Hello, Slayers!
Let’s talk about our studio’s approach to development and how that plays into the information you’ll find on our new and improved roadmap.

You can find it HERE.

Our studio works under the principles of agile development. Contrary to what you may believe, this doesn’t mean we’re all gymnastic ninjas. Agile development is about breaking large chunks of work down into smaller pieces in order to be more adaptable. This allows us to deploy smaller improvements over time instead of one large content launch. Think of building a feature as building a house. With agile, we build that house one room at a time instead of all at once. This means you get to access the fun rec room immediately instead of waiting a year for the entire house to be complete. Yay!

Another big component of agile is being able to adapt to incoming player feedback and data. So take that rec room from the previous analogy. If we receive feedback that the room is not up to snuff, and our next step was to expand that rec room and its offerings, then we’d have the freedom to pivot, adjust, or straight up cancel further work on the rec room. Is my analogy making sense or is it quickly falling apart? Seriously, I can’t tell anymore...

ANYWAY, we didn’t find that our old roadmap was conveying this workflow properly. While pretty, it was hard to zoom out and get a birds-eye view of all our content in development and see where it was in the pipeline. We believe that this simplified roadmap better communicates each chunk of work. It’s also much more flexible, allowing us to update earlier and more often. This will serve to better reflect our production priorities — which can change rapidly.

You may notice that Weapon 8 and Weapon Reworks did not make the transition to this new Roadmap. The more we thought about adding these items, the more we realized that they weren’t a priority for us as a team. We don’t believe that a new weapon or a complete rework would solve any of the biggest challenges that Dauntless currently faces. We believe that our time is better spent on the other items on the roadmap. If we ever decide to add another weapon or rework one, you’ll be the first to know.

We’ve also folded our player issues Trello board into the same page, making it a one-stop-shop for development updates. Now you can see what’s coming to Dauntless AND what we’re currently fixing, all in one place.
Let us know what you think of the new Favro board, and be sure to give it a bookmark: http://playdauntless.com/roadmap

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Originally posted by Falminar

Eh. I liked the old roadmap, this external one just doesn't have the same sort of style.

Oh well.

More radiant content for the rest of Hunting Grounds is nice, but you can't just leave Resca behind either! You've got the pattern going, you gotta cap it off - especially since you're expanding the Escalation system with the rotating Heroic Escalations. Don't leave this unfinished!

Yes! The previous one was custom made and very pretty, but it was kind of tricky to navigate and get the zoomed-out view.

We think this one is a lot more clear even if it's less exciting to look at.

Originally posted by SheShaft

No Repeaters rework? It should honestly be a top priority at this point. Still no prismatic slots, still no way to interupt, forced mobility cell. What a disgrace that the team has given up on one of its weapons. No plans to add an 8th weapon, and can't fix any of the broken ones. Pike is still rubbish F tier, and so are repeaters. Strikers still need nerfed. Chain blades still can't activate their special without hitting invisible walls or straight up flying into the sky out of the map for 10 seconds. PHXL has completely abandoned their weapons. They basically just tell everyone 'pick strikers and git gud at them. Nothing else matters.' What a joke. Literal clowns.

We haven't given up! We're just looking at other improvements first and smaller iteration/balancing. This does not mean we will never do a new weapon or rework, it's just not currently being worked on.

The wound work's entire goal is to make pike a viable weapon for all players.

Originally posted by Uminagi

Pretty sure that what everyone wants are the weapons reworks and weapon 8.

They're not off the table, we just want to work on the things that are already in the game before moving on to new weapons. The same goes for weapon reworks.

There's just other things we want to improve first.

Originally posted by InconsistentEchidna

So you're reworking wounds but not the warpike at the same time? Just asking to clarify.

Yes, just focusing on wounds right now, but that work should make war pike much more effective and fun.

Originally posted by SheShaft

There's no possible content you could be working on that matters more than the weapons. There's nothing that players will use or experience more than they will with the weapons in their hands. If you fix or improve some aspect of the game, say, wounds for example, how does that help repeater players? What if you fix hunting grounds? That doesn't help players who grind escalations; But if you fix weapons, players will Always be using them. You take your weapon to escalations, hunting grounds, even non combat areas like ramsgate. You can't avoid having a weapon. So the only constant in the game is the tool in the slayer's hands. Don't you think that one single constant should work, function, and feel good to use? That's more important for player retention than anything else. Pretty monsters or better grinding loops don't matter if the weapons are either unfun or don't work/are unviable.

I think I understand where you're coming from, but we want to make sure Dauntless as a whole feels good before injecting more weapons into it. We want the game to be fun regardless of which weapon you're using or if it's new or old.

We could add the best weapon ever, but if players don't enjoy playing HG, Trials, or Esca, then what's the point? We want to make sure that the game as a whole is in a good place before adding another weapon.

Originally posted by Charetta

Once again you've failed with your transparency. It would've been appreciated if you guys told us that the old Roadmap was gonna get deleted. I didn't even have a chance to take one last look at its really nice and unique design and maybe screenshot it to remember what it once was: a cool experience with a different kind of Roadmap.


