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Originally posted by SirKeksalot

Couldn't they have just...made it weaker? Ig that we shouldn't be able to melt 2 behemoths in 10 seconds, especially in Hesc, but it's fun to use, so why not just make it more in line with the rest?

I'm watching the general feedback of the community on this. If the community desire is really to have it at the same rarity, but weaker, then I'll make that change. I thought it was more fun to preserve it's overwhelming strength, to keep those chances of getting a run where you're incredibly powerful.

I did originally consider making it weaker, but it seemed more important to preserve the fun of it.

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Originally posted by Mythicaldragn

This also wasent in the patch notes, so would anyone from phoenix labs care to explain?

This was my mistake, I made this change, and when I was reviewing the patch notes I missed that we didn't have this in here. I've been trying to be public about this here and on the discord, I had no desire to hide this change!