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And by "Fix" I mean retcon it so the whole thing actually makes sense. There should be no way for Chornovore to pull things from both the past and future of our timeline without causing time paradoxes. Now I am cool with the idea of Chronovore controlling time and having time-based powers it makes him an equal to Thraxs space controlling powers and really stands out from other Radiant behemoths. But it has to be implemented in a way that makes sense. We already know that some of the Eldar's Behemoths come from different timelines. So just make it that Chronovore can only pull things in from different past and future of different timelines and not the past or future of the same timeline. Boom, easy retcon that fixes the whole Paradox issue.

I'll be honest the reason I am writing this is that I hate the time travel plotline. I hate it with a fiery passion. So much so that quit the game over it for a time. Why did I hate so much? Well, it is because it changes the whole direction of the game and its story. Dauntless went for a story about reclaiming what was left of our world from monstrous creatures that humanity created. To a game about timey whiny nonsense. And it felt like the time travel stuff was becoming the main plot of the game instead of the behemoths. From Primal's and Elders being on every island at the time and new skill trees based on the past and future. To the fact, Arkan Drew was immortal apparently and the Middle Man coming from the future. It just took away from everything I liked lore-wise about the game and made it feel nonsensical. I am glad to see the devs are moving the story back in a direction about humanity's plight with the Behemoths and how Ostian is making the same mistake as humans from the past. My main fear with the new radiant escalation update is that the devs are gonna make time travel a core part of the plot again when it is both unneeded and unwanted. Dauntless is a monster hunting game. The plot should be about monsters.

I am sorry if this whole post just feels like whining. I really do care about dauntless and wanted the best for the game. I know most players don't care about the plot but I do and the whole time travel stuff just made me feel frustrated and I wanted to express how I feel about it. Thank you for reading.

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So, I've been writing for Dauntless since around 1.7.0. Currently handling the weekly quests, journal entries, lore nodes, etc. My first big stab at narrative was Blazeworks, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. Working with the environment team to get those lore nodes in and create a story around Phaelanx was a really good time.

Right now, we're really focusing on the Ostian threat narrative (and all the players involved). I agree 100% that our next big narrative moment will be Radiant Escalation and I can't wait to work on it more. I haven't touched the time travel threads that were left after Chronovore dropped, because time travel as a concept is hard to do right. I also don't think we can fully put that cat back in the bag, but we can approach it with a lighter touch.

I agree with a lot of what's being said here. At its heart, Dauntless is a story about reclaiming lost lands, foraging new paths, and above all, fighting big Behemoths.

Anyways, keep chatting about lore! I'm reading along and thinking about it all the dang time!

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I am thankful you took the time to read my comment. As a lore junkie, I just want you to know that your work is appreciated and I can't wait for the next update.

If you are willing to hear me out, could I make some suggestions about Chronovore? I am not demanding these suggestions be made cannon and know they likely won't happen, but snice I got your ear I at least hope you hear me out.

Please make it so the only Behemoth and being that can control time, travel thru time, and create portals thru time is Chronovore.

Now it's fine if some very powerful Radiant Behemoths can have minor time-related powers. But have it so only Chronovore can fully control time and travel thru timelines. He is a keystone, after all, this should be his and his alone.

Please Have it so that the Primals, Elders, and the Middle Man got to our timeline from different timelines and came from portals created by Chronovore and that these portals are one way. So that Middle Man is stuck in our timeline and cannot contact or return to his own.

Please have it so If any faction or person would dare try to control time or time travel then they would need Chronovre to do it. This would keep the humans from being able to time travel in the story by themselves and avoid that whole can of worms. After all, trying to control time is what causes the world to break in the first place right? Who in their right mind would dare try?

Anyway, I hope these ideas help, or at least are interesting to you. Thank you if you read the whole thing. I hope you have a wonderful day and please forgive any spelling mistakes you find I have dyslexia.

Thanks for the input! I think you'll like where we end up with all this, but I can't say much.

From what I understand, there are different timelines like you said. No true, single timeline. I'll look into it :D