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I guess this is feedback? Not really sure I just wanted to talk about the weapons in dauntless.

Let's start off strong, Sword.

Sword was an amazing rework. Oh just a side note, I'm not talking about their maximum dps or anything like that. Design wise, Sword is in an amazing place. Different abilities that you might choose to use at different times depending on what's going on in the fight. Decision making what makes a weapon good. Though it does have a slight problem that most other weapons suffer from, except pike but we will get to that. It has three specials, even though spin special is in a weird place right now that's just a damage problem. It can be fixed. The only problem is the first special. No one has a reason to use that. If no one has a reason to use it, why is it even in the game? It has to be changed to make it more useful somehow so it is an actual option after you equip your sword.

Strikers are basically a check list but it's good enough for me, some people might want a better designed weapon but it gives enough utilities. Also it's play style is more about buff management than decision making. Which is different, but not bad. Even though I don't use the laser special, I guess it's good at focusing parts so it does have a use. Only problem here is that strikers have two specials. It's not the biggest problem but it's sad to see since all the other weapons have three specials. Just need to put a new special in the trial shop for them and that's basically strikers done.

Hammer, the weapon with basically no heavy attack. It has three combos and all end with a big ol' smash. The problem here is that those three combos don't have different purposes. My initial suggestion would be, it has to at least have two combos that ends up using all your ammo, but both would have different purposes. One of them would be everyone's favorite smash. The second combo that uses all the ammo should do something else than just a big area of effect damage. Focus on one part? A ranged attack? I don't know. It just needs an additional option. Also the defensive special... Even the Developers know that the game isn't about defense at all. That's literally just a trap choice. Change it to something that can be useful please.

Pike is also in a good place. You got stab attack for wound and possibly more dps and spin attack for more bar. Which means that you have to choose the attack you want to do, that's great. But there is one difference that pike has that no other weapon has in the game, sadly. All pike specials are fun and useful. If this can be done with pike, I'm sure it can be done with all the other weapons. And if it can be done for other weapons, it should be done.

Axe and Chain blades are kind of similar because of the place they are standing in. Both have only one combo that is useful. Both have only one special that is useful. CBs also have some I-Frame problems but that's not intentional and will be solved while axe has bigger problems. First, it makes no sense the meter runs out. There is no reason for it. That should just be out right removed. The shield mechanic it has... It's such an old mechanic that has no reason to be in the game right now. Replace it with something else please. Just like the other weapons, these two need some special changes as well. Make it like pike, useful and fun. Something not so defensive. Now, when it comes to combos, I don't have many ideas for CBs, though I was thinking about some axe combos.

My axe combo idea was something like this.
You start with your regular LLL and RRR, but these will be fairly fast attacks with low damage.

After leveling your bar up, you unlock one or two combos that are slower but hits a lot harder. And each level goes like that. The slow hitting attacks should be significantly stronger than the lower leveled attacks.

I feel like I'm forgetting a weapon... Oh yeah repeaters exist. I don't even know what to say about repeaters. We do have a well designed repeaters and that's the repeater exotic Twin Suns. I think the specials are kind of okay? Though I'm not sure. Full-Bore and Salvo are a little too similar. They both bring damage to the table. Maybe changing one of them is a good idea. My main suggestion about repeaters will be about their Grips and Mods. Since the weapon will be changed and not be modular anymore, my suggestion is some sort of combination of Grips and Mods. The attack speed ability is good but it shouldn't be all the player uses. More options here is also needed. A reliable way to interrupt can be added with this as well. I don't know many ideas for ability ideas but the ability Twin Suns have is an amazing example. It's so much different than the attack speed buff, it should be like that. Different and useful enough that you would want to use it.

If you read all of this post and came here, what the heck are you doing with your free time and thank you. I'm not a dauntless expert or a game designer. These are just my opinions that I wanted to get out of my brain.

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Thanks a ton for the thoughts and feedback! Really good post. I've passed this on (with the conversation) to our devs!