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After doing an ather surge island event where I and the one other person there were so incredibly swarmed thoughout the entierty of the battle but won regardless I have come to the opinion that the small creatures add nothing of value to the game.
All they do is get in the way of ranged attacks and cause you to not target the boss for 2 attacks each (for me with axe).
You can ignore them but then you are less able to engage in the battle as you can't focus on the boss to dodge its attacks and hit them at the right time.
They essentially just serve as a time waster and that is not good content.
I enjoy having to learn what the visual ques are for attacks and then having the payout of then having a window of oppertunity to attack.
But the small creatures detract from that.
The game would be better without them in my opinion.

Rant over, but I would like to know does anyone else feel the same way?

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Good convo here! We really want to come up with new ways to engage with our fauna that feel good. They're in a bit of an odd place, and definitely need some TLC.

I've passed this thread over to the devs to read over :)