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With the Closed Alpha release coming up soon, we're opening up applications for new moderators! Please take your time when filling out an application as you only get one submission. You must be on the discord server as well. Applications will stay open for one week.


The following are the basic requirements needed for you to be a considered candidate:
⦁ MUST be 18+.
⦁ Knowledge of the game and progress of the development, for that will allow you to respond to any potential questions asked.
⦁ Knowledge of the Forum and Discord Rules.
⦁ Conversational level of English language in writing and reading, as well as a general slang understanding.
⦁ Friendliness and professionalism to handle the positive as well as the negative situations that may arise.
⦁ Objectiveness and patience to handle the issues in the best possible way while being consistent and fair throughout, and without discrimination or favoritism.

Edit: Applications are now closed.  

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