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I keep saying my one quote over and over.

"Give us new content and we'll be over it in one week at max, but give us a new weapon and people will keep finding cool and unique interactions with behemoths and all behemoths instantly become fun to fight again while counters are found and people can continue to make a list of which behemoths the new weapon is good at fighting."

Ostian Repeaters released Oct 3rd, 2018
11-months later Aether Strikers hit the scene on Sep 26th, 2019

10-months later the sword rework comes around on July 24th, 2020

Another 9-months later the war pike gets its... less than bountiful rework on Apr 8th, 2021

This is not an okay flow of content for your game when the part the players will be seeing is the weapons and the impact they have on the entire fight. You can make all of the content you want but not changing the options allowed to complete the task just drowns it out. It's like allowing someone to pick any food they want but everything is the same taste after you've already been eating the same thing for 1-2 years.

I come from the open beta test and the hammer feels the exact same as it did back then except you can't load bad ammo (The icon was yellow instead of blue and did less damage) for messing up the reload, which I honestly think is something they should've kept. Nothing else has changed, and if something has changed then it's so small I don't notice.

Maybe I'm in the wrong and my opinion differs from the rest of the community but it's just boring to keep playing with the same weapons over and over knowing that we most likely won't get to play with a new weapon for over 3 years if they keep up with this pattern.

This would be the part where a lot of people would disagree with me, but they need to focus more on weapons instead of these short seasons. I would be perfectly fine with them delaying seasons if I knew they were working on something grander. The thought of waiting 10 more months to maybe get a couple of animation changes to another weapon is really upsetting...

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Originally posted by XatuBuffPlz

I hope there is a healer class soon because I just want to help my teammates, not fight the actual behemoth.

We have been brainstorming ideas for healing or support focused subclasses. We’ll have to see if they work out in practice once we get done the first batch of subclasses.