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Originally posted by orgnll

I do not agree with a lot of your statements here, but that still doesn't mean you haven't made a great case.

I know that many community members are waiting to see additional "live" gameplay, you don't have to look any further than all the posts and comments on this sub reddit. I truly believe that if they just did a quick 5-minute stream showing off the CURRENT state of the game, it would kill a lot of these threads and the people speculating.

Again, we all have our own opinions on the subject and I will respect everyone equally.

One of those things that sounds great in theory, but when you’ve been doing this long enough, doesn’t fly in practice. Clips, streams, 5 min video, 20 minute video, doesn’t matter. People will put their frustration about not having the game toward something else.

Nothing we put out will ever be enough until the game is in people’s hands. So we are focusing solely on doing that and just asking for more patience. I personally appreciate the civility of this discussion, whatever your views.

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