to this system, players will start with weapon/armour class levels based on the highest piece of gear they have in that category. Our class levels go from 1 - 20 for each class (sword, axe, etc.). Your current highest level item will be multiplied by 2 to give your new level. For example, if you have a level +8 sword in your inventory, you will start at Sword Class level 16. We are also working on crediting existing players Aetherhearts and Heroic Behemoth break parts so that they can Power Surge back to their existing power bracket. Basically, we'll scan all your gear, come up with a total, and that's how many Aetherhearts you get. We’re still working on this, but we’ll have more details in the future.

The Slayers path not only shows your class levels, but also how far you’ve progressed in the Dauntless experience and it’s how new players will unlock the core features of Dauntless (smithing, weapon classes, hunt types, etc.). Mastery progress will transfer over to the Slayer’s Path. Any rewards that players got in Mastery will also be given to them on the Slayer's Path, so players will get a head start if they’ve progressed far in the current Mastery system.

Quest progress will also migrate over. This means that you will start in the same place and have access to roughly all the same content, but it's not a 1:1 mapping so there will be some subtle changes.

And on the final note of Rams: Yes, we plan on Rams being used to unlock nodes in the Slayers Path. None of the values are final in the latest test, and they are subject to change. We should also note that the economy will be changing in 1.5.0 to accommodate this. Expect more rams from more sources etc.

This is all UNDERDEVELOPMENT. Things may change, but this is the high level of where we’re at. Expect a full blog around these systems in the future, but for now, I hope this clears things up. If you have feelings, be sure to post them in the comments! We’ll be reading them all!

Thanks for testing, thanks for the feedback, and thanks for your support!

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Originally posted by FallenZhiar

Sounds pretty cool. Is there any advantage to reforging once you have all gear powersurged?

We want Aetherhearts to have utility beyond Power Surging but that will come later.

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Originally posted by MrFrettz

Thanks for the transparency! I think most players will have a lot of questions after reading this post, but I understand you may not have answers for is at this time since it's all still in development.

If you can answer some questions, however:

  • What is a "Class"? Is there one class per Weapon? Armor type?
  • If our new level will be our highest level weapon multiples by 2, what happens when we have a +11 or +15 weapon when the max appears to be 20?

Thanks again!

A class will be each of the weapon types (axe, sword, chain blades, repeaters, etc.) but not the armor.

For class level you'll be capped at 20 so a +11 won't give you level 22 and only cap at level 20, but you'll get compensated in Aetherhearts for any gear +10 and above.

Originally posted by Oinegue696

When will this update come out? It's very important to know it so we can plan accordingly how to spend our remaining resources.

Early December!

Originally posted by Lord_Nethermore

I really like this idea of how you are giving us an idea of how far you have come to this update. This is going to be a major overhaul when it comes to recreating an entire system, and making sure that while things can change, slowly revealing details on how things will work is very important.

That being said, when can we expect the next Roadmap update? I know we had one a while ago, and I think that some development has been made that can offer up some reporting on the official site. If this update comes down later in the month, then I completely understand but would like to know in advance. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see what happens next.

Hey! I write those! Not much has changed since we're heads down on 1.5.0 and Reforged. I'll probably add some Hunt Pass/Escalation/Event stuff in the meantime, but the next beefy update will most likely be post 1.5.0 after we prioritize what we're doing NEXT.

Originally posted by Aker080188

I know, devs are not working for me, but this is wrong. Idk but sounds like im gonna lose all my 20 mastery in all my weapons and Im not gonna farm again for months, to lvl up my gear again to play the SAME CONTENT, im sorry, i want more content instead of that gear resets. Pd. Sry for my bad english.

What we're saying is that your progress WILL TRANSFER into this new system. You won't have to grind to get back to where you were.

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Originally posted by EvilWaifu

Glad you said that about Rams. I was using mine all up on pots to grind shining and peerless stones ... I'll keep a hold on them now!

Sort of concerned about this Reforge back to 1 then Power Surge. I'd like to know more about that. And are Aether hearts consumable or you told onto them and just use them as needed for power surging but the number you hold never decreases?

Thanks for posting up officially, there is alot of concern from posts initiated by players.

Aetherhearts are consumable. You consume them to Power Surge a piece of gear. For Reforging, you will reset back to level 1 and work your way back to level 20. We are still finalizing how long this will take.

A lot of your overall power comes from your level now, which means you will go back through a lot of the Hunting Grounds as you level back up. This effectively replaces having to go back and farm Dire, Heroic, and Heroic+ patrols for orbs in the old system. We think this is a much better experience because the Hunting Grounds islands are much more diverse so it'll keep your experience more fresh every time you do this.

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Originally posted by spinosaurs

How will this effect repeaters?
Are repeater mains going to still be super shafted in the fact that they have to pay 3-4 times the price of a regular weapon for equal power?

We still have plans to look at Repeaters in the future, but for this release we are putting all the power from Repeater parts on the Barrel and only allowing Power Surging of the Barrel. This will bring them more in line with other weapons in terms of cost.

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Originally posted by Vozu_

Reset is because weapons won't have a level. They will have inherent power, and then you gotta Power Surge to kick to the max. This means some weapons will inherently get too weak during progression until you can Power Surge them.

Say, Shrike weapon might be good until you get to Dires, and then it is just too weak -- but come endgame, you can get it to +15 equivalent if you so desire.

That's my reading of this.

Yes that's correct. We are putting all gear into tiers, so as you go through the game the first time, some gear will be better than others. Shrowd/Reza gear will be the last regular tier, so their gear starts much higher power than something like Shrike. Legendary weapons are above Shrowd/Reza, and Power Surge is the last tier that you upgrade to with Aetherhearts.