Speaking of that, what's your problem with pretty and unique designs? First you replaced the old menu screen layout to something generic and boring, then you messed up with the Inventory and Armor crafting menu and now this.

You couldn't have these two pages existing at the same time? The old Roadmap for the fans and the new one as a reference for you developers and for players who wants to keep themselves updated to any single new thing in there.

I may have an unpopular opinion here but I'm once again disappointed in the lack of transparency and discussion on this beforehand. The old Roadmap was for both you and for us. Now it feels like you left out the "us" part with the sudden disappearance of the old Roadmap, which was something unique I really liked about Dauntless. Now it feels less unique. Sure, the new Roadmap is more organized and you get a zoomed out view of both development plans and issues, but it looks so dull. Like, maybe Internet Explorer level of dull.


Having seen the new cards on the new Roadmap, here are two more things:

Kinda interested what plans of designs and gameplay about the Elite Fauna, but before you focus more on those you should fix the Styxians (which are supposed to work as they're intended but they're currently not doing that job) and the Gruk-Gruks (you probably already heard of the issues with them). And honestly, I'd rather have the focus on creature designs for Skyfishing (I wish it was a thing already D: ) than Elite Fauna that will probably be bugged at launch and not work as they're intended.

More interested in the Trials rework, but how do the Steel Marks and Gilded Marks come into play? You mention of Stars, but there are already a max of 3 Stars earned in the Trials. Will amount of Stars be increased for the additional challenges? What's the maximum of Stars to earn all 300 weekly Steel/Gilded Marks (unless they stay at max 3 Stars)?

Sorry, we wanted to roll this out seamlessly. That's my bad. I really didn't think the old site would be missed so much.

As for the design, this is simply function over form. This map is much easier to parse at a glance and it clearly communicates our pipeline. It's also much easier for us to update and keep fresh.

We'll have further updates on these cards soon!

Originally posted by Cold_Tomorrow_7051

So not all of you are ninjas...but some of you are, right? :D

Jokes aside, I like this listed style. Little less fancy than the road map but feels faster to navigate and cleaner. Love to see "Players are running into various disconnects" and its ongoing improvements on top of the list (not that I think they are listed by priority, but still).

Also I like that weapon 8 and rework didn't make the transition: better to fix the old bugs than to release new content.

All in all, lots of good ideas, looking forward to see their deployments. Good luck!

All I know is that I'm definitely not -_-

14 days ago - /u/tinouti - Direct link

Originally posted by Significant_Spell_96

it actually doesn't sound like you've been listening to your player base at all. We've been waiting for a new weapon and weapon reworks (Pike specifically).

There are so many QoL bugs that haven't been fixed that are flat out ruining the playstyle of certain weapons. Chain Blades for example: if there is a broken tree on the ground, broken monster part...etc...something that isn't there naturally, it creates a wall in which push/pull/backflip & attack can't pass through. Yet on the other hand you can pull right through a behemoth to the opposite side and not get reapers dance credit....the list goes on and it's all ignored.

FFS fix your game and ACTUALLY listen to your players.

The "weapon rework" we deprioritized is the "complete rebuild" kind of rework, like we did with the sword. That does not include bug fixing, polish, and minor improvements. Matter of fact, we are currently working on fixing these nasty chain blades bugs as well as some things for the war pike (alongside the wound rework).

Long story short: while making complete brand new weapons is not a priority at the moment, making sure that the core combat feels right still is, and will always be.

Originally posted by PieOfJustice

The Favro board feels like trello. Not sure why that was needed, when trello served the same purpose.

We've switched from Trello to Favro internally! We no longer use Trello as a dev tool.

Originally posted by shadowclone515

I have a suggestion for your hunting grounds portals experimental...

1) Make it appear in higher level hunting grounds like 14-20 hunting grounds.

2) Make it a giant portal or monolith in the middle of the hunting grounds.

3) In order to open the portal, slayers will have to charge the portal with aether or a key system that they get from slaying behemoths in the hunting grounds. Like a shared goal where everyone contributes into unlocking the portal.

4) A countdown will appear once the portal has been charged or unlock prompting slayers to gather.

5) When the portal is opened, it could be what you designed it for i.e. loot caves or it will lead to a keystone behemoth, or a monster house* behemoth house, where there are more than 2 behemoths appearing at the same time.

6) The portals will be designed for high tier hunting grounds and this design will ensure that slayers will not be alone when entering the portal.

These are just my 2 cents on the portal thingy you mentioned hope it helps

I reallllly like the idea of charging a portal!

Originally posted by ze4lex

Imo the weapons are as much the lifeblood of the game as are the behemoths. Adressing the issues of the new updares is the correct course and a priority for sure, but dropping new weapons and weapon reworks just tells me that i should extend my dauntless break untill you ressume them.

The sword rework was prob one of the best uodates we've seen and im super bummed other weapons wont get the same treatment.

Thanks for the feedback, going to pass it on!

Originally posted by Momsspaghett0

Is there any way for me to get this roadmap set up in my favro app ?

You should be able to visit within the favro app since it's set to public