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Notes from a survivor

I have lost track of time. Judging by the loud crackling of the fire and the occasional creepy cackle at night, I’m guessing it’s the end of April. Maybe nostalgia is starting to creep in. I do miss the kinder Chernarussian days when we would drive out to the countryside and celebrate this time of year by dancing to music around a bonfire. Adults would dress up as witches and wizards; children would get their faces painted. I remember one time when my idiot of a brother tried to barbecue while drunk and nearly caused a forest fire. Thank God for that fire safety officer. Speaking of forests, I’ve noticed these intense flickers of fire at the edge of the woods, up the hill across from my current camp. It’s too bright to be another camp but not bright enough to be a large base. I do see some infected walking in that direction though. I’ve been debating whether I should go over there, and I have to admit that my curiosity is starting to get the better of me. Maybe I’ll check it out in a week or so when I move on from here.

A Walpurgis historian's overview

Night of the Witches (Čarodejnice in Czech) is celebrated on the night of April 30th and during the day on May 1st. This popular event is meant to commemorate Saint Walpurga, an 8th century abbess in Francia, who battled against rabies, pestilence, whooping cough - even witchcraft. Citizens used to celebrate her during the modern days by building a large bonfire and having parties around it. A figure of a witch would be placed on top of the fire to signify the “burning of the witch.” Of course, since large fires were potential fire hazards during that time, local firefighters would be deployed to the event for safety.

Something new to look out for

In Chernarus (resembling the culture of the Czech Republic) and Livonia, this is celebrated by large bonfires put up by each village
In modern days, local firefighters are present to ensure the safety of the fires (nowadays they might be considered an additional hazard)
Around the bonfires, you will be able to find items of local witches
List of items:
Structure: Bonfire
Witch Hat
Witch Hood
Birch Broom
Crooked Nose

See you there Survivor!