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Originally posted by scrubtonian

What happens to folks with level 50 Behemoth Mastery & Slayer Levels? Also, how does the level 20 Weapon Mastery play into the rework?

You will keep all your Mastery progress because Mastery still exists. You'll be granted any rewards we change or remove and place in the Slayer's Path.

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Originally posted by [deleted]

Do you lose anything when reforging your weapon/armour class? From what you have previously said, our power level will primarily come from this class level after the update instead of directly from the weapon.

Does resetting it mean resetting that weapon class back to a lower power, making us weaker until we level it up again?

That is correct, you will go down in power and have to level up the class again. This is a mechanic a few other games have used very successfully and we think it plays really well with the new Hunting Grounds since our islands are way more engaging than the pursuits/patrols. We're still finalizing how long it'll take to get back to level 20 but a skilled player should be able to do it fairly quickly.

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Originally posted by lj5680

Will we have any idea regarding the new cell rework writhing this progression? Or will this purely be a mastery and gear rework?

No cell reworks for this release but we are trying to sneak in some cell buffs.

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Originally posted by [deleted]

"Aetherhearts will be given for anything +10 or above"? Is that whole Aetherhearts? Last time you spoke about this you were talking about potentially giving *partial* Aetherhearts for gear between 11-15.

This is a bit of a jump from that. So we don't have to have spent any Peerless Arcstones at all in the current system to hit max level in the new system on day one after the switch?

We will give partial for +10 to +14 and a full heart for +15.

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Originally posted by Charetta

So we don't have to upgrade the Chambers, Grips and Prisms to +15, but we should focus on the Barrels?

We'll still give you more Aetherhearts for all Repeater parts the higher level they are, but after the patch, you'll only upgrade the barrel.

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Originally posted by [deleted]

So how does this work with weekly trials? I'm not going to want to reset my favourite/the best class and weaken myself for however long it takes if I want to get good trial times.

Also a little counterintuitive. I'm resetting to power up with an Aetherheart but I will actually be weakening myself at the same time.

Don't mean to come across as too negative, I like the sound of most of what is coming.

Aethersparks will be the currency that you have to farm to Reforge a weapon class, so depending on your play patterns, you may not always be able to Reforge. We also think players will manage this and get their activities done at a high level and then Reforge when there is a good opportunity like after finishing the weekly Trials or to play with a lowbie friend. We also want to encourage players to play with multiple weapons because we think it keeps the game fresh, so you are free to use one weapon class to Reforge to gain Aetherhearts for another. Unlike the current Mastery system, you don't have to grind each weapon in order to unlock its end game upgrades.

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Originally posted by GreatMadWombat

If you reforge a class(like axes), what happens to already aethersurged axes? Do those axes turn off temporarily? are you jsut a lvl 1 character with lvl 15 gear?

Yes you're just a level 1 Axe player but you can still use all your end game Axes. This means your power will be a lot higher than when you started the game, but you'll still have to play some of the earlier islands and work your way to the top. Skilled players will be able to push further and faster, gaining more XP for challenging islands that are much higher level than they are.

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Originally posted by lookinerator

Does resetting it mean resetting that weapon class back to a lower power, making us weaker until we level it up again?

That is correct, you will go down in power and have to level up the class again.

I did ask about this in "Open Letter..." thread and feared that this will be the case.

So, general progression loop will be - use bad/unlevelled weapon until you grind your levels up to max increasing your power.

Then reset it back to level one and start grind again with bad/unlevelled weapon?

Can't say that this sounds very appealing to me unless I play rouguelite/roguelike type of game.

Also, what does powersurging do with a piece of gear?

How does powersurged weapon if class level 1 compares to current +15 weapon?

Will it have the same power as current +15 weapon or it will have the same power only when its class is level 20?

This is a mechanic a few other games have used very successfully

Can you tell us what games are you referring to?

When you Reforge back to level 1, you'll lose your class power but you can still use any gear you have, including Power Surged end game weapons and armor, so you'll be significantly more powerful than a new level 1 player using tier 1 weapons. Power surging takes the piece of gear and brings it directly to end game power, which is the last tier of gear.

We're still finalizing the numbers for power, but anywhere from 50% to 75% of your power will come from class power.

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Originally posted by EvilWaifu

Thanks for the reply u/Proteus505 So it sounds like to me players with +15 Level Weapons rn will still go back to Level 1 anyways but will get 1 Aetherheart to Power Surge to Level 20. Does it stay at Level 20? Or does Level decay over time due to non-use of a weapon which means you lose the Level 20 and have to consume another Aetherheart to get it back up to Level 20?

How will Rams be used? Sounds like at least 3 currencies. Rams, Aether hearts and Aethersparks?

Could you tell us what becomes of all the pots we have? I understand plants/rocks will probably all reset to zero, but do we keep the pots? I just spent a lot of Rams to get a lot of pots to help grind H and H+ patrols faster before the new 1.15.x patch is released.


You'll keep all your potions. Power Surge brings gear to max power, not level 20. The level 20 is based on your weapon class (axe, sword, hammer, etc.) and there is no decay on levels or gear.

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Originally posted by deathbladeishere

This effectively replaces having to go back and farm Dire, Heroic, and Heroic+ patrols for orbs in the old system.

idk if you are still answering questions but one question I havn't seen asked yet is what happens to the dire arcstone and terra orb rewards in escalation? the ones that give you 5 of each in every patrol. will they be replaced with something else?

We are replacing those rewards with something else.