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To me, this game did nothing but go above and beyond my personal expectations, it's no longer just a "F2P Monster Hunter" game with a cartoony art-style and a high fantasy setting. It's now its very own thing with its own game world, progression system, monster design and combat flow, it has forged (Or I should say RE-forged) its own identity to a point where it actually evolved the genre itself, with new possibilities in term of how you can make these type of games in the future.

The 2 "new" islands we got are also packed with actual lore entries and world-building, same goes for the escalations that are as packed if not more with lore, even some older islands got the same treatment.

As for the elephant in the room, The new Reforged Progression system have been wonderful for me so far, and while I 100% understand that it won't ever be of everyone's taste, I also 100% believe it was the right choice to make, both for the game's current health and its long-term viability and expandability "Yes I'm making up words lol."

I also like how Phoenix Labs are not afraid to experiment with their own game, and while it can bring some controversies when they mess up the initial implementation, it is also the main reason why they managed to evolve the game past what it was before, which reminds me a lot of how Digital Extremes operates with Warframe, they aren't afraid to experiment, even if it means messing up pretty badly initially (cough RailJack cough)

But yeah, overall, I just wanted to make this post because, while I think criticism is always gonna be good for any kind of "live games" it's also nice to spread some positivity and praise once in a while, y'know... Just to give credit where credit is due and make it clear to the devs that we love what they made, even if many of us tend to complain out of tough love.

Don't get me wrong though, this game is far FAR from being perfect and will never be perfect, but the amount of passion and Love the developers has poured and keeps pouring into this game months after months is, I believe, worthy of at least some kind of public praise.

So as cheesy as it'll sound:

As a backer and former Tech Alpha tester: Thank you Phoenix Labs for making this game into what it is today, you outdid yourselves and it shows.

Edit: Thanks to everyone who replied! I'm really glad to see how many people are being vocal about their love for the game, it really goes to show how much we all care and more importantly, how we are willing to give credit when credit is due, not every communities can do that and I'm glad this one can do it when it's deserved.

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Thanks so much for the kind words! It’s been quite a journey since those early days and we have plenty of exciting things coming up!

This means a lot. A lot of devs read through this and it warmed their wittle hearts.

Seriously, we really appreciate the kind words <3