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In this blog post we give an update on the release schedule for the Closed Alpha and Early Access, address changes to the scaling of the world’s map, and showcase Development Vlog #10. The vlog also contains some long requested, updated gameplay footage, which we hope you all enjoy!

Roadmap Update and Vlog 10 | Dead Matter

In this post we have the long awaited Roadmap update to let you all know what's going on and what's coming later. We also have our longest vlog yet: Vlog 10! playdeadmatter.com  
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Some people would spray far far FAR worse things everywhere then just dicks  
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TheGenuineJFK said: While it definitely would happen, by that logic they should remove the re-programmable signs.
Drawing can be much more—expressive. Plus the amount of space for text will be limited and there will be a filter. It won't be perfect, but allowing drawing is opening up a much bigger can of worms.  

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