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Hey slayers, I was thinking of a quality of life change that could improve the game and it's gifting from the item shop! There's only so much money I could spend on myself, but sometimes I want my fellow slayer to have the drip as well. Wishing there was a gifting feature available at the moment so I could hook up a friend with some of the new Saint Bonds gear available in the in game store right now. I can't see a downside to gifting but what are your thoughts on the matter? To me gifting is way more wholesome then me flat out giving a friend money and saying here go buy yourself something nice lol.

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Yeah, I want!

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Does the store have different prices for different countries like the hunt pass?

And if they have and let's say gift an item that cost 400 platinum on my side but on his/her side cost 500 platinum? Will he be able to open it or he will need to invest 100 platinum to open it?

Edit:just hypothetical speaking

This is THE challenge with gifting. Interesting challenge right!

Having to pay for a gift you received seems like not the way to go, though.