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Hi, i've been playing Dauntless as my main game since the second phase of closed beta and since there's no other way to provide feedback i'll use reddit to share what in my opinion the game needs

Keep in mind that I started playing this game when the main goal of the devs was to create a challenging game where skill was all that mattered, when killing a Shrowd was something to brag about, and i've felt how rewarding it was to finally get that exotic drop back in the day, now let's get on with my ideas:

Cells should be removed from cores and be acquired by RNG drops, specific activities, breaking specific parts, etc (similar to how mods work in warframe);

Weapon levels should work similar as in COD where you unlock certain perks up to a certain lvl but after that it's purely cosmetic (prestige system could still be a thing), and it shouldn't be generalized ny weapon type, each individual weapon should have levels up to 50 or 100;

Fights should only take less than five minutes if you're extremely skilled after all this is a hutting game, if the monsters we hunt feel like were just dealing with some trash mobs, something's wrong;

HG should have a dungeon like system where a super beefy behemoth that would require some sort of ticket or keys to enter (similar to what we use to spawn Alyra or Chronovore in the past). HG should also have less behemoths but the fights should last longer and max players should be reduced to 4 or 5.

No more revives on a timer, if you die 3x on a HG you go back to Ramsgate;

The player should not get mats from a behemoth they failed to hunt;

You should have to farm for blueprints for both weapons and armor, and weapons would require blueprint, hilt, and blade to craft, I personally just feel that Dauntless just gives everything away without the player having to work for anything, I just love that sense of accomplishment when you finally get that weapons or armor piece that you worked for;

Omnicells although very nice could've been other exotics (obviously not with the same abilities) and exotics should be expanded upon in a similar way to destiny where they can enable certain builds and provide unique playstyles but you're limited to one armor piece that can be exotic;

Power boosts in escalations are dumb considering amps are a thing. They make escalations extremely trivial, which then turns what should be a awesome legendary fight, a 30 second hunt;

Trials shouldn't reset weekly, but monthly, allowing players to prepare properly and make it feel like a season instead of a weekly quest check. Mods in trials shouldn't be a thing, people wanna fight a challenging behemoth and not a culmination of mods that just make things frustrating for absolutely no reason.

And that is it, sorry for the long post. I know most of you really like how casual and noob friendly Dauntless feels and is. Unfortunately for me, and I know its my fault for sticking with a game that could no keep its promises, I crave the challenge that was once present in the early days of Dauntless.

Thank you for reading, let me know what you think and what you would like to see in Dauntless.

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Originally posted by wearynail

Hi, thank you for your input, you do make some valid points. Let me try to explain my PoV

As both a destiny and warframe player I see Dauntless as a game that could benefit from some of the systems implement by both games. Having to work for you weapon parts, even though it doesn't make much sense lore wise, for me it would make the grind more meaningful and rewarding (not saying it would for everyone) of course I would expect the crafting costs to be reduced.

Cells wise, I think the current way to get cells is extremely RNG heavy considering they're very important, enabling cells to be focus farmed, to me, would make them feel a lot more special and incentivise me to play whichever content they were locked behind.

Revive wise, I think the game lacks any risk outside Escalations, making fights feel trivial and impossible to fail, resulting in a dull experience (again, my opinion)

Escalation wise, I think the power boosts make the game, yet again, extremely trivial, don't forget that escalations award you the BiS weapons and armor, it shouldn't be as easy as it is to get them imo, yes Heroic Escalations exist, but all they award you is bragging rights and some crowns not BiS gear.

Again, thank you so much for you input, I hope I was able to explain my PoV

I appreciate you bringing in more context and explaining the "why" behind some of the more prescriptive items in your list.

Thank you for taking the time to write all that down, there's some good pieces of feedback in there and I'll make sure to pass it on to the team! 😊